Wearing size 8 in most slides.

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Over the past few months I have bought Dozens of slides all the way from Affordable and easy to get to hyped and Expensive and in this video we are going To be ranking all of them 0 through 10 On three categories Comfort style and Affordability to see which ones are the Best for you the grand ranking will be At the end so let's start off with the Mellow slides from Crocs if you didn't Know these have been buzzing on the Internet lately because of how Comfortable they actually are so in Terms of that ranking they definitely Get a solid eight they have that squishy Comfort when you put your foot in it It's just a relief it feels really nice After the end of the day putting your Foot in these in terms of style wise I Giving them a 6.5 they're pretty Standard in terms of their look and feel They have ventilation which is good They're not overly bulky and they come In a bunch of different colors now where These really shine is in terms of price They're 49.99 US Dollars which brings up The price to a nine this is definitely One of the most affordable on their list So their overall ranking gives it to a 7.8 which is on the higher end next up Are another pair of Crocs these are the Dylan clogs this is is a different type Of slide here definitely for a more Dressier occasion they even have a nice

Texture on them to resemble leather now I gotta say in terms of stepping Comfort These are a 6.5 they're not as Comfortable as the Mellow slides but They still definitely get the job done Now in terms of style that is the Biggest high point in these I really Love the fact that it's a a rubber slide You can put your foot right in no socks You could wear no shows if you wanted to And you can wear them to adjust your Occasion you can wear them out to dinner You can wear them to the beach they're Super versatile in that sense and in Terms of affordability Um they're very affordable they're a few Dollars extra than the metal slides with Bringing them to 54.99 US dollars in Terms of style and price they both get An age bringing the overall score to a 7.5 just a very good score overall and I'm a big fan of these moving on to the Last pair of Crocs on this list this is Bringing us into the hyped and expensive Category are the salehi benberry Crocs I'm a big fan of these I love the design And the colorway Um it's just a very unique sign and I Feel like this lady memory Crocs is one Of those shoes that has put those Slip-on shoes kind of on the map a new And unique design can do that in terms Of comfort they get a seven which is Pretty standard it's just okay they

Don't have that super squishy feeling Um that I enjoy with my slides and uh I Actually find that the sizing is the Biggest drawback which includes the Comfort on the sizing is very tricky With these I went to a full size down to An eight and I still find that they're a Bit big they don't have half sizes so I Probably could have went down with a Seven which is confusing because I've Never worn a size seven since I was on Like you know elementary school but Regardless Um in terms of style wise I I really Love the look of these but they are Difficult to wear so I'm giving this Score to an eight if you have a wardrobe That's similar to sleigh bembury in Terms of that hiking aesthetic then You'll love these but for me I don't Really have that breath of wardrobe in Terms of that so like I said I'm giving Them an eight now in terms of price I Gave it a seven they retail for 85 Dollars but I had to pay resale for mine And I'm sure it was the case for some of You hopefully with the more colorways That they bring out that brings the Resale Market down on these Unfortunately though for the time being The overall score is gonna be a 7.3 when You factor in all the three categories Now it's time to talk about sui Coke Which is one of my favorite underrated

Brands from a footwear standpoint They're based out of Japan and they just Really excel in terms of uniquely Designed Footwear that's always backed On functionality and their score Reflects that in terms of comfort I'm Going to give them an eight uh because Their stepping Comfort is there they're Really soft on the foot and they have a Fun strap on this one so if you have a Wider foot or narrow foot you can sort Of adjust the fit to your liking in Terms of style giving them a seven just Pretty standard pair they have different Colors which is great but overall the Design is not too too crazy but not too Muted as well so it gets a pretty Standard score the problem is they do Take a hit on the price these retail for 145 dollars I think because they are an Imported product I got them on sale for Essence so I definitely did not pay full Price I think I paid 65 dollars for These but that doesn't reflect Everybody's experience so I'm giving the Price six here bringing their overall Score to a seven we have another pair of Three cokes on this list this is the Tabby Polk loafers when I bought these I Did not know they had a split toe it's Actually kind of funny because I was it Was very unexpected but I decided to Style them anyways it was definitely a Unique feeling when you slide them on

And because they have that sort of like Ninja aesthetic to them I sort of wanted To wear it all black outfit uh so this Is the best way that I could style these Either way Comfort on these is a seven I Probably should have sized up so that Impacted the score on this one from a Style perspective you either love them Or hate them I'm sort of on the fence About them if I'm being completely Honest so the style is a six and in Terms of price they're one of the most Expensive on this list so I'm bringing It down to a five I think they're 185 uh Retail price but I did get them on sale I'm probably gonna return these if I'm Being completely honest so they do get a Final score of a six which is honestly Not that great let's bring the spirits Back up with the fear of God California And I gotta say despite whatever the Ranking is these are easily one of my Absolute favorite things to talk about In this video I I really really love These they're made in Italy they have This cool minimalistic style I don't Know why I waited so long to get a pair But I'm really glad that I did the only Drawback is that there isn't a ton of Ventilation so I found that my foot Ended up getting a little bit sweaty After a few hours of wear in terms of Comfort comfort's definitely there these Are very comfortable they're getting an

Eight from a style perspective one of The most stylists on this list when you Wear them on foot it just feels right They look good with outfits style is Definitely a nine I have to be objective Though the price is a six they're 175 US Dollars I got them on sale uh and I Would highly recommend that you try to Get yours on sale I got mine on Essence Bringing the overall score based on These rankings to a 7.6 but I assure you They are one of the top on this list in Terms of personal favorites but I have To be objective on this one moving along We have this Stussy Nike Benassi slides I picked these up recently and I'm very Happy that I did they're really clean Looking this whole vibe of this shoe Just reminds me of like going to soccer Practice or going to games just putting A slide in that Nike slide I've worn These a million million times in choose A comfort though these are six so if I'm Being completely honest after wearing These compared to some of the others on This list the seven cover work just Isn't there they're affordable Nike Slides so they excel in other things but Definitely not in comfort from a style Perspective there are seven I think that The stucy branding on there just really Brought that up more uh but ultimately They're just a standard pair of Nike Sides at the end of the day however

Prices rather really shine and giving Them a 9 45 dollars for a stucy Nike Collab slide I think it's excellent Um overall you're getting a ton of value Out of these so the overall score is a 7.3 let's talk about the Merrell Hydra Mark at I know this isn't a slide per se But they are a rubber soft slip-on shoe And can be worn in the same instances That you would wear a slide however Because these do have that internal sock Liner Comfort is really good there's Excellent lockdown on this shoe it's a Super snug feeling so the comfort is an Eight in terms of style they do fall in That salehi bembury category where there Is just a ton going on which I Personally like looking at these shoes In hand is just it's a really cool Experience because there's so many Details that just pop out into you but Because of that you either love them or Hate them so for that reason I'm giving Them a six and in terms of price they're Also getting a six because they are 170. These are kind of like a personal Favorite but objectively based on the Categories they don't rank super high so We're giving them a 6.6 now it's time to Move on some absolute heaters Adidas Always killing the slides game this is The ADI lit 22 I'm definitely late to The ball game with these but I'm very Glad that I got them recently because

They just excel in every category from a Comfort perspective they do have nice Cushioning trust me when you put your Foot on it super squishy and great Feeling I love the texture on the Outside as well they're 3D printed so They do come with this cool design and From a price perspective these are 60 Dollars which is very very affordable in Terms of slides that brings your overall Score to an eight eights across the Board just a very solid pair of slides I Just can't recommend these ones enough Okay now it's time to talk about the Most popular slides on the planet it is Of course the easy slides they are very Underrated in terms of the entire Yeezy Line I think that they have done a lot For the slide category in terms of Making slides wearing them in public Cool again They really inspired a ton of fakes that You see on the market a lot of the Designs that you see in this video were Inspired from the easy slides in terms Of their popularity they may not have Been the first to look like this but They are definitely the most popular From a price standpoint they do retail For 60 dollars I had to pay resale for Mine and I'm sure some of you may have To pay resell for years now from a Comfort perspective they're one of the Most comfortable on this list despite

How bulky they look they have tons of Stepping Comfort I was actually shocked At how comfortable these actually are so Honestly I love wearing these and I've Been wearing them all over the house Since I got them so they get a nine and Then from a style perspective they do Get a nine as well a lot of people wear These casually a lot of people wear These in outfits a lot of people wear These as like a status symbol like you See people wearing expensive Jordans or Specs of sneakers so the overall score Objectively brings it to an 8.3 but Despite that they sort of fall in that Same fear God category uh where they are Definitely one of my favorites on this List so let me know in the comments Which slides I may have missed let me Know what you think of my list and my Ranking system and check out some more Summer fashion trends check out this Video right over here or if you want to See a recent shopping Vlog that I just Posted check that video right over there So let me click on one of those and I'll Meet you guys there