Tokyo has some of the craziest thrift Stores I've ever been to In fact I found One of my Grail sneakers in Tokyo at Second Street yo these are only 29 dude And it's my size oh my gosh oh these I Would want these I would get these and I Would rock these like no questions So these are a size now which is my size Pair that I've always wanted and they're Insane condition and they're 44.9 what's That 315 plus minus ten dollars do they Go for like six on eBay what I'm Grabbing these it's happening I'm Keeping them I'm rocking them I've one Of these for a really long time the Question is are these legit I'm sure That was absolutely insane a lot of them Come with boxes now there's one glitch We need our passport we didn't bring our Passports and apparently we need our Passports to buy those shoes so we're Gonna have to go get our passports 20 Minute walk and then uh come back before They close so bags secured after a Couple hours we finally got them once we Got the sneakers home I decided to legit Check them to make sure that these Foamposites were good before I took them Back to the us we've been legit checking All these shoes on the bed was a bad Idea I don't know I thought that was a Good idea for the Foamposits they passed