Taking it back to 1985 with these Custom Jordan 1 Lows. Now we all know sneakers were better in 1985; they were the true OG’s. It only makes sense to age the new releases and give them that OG feeling.

Are you rocking with this custom? #shorts

Custom original 1985 University red Jordan 1es we started off by ducking the Shoes in coffee and letting them sit for A few hours then we started working on The sols the coffee did give it a nice Age look but it wasn't enough for me so We grabbed the fox shot uniform sale Stainer and hit the entire thing we Wiped off the excess and got this Beautiful tone to complete the look we Also went in and added some glue marks All around the edges that's a big factor When it comes to original sneakers Another noticeable detail are the toe Boxes I stuffed it with some rejuvenator Towels pressed down on it with the iron To get that nice Sleek flat look then With the fox try uniform stainer I Touched up the edges wiped off the Excess to get a slight vintage look same Thing with the wings logo on the back Another subtle detail that I don't see People do very often is hit up the sock Liners that's a big factor when it comes To 85s a lot of the times they're faded So we hit it up with a little bit of Pinkish reddish tone and to complete the Look we Lac them up with some Fox Dr Uniform laces these have the exact same Nit pattern as the 85 laces this has Been one of my favorite Customs I've Done all year it was easy to do and it's A great everyday shoe let me know in the Comment section down below what you guys

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