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Get ready to dive into the best and worst fashion trends of 2023! From metallic sneakers to the decline of Yeezys, this video has it all. Join the discussion in the comments and remember, wear what makes you feel confident.

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Apps like Instagram and Tik Tok have Spawned so many different fashion trends Both big and small that exist Simultaneously it can honestly be Difficult to follow sometimes big ones Like the Adidas SAS for example but also Really small unique ones like guys Putting Carabiner Clips on their belt Loops like that just became a thing this Year so in this video I'm going over Some of the best and worst fashion Trends of 2023 and a lot of this is Opinion based so if you are easily Offended let me know in the comments Let's have a discussion here or I'll Just catch you in the next video and as Always just wear what you like and what Makes you feel comfortable and confident It's not that serious so let's kick it Off with one of the worst fashion trends Of 2023 which were metallic sneakers I'm Talking about the ones that look like They're wrapped in illuminum foil okay We saw the whales Bonner Adidas SAS Which blew up all over Tik Tok in the Summertime there was the anuga tiger Mexico 886 is in the metallic version There was the Fenty Puma there's a Marella silver replica there's the lon Kirb sneaker a lot of these were wrapped In foil and I just don't understand the Appeal to them they're difficult to rock And honestly of all of the trends in This video this one feels like it has

The shortest lifespan okay when I think Of metallic or shiny things uh Especially when it comes to clothing Items I think of like New Year's in my Opinion I definitely think that this is One of the worst trends of 2023 and what I would say to wear instead would be uh Some of those retro 2000s runners okay Choose like the A6 gel Kayo is Definitely the way to go and if you Disagree with me that's fine but keep in Mind GQ just named these the sneaker of 2023 so if you have yet to check it out I highly recommend you do so and they Are super super comfortable and as Always there is the Nike Vero which is One of the biggest and best sneakers of Nike from 2023 um there's also the Nike V2k Runner as well as the Nike p6000 Which is one of the best and most Affordable shoes from Nike this year Another Trend that I think is going to Die down in 2024 and this saddens me to Say but it's going to be Yeezys okay and For two main reasons and number one Being the fact that Adidas's sto Production of Yeezy sneakers now this Really is upsetting for me I personally Love wearing the Yeezy desert boots it's Honestly one of my favorite designs but Without there being new Silhouettes Coming with the production of Yeezy Sneakers coming to an absolute halt I Just don't think that there's going to

Be as much excitement about the brand as There normally would be in addition Yeezy himself Kanye himself has stopped Wearing Yeezy sneakers which I don't Think is a good look it's hard to buy Into sneakers um when the actual founder Of them uh just doesn't seem to be as Enthusiastic about them but there are a Number of amazing Alternatives number One for the foam Runners uh there's an Independent designer by the name of zeld To just want a sustainability award for His foam sneaker design so definitely Check that out if you like that soft Slip-on shoe there's also the Solomon ACS Pro which has this sort of Futuristic type of vibe to it and with The increasing number of wearable and Lifestyle colors that are coming out From this sneaker I highly recommend you Try them out if you have yet to uh I Have the privilege of owning two Different pairs and I absolutely love Them next up if you want a similar vibe To the EZ 700 definitely check out the Hoka project Clifton there's actually a Number of Hoka sneakers that have that Sort of resemblance and are equally as Comfortable um and the Hoka project Clipon with the front zipper and just That other futuristic sort of desert Tone kind of vibe is really good in my Opinion and as always if you're love me And you love the boots uh definitely

Check out uh some Converse a cold wall Collaborations because they have these Really cool Unique Designs that lend Themselves to a fashion forward look Which would go great with any of your Outfits so let's continue with some more Terrible Footwear trends for 2023 which Would be Crocs okay if you guys have Been watching the channel you know that I don't mess with Crocs I just don't Like how they look they're not that Comfortable okay and I see them all the Time I see them everywhere they're one Of the the shoes that I see people out There wearing the absolute most and for Me as a fashion perspective I just don't Think that they look good with outfits At all Balenciaga tried to finesse us With us or finesse some people not us But uh with their version of the Crocs Which I don't mess with and we're Talking comfort they're not even that Comfortable I think that the Ugg tasmin For example is way more comfortable I Feel like they have better colorways and In terms of collaborations they've got Them too the latest Palace Ugg tasmin um Was easily one of the best we can even Go with birken stocks this is a better Replacement for Crocs their latest um Woven design that they had that was Released at kith which I think was an Absolute Banger is the numl hybrid um Which is really good there's also the

Shoe Palace exclusive colorway which I Think is excellent so um it also irks me When I see people wearing Crocs in the Gym like the hardest part about the gym Is getting there right and then you get There and you're wearing socks and Sandals I don't know it's just not for Me guys um so for this next one Definitely I'm not rocket with Crocs the Next fashion trend that I think was one Of the worst of 2023 were parachute Pants now when you see people wearing Those super baggy parachute pants with The cinched hem at the very bottom I Think it just looks terrible a lot of The times people were wearing ones that Just look really cheap and flimsy and I Think when you see that it looks like They're almost wearing garbage bags has Pants or something like that and I think That of all of the pant options in 2023 That one just doesn't seem like it's Going to last very long okay and a good Alternative to that would just be a Standard fit of cargo pants right Something baggy or straight I'm not Saying that you shouldn't go overly Baggy I think it's definitely vibe in Certain circumstances um but cargo pants For me ones like the uh Alpha Industries M65 cargo pants have a ton of details on Them and I think that we've definitely Seen cargo uh rise in popular it over The past 5 years or so but I think that

They truly are a staple in everybody's Wardrobe so it's definitely a much more Uh safer bet for sure another one would Be like skinny jeans for example when You see people wearing these really Tight pair of jeans nowadays you can Almost get like bullied online about it Okay you see all kinds of means that pop Up all the time about how you shouldn't Be wearing skinny jeans and I'm not here To say that you shouldn't wear these Slimmer fitting pants but that's the key Right there is to go with a slim fit Pair of pants when I want to dress up or Look uh uh more of a men's wear Aesthetic there's nothing wrong with a Pair of slim fit jeans okay um one of my Absolute favorites are the Uno um Salvage slim fit jeans okay I wear these All the time you guys see me style them And when I wear them it doesn't look Like I'm wearing skinny jeans it's just A much more uh taped silhouette which I Think looks great with like a Slimmer or More lowprofile shoe another like pant Fashion trend that's died off in 2023 Would be denim tearers I like what the Brand stands for and it's unfortunate That it's come to this point but I feel Like denim TI is experiencing what Supreme has gone through over the past You know 5 six years where their Products have been so counterfeited and Uh you know so ripped off that you see

People wearing it nowadays and you're Almost like that is that even real like You know how many teenagers I see when I Go to my local mall that wearing Chrome Hearts hoodies Chrome Hearts hoodie is Like $2,000 or like $1,500 or something Like that so that's another brand that I Think is experiencing something similar If you truly do love to have graphics on Your pants um I just don't think that That's where the trend is leaning Towards you know when we've seen you Know the rise of you know that luxury Aesthetic or you know quiet luxury it's Very minimalist type of wear so uh Another thing that you saw a lot of were Denim your sweatpants um so what I would Recommend instead of that would just be Uh an open hem uh pair of sweatpants the Those are definitely becoming more and More trendy um especially with baggier Pants being in Trend and what I would Recommend to you would be the abomi Premium heavyweight uh loose fit sweat Pants I have a pair of these and I Absolutely love them I'm about to cop Some into some more different colors Just because they really are a premium Feel to it they come in a number of Wearable colors and uh yeah they just Fit really really great so the next Fashion trend that I think is dead in uh 2023 would be buying overpriced luxury Goods okay if you guys don't know the

Luxury Market is actually on a decline Right now which is normal a lot of Industries right now are on a decline There was this boom after covid and now It's a little bit of a decline um as People are you know in a recession and That kind of thing but um there are a Number of different High pric items that People are buying that they don't know Is not that good quality and the first One that comes to mine would definitely Be uh like Gucci flipflops or like those High-end flip-flops I don't know if of You guys have ever put a pair of luxury Flip flops on your feet but I promise You they are very extremely Uncomfortable okay you could get a pair Of addet slides for you know 40 bucks And I promise you your feet will thank You but I understand people want that Sort of vibe they want that aesthetic But that's the problem I feel like People buy these items and they Automatically think that it's super fire Because they paid a premium price when In reality I feel like it's almost like A coping mechanism right you're trying To justify paying you know $800 for Slides uh when in reality they're not That good quality and uh you know uh Things like designer t-shirts are the Same thing um but I understand people Want logos to sort of elevate their Status but it's important to just do

Your research and a good person to help You with that is this gentleman on Tik Tok I love his videos his name is Tanner Lein uh he basically buys a bunch of Luxury goods um specifically uh tealer To leather items and he'll completely Dismember them and tear them apart and Give you an actual leather quality grade Um so you'll notice that BGA Vanetta um There you know there are luxury items Are $2500 to $3,000 but those ones are Actually really good premium quality Leather and the Craftman ship is on Point as well so um it's important to do Your due diligence and uh just make sure That I I just want to make sure you guys Are spending your money wisely okay so Don't just assume that buying luxury Items are good make an inform make an Informed purchase make an informed P Make an informed purchase instead Speaking of luxury items that blew up This year were Tabby toad shoes okay This is something that I saw a bunch and Uh I have a good friend of mine that Wears Tabby tow shoes and I feel like he Absolutely kills it for me get that Away from me I do not I do not like that Okay and one of the things that he said While he was wearing them and mind you His fit was good so I'll give him credit But he was describing how uncomfortable These shoes are like you really are Getting what you see your toes are split

They do sell specialty socks that go Alongside them um but the reason why I'm Even talking about them is because They've creeped into the sneaker Market As well margel did a collaboration with Reebok on some tabito shoes but guys you Literally need to buy specialty socks to Wear these otherwise you're raw dogging Them and uh I've heard that they're very Uncomfortable I like Marella actually I Think that they've got some good pieces But buy the Marella gats instead okay if You want that boot aesthetic buy the uh Our Legacy cameon boots instead Okay so Definitely go for more square toe I feel Like that's definitely in Trend at the Moment uh from in terms of leather boot Options um but this one is just it's not For me there are a number of different Smaller Trends I want to talk to you Guys about like this whole headphone Aesthetic you know similar to guys Wearing uh Carabiner Clips on their belt Loops uh you know you saw so many people On all these fashion mood boards that Were wearing airpods max headphones or Different headphones as like an Aesthetic and I love music but don't Fall under the hype of buying airpods Max okay and the reason why I say this Is because I did did that okay luckily Half of it was paid for as like a Christmas present so I didn't drop the Full amount but if you were buying those

Types of headphones just to pull off on Outfits I would say you're definitely Falling for the trend another one would Be rope laes on Air Force Ones this one Especially during like the pandemic uh You know when people are have way too Much time on their heads doing arts and Crafts this was definitely something you Saw even Central C was a guy who was Pulling up wearing rope laes on Air Force Ones I think that this one's trash I don't like it personally but yeah just Leave your Air Force alone okay I feel Like that plain and simple aesthetic is Is the whole point of the shoe so let me Know some of your least favorite fashion Trends in the comments below I'm D here What you guys think be sure to like this Video and I'll catch you guys in the Next one