These game-worn rare Deion Sanders player edition Nikes were in desperate need of a complete restoration and Vick Almighty was up for the challenge. #shorts

What's up everybody we got another rare Restoration this time we're gonna be Bringing this game worn Dion Center Air Zoom double gold turfs back to life These are supposed to be a six Senator Shoot with Nike in 1999 but for some Reason they didn't do it we put this Unit or setup to remove the yellowing Off the uppers and the soles the soles There's a huge difference originally They were Brown yellow but we got it Back to its original icy tent for the Uppers we had to do a lot of re-gluing The midsole the sole and the uppers were Completely separated we did a lot of Prep work to get this Regal on point Everything lined up perfectly and we Gave the shoe a fresh mental repaint Hope you guys enjoyed this video this is Dick Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday see you guys