Two of Vick’s biggest loves become one in this CRAZY one of a kind custom sneaker! After picking up over $700 in hats from the Hat Club Supermart back in February; Vick began to work with one of the most creative customizers in the game @JordonDiab to concept this project. This sneaker features premium patent leather with 3 different Arizona Diamondbacks hats.

The deconstruction process started with taking apart the beloved hats… Might’ve broke Vick’s heart with that, but it was worth it. They took Exacto knives and took the hats fully apart to give them the full scope of what was available. Now one thing that was shocking was; although hats look like a lot of material… Once deconstructed they really aren’t that much material. One really cool fact about this project though is that the concept originally was Easter themed with pastel hats and spring colors, so this custom you see in front of you was an on the fly change! It takes two pretty talented individuals to change a whole project just hours before the first cut.

Once the hats were laid out and they could pick and choose which aspects to work with it was really a waiting game for the patent leather. They started looking at the small details and worked to determine how to make this one of the cleanest customs in the game. Vick’s goal was to make this a sneaker that would look like something New Era would put out. I’d say these two masterminds did just that!

The construction of the sneaker came with a lot of steps from laying it all out, to sewing the pieces together to the prep work of the sole and so much more. There were countless hours that went into this project, but hey it was well worth it! I mean working until 4AM and starting back at 10AM the next morning is not for the weak that’s for sure! When y’all ask where Vick is in the comments.. Here’s a hint he’s probably working away; that man puts in some serious hours.

3 different hats, over 10 different aspects turned into 1 incredible pair of sneakers! These might go down as one of Vick’s most epic creations.

If Hat themed sneakers became a thing what team would you be rocking on feet?!

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