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Here's a date outfit that's perfect for Fall let's cover a chill day date maybe Apple picking amusement park or Something like that for our base layer Let's go with a basic tea from abomi a Nice comfy tea that will work for Layering next since it will be a little Chilly you need to layer with a hoodie Not this one nope not this but this an Earth Tone oversized hoodie will be Perfect let's get into bottoms shoes and Accessories so let's with the work wear Camo pants from abber cromi trust me These will definitely look good with our Cream color top now shoes you can Obviously go with some sambas some dunks Or if you like more of the hype stuff Some reverse mochas or Jordan 3s now Accessories you can go with a neutral Color beanie or any type of hat could be A snapback fitted or even a dad hat if You're into that and there's your Complete look for your fall date