Chase is still looking for some some Sneaker deals and so Skyler yeah so Let's see what we can find get it all Right so we've got some Court Force Quests we got a lot got some Jordan 13s Size 10. yeah but 125 and you can Probably get it so I don't like these But come check out this hat that's Awesome that is sick they'll still be The worst team in the NBA this year but I'll wear it Those are sweet they are cool but the Problem is the price just makes them not Cool 100 I don't think that's uh that's A workable price for me to be honest With you guys I might have found Something crazy you guys guess which two It is nice catch one of them Ah that's So close so close a little bit of wear What's your guess I'm gonna guess they Have this price like 80 or 90. 75. for 75 is not bad but it's probably a slower Mover oh okay wow oh yes we found the Fire red three four one okay there's one Pair here that I think could be worth a Decent amount if it's priced well yeah The cool gray 11s that looks like a Women's size 100 is not bad actually all Right so this is kind of a gamble Because I feel like I could go for I saw One for 100 that's old but then one for Like 168