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Foreign [Music] This is my favorite shoe that I saw Today [Music] What's up guys we're in Manila in the Philippines and on this trip we're gonna Check out some sneaker conventions we Might buy some sneakers we're also going To check out one of the most insane Sneaker collections in the entire world So let's do it [Music] A lot Okay so I just ran into some Filipino Sneaker influencers I want to introduce You guys to them what's up guys And you can find me on YouTube street by Danny and also on Instagram and Facebook Hi I'm Lawrence from it's all good pH You can find me on Instagram at it's all Good pH you can check me out at Instagram and Facebook rural Icarus Again Instagram and Facebook and then What are you guys rocking today I'm Rocking in New Balance very nice [Music] Very nice and I'm wearing my favorite Jordans of all time Air Jordan 4 beat The hell up those are sick that's Awesome yeah dude can you do like an On-the-spot sneaker review right now so These are the unbox exclusive sneakers They're collaboration with hundred

They're super clean they've got these Really nice materials you got this nice Leather with these Star Ice cutouts or Ventilation holes right there you got Some nubuck some black new bug with White Station you got this lightning Bolt logo and of course the unbox 100 Leather right there 50 bucks dude that's Crazy I'm sure there's like thousands And thousands of people going to the Event so I'm sure they're gonna sell Like crazy yeah actually there's a we Did the I think they tried to do a Pre-order [Music] I think not just this I mean all the Stuff that's wrapping from your socks to This to the clothes of coziest don't Blame the kids the toys Sick that's awesome I will spend a lot Of money on that thing Yeah because all of almost all the All this brands are nice you can expect Value to go up over time right what's up Guys it's Seth Fowler and I want to see You guys at unboxcom May 20th and 21st See you guys [Music] Almost 25 pairs of Jordan for manilas so What are the materials on this you've Got like hostage ostrich and like this Cracking like whatever that's wild Uh suede in the midsole that's crazy and You can see at the bottom like there are

Oh you got the colors from the flag yeah The flag And then this is green because of the Island colors that's amazing one one or The 150 that's crazy so did people was It like a raffle or had you had you guys Raffle and then resellers like we bought Them for around 800. recently yeah Really 800. oh my goodness but in like The recent uh the like in the release Once we bought them 300 and then Eventually came to 600 700 800 and 200. Wow yeah It's crazy what's the price yeah it's 9450 it's over wait can I see Wow Yeah yeah of course I'll do the same Thing yeah you need it Oh this is a good number I know yeah Should we do an apothecary competition Where I buy these This is one of the rarest shoes I've Ever held and right now it goes for Around thirty thousand dollars so this Is the Manila Air Jordan 4. this shoe Only had 150 pairs they were only Released at the Manila Jordan brand Store and the only way to get these was To actually wear them out of the store So there's technically not any DS pairs Available so the shoe itself comes in This really beautiful green color Apparently to symbolize the islands of The Philippines you've got Manila right

There in this little yellow tag you've Got ostrich leather right there on the On the top of the shoe which is Incredible the materials feel amazing Um I'm not sure exactly what material This is here but it's really nice you Got cracked leather you got black laces And then the outsole of the shoe is Actually white you've got red on the Other red on this one blue one the other One to symbolize the uh the Filipino Flag of course you got yellow right There as well and then the midsole of The shoe comes in this crazy black suede It's nuts it's a crazy crazy shoe even I Mean shoot look at the uh the heel tab Of the sneaker it's sort of like a Nubuck with the embroidered Jumpman Rather than the red regular um like I Guess press Jumpman or a molded Jumpman I never thought I'd be able to hold this Pair of shoes it's it's absolutely Insane to see it in person plus the Insole is uh quilted this shoe is insane I'm gonna get it I'm not I'm not gonna Get it [Music] Now that we've got you a couple Questions what uh what what shoes are You on the hunt for now many many uh Like uh I need another Paris I need Another pair of Paris do they I mean are Those really hard to find right now Really hard to find my side shot 10 10

Or 10 and a half I see some like 12 uh Nine but ten and a half is really hard Size to fight yeah Also Iron Maiden and then what uh what's Your favorite shoe in your collection or I guess what's your what's your most Worn and then what's your favorite of Course that uh oh yeah for you guys This one There you go very nice so that's both Your favorite animos one yeah yeah I Always wear this like I tell my uh my Assistant please get my uh the old worn Out of my chinos chinos bring it out and Put football days and swearing favorite Very easy ones Yeah my favorites The net tans [Music] Yeah what's your favorite of the Nike Yeezys Oh the flats yeah there's I mean I said Everything's my grill that's your grass I mean I've I've seen a few girls you Take those over these [Music] Um I don't know Tough choice the decisions I don't know I would take I love the Vapes those are cool but this is just Like yeah but like this is like that's I Mean that's crazy this is crazy yeah I Mean kind of yeah if you're if you're a

True Kanye fan I might take this and You've been watching what's the value Which one's more do you know I think the Vapes this are they more yeah because These are way rarer than these like a Lot of people have these yeah yeah like You can wear these and some people may Not know but you wear these everyone's Gonna be staring here yeah [Music] January of this year wow that's nothing Do you have to import it That took quite a while yeah The only one of maybe I think is 15 ever Made right probably the only one that's Getting used Outdoors Yeah exactly that's right oh my gosh you Want to check it out yeah I'd love to Let's do it Oh my gosh That's [Music] Crazy because all the accessories the Cups It's crazy The gumball machine with the Supreme Gumballs As soon as there's a little pudding down There if you see it has a little light You can tap it Oh wow That's amazing the air conditioning here Feels amazing I have some space

[Music] Oh from Toy Story yeah it's you that's Not me Thanks What's up guys it is finally the morning Of the event it's gonna be a long day But hopefully a really good day let's Get to unboxing [Music] Wow Wow you guys have great sneakers that's Awesome Anyone for one place You showed up we got Nico hey what's up What's up Okay so this is Gabriel Gabriel's Talking about our most popular video or I guess YouTube short ever it's crazy Hi thank you so much dude you killed it Man yourself is amazing One hand let's go dude on foot you guys Both have these That's crazy of course the hospital's Got the heat too you guys all have the Heat that's nuts Those are crazy man that's wild Thank you [Music] [Music] This one that's amazing 9.5 so it's Rebecca 9.5 like a PSA 10. Yeah that's awesome Like maybe one million no one one Million dollars U.S you're lying

And and he wouldn't sell it for that so Really yeah so someone offered him a Million dollars okay no really Oh my gosh that's crazy that's why they Need the Vault yeah right yeah it's nuts Yeah this is not ours this is a Personal Collection that's a socks total Total Justice this case uh it's hard to many Millions yeah yeah Like like this for example Yeah that's crazy [Music] For Eminem oh my God the special thing Is that they got a signature on it That's crazy that's crazy you got that You have to tag and everything That's insane yeah that's insane Oh that's crazy got a good eye that's Someone saying these guys right here These so these ones are the oh nukes I'm Sorry can you explain that one more time These guys are here the offline so okay So from what I know these are from the MoMA of Chicago okay there's an artist From there he did his thing or she did Her thing right and uh that's amazing This is what it is that's crazy is the Material the same as the standard one Yeah please you can touch it feels so Weird I feel like it's that's crazy Being able to touch it like this is Stuff you literally only see online and Seeing it in person like all of it at Once is like it's pretty crazy that's

Nuts I can't even believe I mean for Someone who who goes through a lot of Shoes yeah but like see the excitement You know it's kind of crazy I mean it's Like because when I get shoes I get like The gr verse and that's it and it's Great but like seeing this stuff is like This is stuff that like you don't even See in Flight Club I'll show you another One then oh no way I think I know this Is that's crazy you ever seen these I Haven't seen that color actually no I Haven't look at him That's crazy so is this a friends and Family color or is this one of those Friends and family color for sure it's Nuts When the Private Selection guys are here They thought it was the purple one I've never even seen a picture me Neither That's nuts So us out of everything you've seen what Is your favorite pair the entire room You can go with these you can go with That how do I pick All of these like 80 of these shoes Maybe 90 maybe 95 right I've never seen In real life right me neither yeah some Of these I didn't a lot of these I Didn't even know existed like a lot of These shoes I've never even seen Pictures of Yeah like the signed Eminem Air Max I've

Never I never knew Eminem had an Air Max Me neither I had no clue And then he's got the legends of Summers Too oh my goodness yo these are the yo Us these are the auction ones that's Right oh really yeah yeah Yeah with uh comes with the case the Suitcase yeah yeah those did come with The suitcase oh my goodness actually These are the FNAF Travis Scott That's crazy you think those are worth More Really Because I remember the auctions like at The time of the auctions he's sold for Like 150. yeah like U.S yeah and then I'm sure that they're way more now Because Yeah and he's worn them too that's Correct that's nuts I couldn't we saw Some stuff we can't tell you guys about We can't show you but it was crazy take My word for it and we've also got a Pretty insane group of just other stuff Like everything else you didn't see in The other room we got here we got new Balances we got a huge Jordan one wall We got a bunch of Supremes we got Ramos We've got pretty much anything that you Could look for when it comes to a Sneaker collection like even these so There's I think only 1200 pairs of these I actually have a pair of these These

Are the uh Joe Fresh good New Balance 992 it's probably my favorite pair of New Balances ever I love them this pair Actually looks brand new it's crazy I Love this car so much and then over here We've got some of the craziest Pharrell's ever we got the Chanel Pharrell's right here which is stupid Limited I'm not sure actually I'm not sure Oh the all the Nerds that's crazy It's nuts and then they drop like the Regular any RDS right here well not Regular but they drop these and then Apparently the hype just disappeared on Those but then you've got these guys Which are the ones that are like crazy Crazy rare and expensive it's nuts man This is crazy this collection is insane Like all these you got the zx8000s like This is the are these follow the walls I Don't know the Gucci ones yeah really oh My gosh yeah you're right are these oh They're all Gucci yeah those just came Out oh my gosh I've never seen these Before That's crazy I bet retail on these is pretty Ridiculous too I'm sure because it's Gucci it's their aftermarket uh what's The SRP on those so about uh I think uh 500 foreign That's crazy actually let me get one Camera uh really quick what's your

Favorite pair in the entire place So This is your second I gotta stick with My with my favorites that's awesome We'll be rocking right now I'm rocking a Reebok blast makers very nice which one No I haven't seen those what are this Tedx Air Force Ones that's crazy that's Crazy I've never seen those in person I've Heard about those I never knew that I Never heard them Do you have a favorite pair in the in The this section yeah in the vault other Than the crazy crazy stuff I think I Might pick something that might shock a Lot of people I'm in a tennis nowadays So nice I could take him from him That's a good pickup those are good in The black and white cements that's dope I got the fire reds nice I wanted to Search for these ones now if you had to Pick one of the two colors which one you Get the BC threes or the WC3 instruments Yeah you see my favorite in here I love bread ones I actually the satin Breads these are one of 500 I think Right yeah this is 501. pair 138 that's Crazy but they're re-releasing these as A women's pair I think later on this Year so probably not that'll be a high Boost running out those you got the Kawaiis what do you think of these These Are crazy yeah these are crazy there he

Is yeah these are sick yeah we're saying One of our one of the creators we've Worked with uh has Kix he uh we did a Sock collaboration with them and from From the money you made from the soccer Laboration he bought this pair because He was like he's Korean yeah he loves it These ones are so ironic to me it's so Funny that they dropped these I thought If they're gonna make a pair that says Not for resale you'd think that they'd Make a bunch of them but because these Would I don't think this would have Resold if they were like widely Available because the colorway is like Mr sabotage oh no way it's like a Special Um issue for Boss Biggs that's crazy way Back that's amazing so we wear two next What's the next what well you like Basketball of course well the sixes are Out so I'm kind of like this right now Oh you're just you know sitting there Casually is this a special edition with The orange Um I think all the uh the zens is this So is this a special edition version of A sample actually It's great oh my gosh we've got these Guys I forget the name of the artist Um that guy there's that that's from Compost house oh really I know yep yep [Music]

This is my favorite shoe that I saw Today [Music] Thank you All right so I'm aware this bed looks Insane it's only because I'm packing Everything because I got so much love And support from everyone in the Philippines they gave me so much stuff More than I could fit in my suitcase so Much so that I I have to try and get Some announcement suitcase because he Bought a second suitcase for his stuff So it's it's a bit of a mess but hey you Know what I can't be more grateful I Can't thank you guys enough for all the Love and support it's been amazing but I Just want to go through some of it Really quickly Um not too much I'll just show you guys Like two or three things in particular First off we've got this awesome poster With the uh with the cat with the Apothecary logo on it which is so insane You guys might have already seen that in The Vlog absolutely love it it's Apparently signed by me too which I Think I did but I don't know if this Poster was for me or if I accidentally Took it I'm not sure maybe I just Accidentally signed it next up we've got The 100 unboxed con shoe really really Cool this sells for 50 or retails for Fifty dollars which is insane obviously

Inspired by the Jordan one but it's a Really cool local piece that uh is Affordable for people in the Philippines Which is awesome we've got the the drip Guy which you guys might have seen the Clip up or not if you didn't we did some Dripping Check out the Apothecary Vlog if you Want to see more on that actually Speaking of that if you guys want to Check out sort of a even longer version Of this entire Vlog and check out like The day-to-day details of what me and Austin did make sure to subscribe to the Apothecary YouTube channel there's a Link in the description below we are not Yet monetized we're trying to hit our Watch hours in order to get monetized as You can see I've lost my voice so if you Subscribe to the channel I won't have to Talk anymore and you guys can just watch That instead ah okay I literally Literally have to go but before I go a Couple more things we've got some Awesome art toys Um I don't know if I can open this Without running out of time Super super sick I didn't even see this One oh no I lost it what is that a hat I Don't know what it is but it's it's Awesome this stuff is so cool I'm really Getting into art toys in the Philippines There's this amazing art toy culture Both game might do in our toys so stay

Tuned for that a bunch of shirts really Cool like hundreds of shirts So thank you guys so much for that what Else there's so much stuff we got Someone gave me an off-white something I Don't know what this is off-white game Set which is super cool I I really don't Know how I'm gonna fit this but I'm Gonna make it work I might have to take It out of the box oh one of my personal Favorites we've got a uh this also I Don't know how I'm gonna fit this but We've got a uh eggplant this is the Unboxed con exclusive colorway that's Why it's in black and orange Again I don't know what we do with it But I love it it's great to snuggle with It's awesome I was actually really Stoked about that I was gonna buy one But I didn't have Filipino money so I Couldn't but we got a pair of sneakers From Big Boy this is absolutely insane This wasn't from his collection you Definitely grabbed this because this is A size nine his collection it's not a Size nine and uh he had Nico shout out To Nico awesome awesome guy definitely Want to chill with you if you're ever in Um Philly but he uh he got me a pair of Off-white dunks brand new I I can't Believe it seriously big boy thank you So much boss you are amazing I can't Thank you enough for this this is I I Would show you the video of me getting

It but I think I cursed a lot and I want To keep this channel PG so I'm not going To show you guys that but I was so Stoked when I got this shoe so Wrapping everything up this was an Unbelievable trip thank you all so much I hope to come back to the Philippines Soon hopefully in the next couple months We'll see what happens we are working on Some Apothecary stuff in the Philippines So uh if you are based in the Philippines stay tuned you might be able To grab some pocket socks in stores in The Philippines which is gonna be crazy And for those of you who live outside The Philippines Um distribution might get a little bit Better as you guys know I don't know why I'm going into this but as you guys know Shipping to International countries Especially in Asia is pretty expensive So things might be getting better for You guys and uh yeah Um this has been one of the most awesome Trips I've ever been on and uh I really Should end it there because I can keep Going for a while and you guys know me I Like to talk so thank you guys so much For watching make sure to subscribe down Below if you haven't yet make sure to Check out the Apothecary YouTube channel Which again Linked In the description Below and all that being said I will see You all in the next one which is

Actually going to be in Japan so see you Guys in Japan