The Garmin Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro sit at the top of Garmin’s range of sports watches (with an honourable nod to the Garmin Enduro 2, which is basically a Fenix 7 Plus). The Fenix 7 Pro offers more battery life, while the Epix Pro has a brighter AMOLED display. Which should you pick? Mike, Jane and Nick discuss the pros and cons of each in this vid.

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick in this video we're going to Be comparing the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro and The Garmin FX Pro [Music] The Phoenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro are new Watches that launched about a month ago From Garmin they are the new top epics And Phoenix models within garmin's range Both of them come in three sizes there's A 42 millimeter model a 47 millimeter Model and a 51 millimeter model that's Will be familiar to anyone who's used The Phoenix watch in the past whereas It's the first time the epics has come In those three sizes and they come in The standard steel models or more Expensive titanium models that have Sapphire crystal screens the epics is The more expensive of the pair but They're both pretty expensive watches Like the cheapest models of the Phoenix Start from 750 pounds to 800 that's for The smaller steel models and then you're Going to pay 830 pounds or 900 for the Titanium model of the sapphire screens On the Epic side of things the cheapest Models start at 830 pounds or 900 and The titanium models start from 930 Pounds or a thousand dollars their Expensive watches with just a couple of Key hardware updates compared to the Phoenix 7 and FX2 watches that came out Last you one is that all models in the

Pro ranges have flashlights previously It was just the Phoenix 7x that had a Flashlight now all epics watches have Flashlights and the smaller Phoenix Models also have flashlights built into The top all of the watches in the Pro Range also have garmin's new heart rate Monitor which promises more accuracy and Better performance something we'll dive Into more in the run test key difference When you're looking between two watches Is obviously the screen the epics Pro Models All have AMOLED displays whereas The Phoenix models have transflective Memory and pixel displays this is the Classic Garmin display it's duller than An AMOLED screen but preserves battery Life and they all also have solar panels Running around the outside so the Battery life can be increased further Basically the choice here is AMOLED Screen for brighter more colorful screen On your wrist with the epics or the Battery life of the phoenix the Phoenix 7 Pro screen is set to always on as Standard as you'd expect from a memory And pixel display whereas with the epics You can set it to raised awake or have It always on and that will have a big Impact on battery life so we'll get the Battery life numbers up on screen here But as you can see in general the Phoenix is going to massively outperform The epics on battery life if you turn on

Race to the way for the Apex Pro watches That Gap is going to come down Significantly but then if you're in Sunny conditions the Phoenix 7 watches Will get a big Boost from that it Doesn't need to be quite sunny Conditions though it's not just a case Of popping out for an hour on a mildly Sunny day the one model that almost Bridges the Gap is the ethics 51 Millimeter model which can last you know 11 days or 31 days in Smart Watch mode Depending on whether you use the always On screen which brings it closer to the Numbers you get from a phoenix watch for Both watches the more accurate the GPS You use on them the less battery life You'll get all the models in the Pro Ranges have multi-bound GPS that are now On the Phoenix 7 and FX2 watches this Was only available in the sapphire Models but that's not the case with the Pro watches they all have multi-bound GPS which is garmin's most accurate GPS Option and has proved to be pretty much The best on the market in my experience They will also have the Auto Select GPS Feature which will dynamically switch Between like GPS only or all systems on Or multi-band GPS depending on your Conditions so you get accurate results Whilst also saving a little bit of Battery one other little difference Between the watches is that the epics

Pro watches all have garmin's redshift Mode which basically turns all the Colors on the watch to Red at certain Times but you can set it to come up when You engage the sleep mode on the watch Or obviously it's better later in the Day the idea being that you'll get just That red light coming in so it won't Affect your sleep cycles it also won't Affect your night vision if you're out And about it's not going to be a massive Effect obviously the screen is quite Small but it's something you don't have On the Phoenix watches it's just Available on the epics ones Foreign I'm one of the Run testers and I'm here To talk about the Garmin epics Pro Versus the Phoenix 7 Pro I've been doing A bit of running with both of these Watches they're very very similar and I Think if I didn't have the screens Turned on now I wouldn't be able to tell them apart Without looking on the back they are Pretty much a very very similar watch And it's kind of tricky to decide Between the two so I'll try and go Through my experience of them having Tested them for the last couple of weeks On the Run Firstly I've never tested the epics 2 Just because it's been a bigger watch And I'm so pleased they've made it 42

Millimeters because I'm I'm quite a Small person I've got small wrists and I Really enjoy I like that they've made it Smaller it fits really well and it's not Been uncomfortable when I've been kind Of when I'm not running when I've been Sat on my desk typing or when I'm Sleeping this is a lot more comfy but They fit they fit the same they're the Same size They've both got garmin's newest heart Rate sensor which has got more LEDs and They've both got things like Hill School Endurance School they've both got the Flashlight which I think is a great Feature and I've spoken about in other Videos on both of these watches and in The reviews they're both the watches I Do think that's a great feature from a Run perspective I think for me the main Difference really has been the AMOLED Screen I really like the MLS screen I've Never been one of these people that that Bothered about it but I think since Testing the 265 and the 965 I've got Really used to when I look at my watch Being really bright and when I first Started testing the Phoenix 7 Pro I did feel like it was dull and that's Not it's not fair to call it doll Because it's still a really bright watch And obviously the battery life is a lot Better on it because it's not got the AMOLED screen but I do really I have

Really loved testing the AMOLED screen And I think if I was when I then Switched to the Phoenix I'm a bit like Oh so I think that's probably one thing To really consider if you're if you're Kind of buying a garment and you're used To like a smart watch like an apple Watch or something like that you're Gonna notice if you go for the Phoenix 7 Pro that said the battery life is a lot Longer this is the epics Pro 42 Millimeters this is the Phoenix 7s Pro Um in Smartwatch mode 7s lasts 11 days Or 14 days if you're using the solo if You're outside enough and it can solo Charge the epics last 10 days or four Days if you've got the always on display So it is a difference there in GPS Sony Mode this will the Phoenix 7 Pro will Last 37 hours 46 hours with solar the Epics Pro 42 milliliters will last 28 Hours or 20 hours with always on GPS so You are getting a longer battery life of The Phoenix 7 Pro and I think if you're Someone that battery life is really Important to you this is the obvious one To go for for me I'm probably used to Charging my watch once a week I'm never Gonna go On a while I've never seen ever but I'm Very unlikely to go on a multi-day race Where I need hours and hours and hours Of GPS mode so for me I you know but that is something to

Consider but for me it doesn't bother me That much having to charge my watch Every Five six seven eight nine ten days kind Of thing as long as it lasts as long as I'm not charging it as much as an Apple Watch I'm good Um so yeah I've kind of I've enjoyed Testing both of them And I think the main the main difference I've noticed from a running perspective Is this one has a brighter screen the Epics pro has brighter screen other than That They're the same they're giving you the Same information and I think it's Garmin Have made it a trickier decision so There's a lot between these two watches That is the same when it comes to the Run test uh both are really good on GPS I've said it for in many reviews Now Garmin's multiband GPS is the most Accurate I've come across and that's Also if you're using the Auto Select Mode I tend to use that mostly these Days you get a slight uptick in battery Life both have also improved for heart Rate accuracy and this is a wash between Them both of them do offer impressive Heart rate accuracy for an optical heart Rate sensor but they both do have the Same sensor and I've seen kind of Equally good results from both watches So looking at this as a pure versus I'd

Say they're pretty much a wash like I'd Still probably a pair of chest strap to Both of them but I haven't had many Significant errors on heart rate Tracking with these watches albeit I Have been training in the warm here in The UK over the summer and that tends to Help Optical Hari out a fair bit Obviously a big difference is the AMOLED Screen and that makes a huge difference In certain conditions in particular Indoors when you're under cloud cover on The tree cover and in dappled light that Kind of thing the average screen is much Brighter than the memory and pixel Display on the Phoenix Pro range Edge It's easier to see your stats at a Glance it's uh certainly better for Using the maps especially if you're in a Forest navigating as that's what I often Use the maps and that's where the Amazon Screen really comes into its own under That kind of tree cover with dappled Light it's also just nicer to interact With outside of your training to have That AMOLED screen there it feels a lot Brighter and more enjoyable to use on The wrist there are times though when The memory and pixel display comes into Its own not just on battery life so if You are a very bright sunlight and Wearing sunglasses I think my memory and Pixel display is slightly clearer than The white than the AMOLED display on the

Earth Apex Pro so if that's you if You're constantly running in fantastic Conditions then well done for one for Living in a good place and also you Might want to consider the transflex Display on that basis that said I do Think the epics Pro screen is still Quite visible in bright sunlight just You have to turn your wrist to wake it Up to see it in those conditions whereas Rest time it's pretty clear even without Really flicking the wrist too much They're both good screens in their own Ways there's nothing terrible about the Translator display on the Phoenix 7 Pro It's just I do prefer the AMOLED screen I do think it's clearer and more Engaging in general obviously the cost Of that screen is the battery life and It's a significant cost so the Phoenix 7x Pro I tested for this review lasted Me about three weeks on a charge that's Running almost every day notifications Coming in usually the Auto Select or Multiband GPS feature enabled so fairly Heavy usage as a runner and it was Lasting me three weeks reasonably Comfortably that was in sunny conditions In the UK but I thought mostly I was Just going out for an hour or two my run And I think you have to be outside for Quite a long time with the watch Facing The sun to really get those solar Numbers from Garmin but it probably

Added a little boost here and there in Contrast I've tested two models of the Epics Pro so the 47 millimeter model Would last me five days on a charge with The always on screen enabled and then But then the 51 millimeter model was Lasting me 10 days on the charge with Viewers on screen enabled in exactly the Same condition so it is still a fair bit Shorter than the Phoenix 7x Pro but you Have got the option to turn that always On screen off and I did a few days of That and I was really only seeing drop Off of around five six percent in Battery life each day with the razor Weight featuring gauge on the um FX Pro 51 millimeters which could really edit Up towards the Phoenix levels of battery Life although you don't get yours on Screen then clearly the Phoenix still is A big winner on battery life there's no Doubt about that especially if you're Opting for one of the smaller epics Pro Models but the 51 millimeter epics does Really close that Gap a bit and has very Good battery life for an AMOLED screen They had the 47 millimeter versions of The fpx pro and the Phoenix 7 to live With I've used the 47 millimeter version Of the seven and the original epics Gen 2 as well so I've had a good experience With these kind of watches in general What they're capable of now obviously to Start with in terms of what they like to

Live with day to day very similar in Terms of stature and sends the materials You're getting Obviously the big differentiator here is The screen on the epics Pro you're Getting an AMOLED display whereas the Phoenix you're getting a transflective Display now from a day-to-day use I Prefer having the kind of more vibrant Colorful AMOLED display I think from a Point of using it as a smart watch kind Of navigating those menus Um Using things like mapping it just feels A little bit nicer a little bit more Vibrant to use with the Um Phoenix 7 Pro obvious you've got a Transfer display you're getting kind of More reliable performance in terms of Visibility and I've used it for runs I've used it for swimming as well and The visibility is just a lot stronger in Terms of that I'm adding problems with The screen visibility in terms of the um Epics Pro but I think you know you're Getting something more reliable on that Front with the Phoenix 7 obviously that will help push The battery further Um as well compared to the epics Pro you Are getting flashlights on both of these Watches I need a little bit of testing And I think the flashlight and the epics Pro might actually be a little bit

Brighter on the Phoenix 7 Pro kind of What I've seen but you know you have Those flashlights there if you want them As I said it feels like maybe it's a Little bit brighter Max Max brightness Is probably a little bit more on the Epics probe straps are the same they're Removable as well Um and I said yeah you know these are Watches that I found comfortable to wear They're a little bit bigger than your Usual Garmin watches but I think the 47 Millimeter case feels just about right a Little bit feel just about right for Most people they're a little bit bolts Maybe take to bed and track sleep but in Terms of running using it for you know Using it as a watch using it kind of Day-to-day for tracking finish tracking And other things then they've been Absolutely fine and there's not a huge Amount to separate and into that actual Run tracking experience itself and I've Done a mixture of different runs with These watches now I've done kind of Longer easy runs I've done some shorter Sharper stuff I've done some track Sessions with I'm just going to get a Sense of how well the heart rate Monitors kind of perform and these are Kind of these upgraded sensors that Garmin has introduced and both of these Watches I really just get a sense of how where

They perform from an accuracy point of View and generally I've been using it in The kind of multi-frequency multi-band Mode that Garmin has now introduced and It's kind of of all those kind of dual Band modes are now available watches It's the most impressive I've used and That doesn't really change for me on the Phoenix 7 Pro and the epics Pro as well You know I've seen it on the go in front Of 965 I've seen it in the original Epics Gen 2 the um Phoenix 7 as well I think from that Point of view if you're looking for a Very accurate GPS watch then these are Two of the best that you can get and you Know they're out there with the garmins That already offer really strong kind of Dual band multi-frequency Um positioning support from that point Of view and all those kind of subsequent Kind of metrics that come from it I very very reliable on the whole as Well I think it's worth kind of drilling Into the training analysis and the Suggestions and things like that because I don't really the idea is if you're Living with these two watches they're Essentially they're only really Separated really by the fact that you're Getting an upload on the epics Pro all The kind of suggestions should be the Same that's kind of what I saw when I Would uh you know track a lot of runs

And I get the types of suggestions the Type of recommended um kind of rest time Through training redness it will all Vary similar in terms of what I saw so From that point of view I didn't feel Like I was getting any consistencies in Terms of the level of recommendations These watches were giving me from that Point of view I felt very happy with what I was Getting here in terms of the new Features that um Garmin is offering Things like Hill School endurance school But also things like training readiness And kind of things like training effects The recovery advice you're getting from These watches They all feel kind of very similar in Terms of what I've experienced with These two watches and then battery life And I think Ultimately I was expecting to get more Battery life on the Phoenix 7 Pro and I Think ultimately that's what I've seen So far in my testing Um in terms of what I got on the epics Pro the 47 millimeter version Um it's less battery life but you know You're seeing the similar level of kind Of drop off in terms of that multi-band Mode that top end GPS mode I think uh Even when you've got um I kind of raised awake um support as Opposed to the always-on mode on the

Garmin epics Pro I still think the Battery life is very very strong the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro definitely offers a Little bit more battery life and that Which really lends itself to the fact You're getting these display Technologies that Um you know Draw that power or that battery in very Different ways and the Phoenix 7 is Always going to get you a little bit More but I think the epics is you know It's not a massive drop off and I don't Think people will be disappointed with a Level of battery life that you're Getting and the battery manager modes You're getting here but ultimately if You wanted a a watch between these two That's going to get you going a little Bit further off that battery than the Phoenix 7 is going to get you more but I Think for a lot of people for the the Amount of train that will do on a weekly Basis If you weren't so focus on something That has to you know multi-day kind of Level of kind of battery tracking then You know it's going to hold up very very Well if you want a little bit more in Terms of that battery performance I Think the Phoenix is going to give you That but I don't think the Gap is as Huge as I thought it would be but it Definitely is more

Um in the in the locker on the Phoenix 7 Pro based on my testing but in terms of The kind of GPS tracking it's not a Massive amount in all different modes Particularly in kind of multi-bound mode As well so for me As I said I think the experience wise of Using these watches they're both very Solid running watches uh sports watches Terms of the level of accuracy the level Of features the analysis the Recommendations what they like to live With in terms of designs There's a lot of similarities I think The big things that stand out for me are The AMOLED display Um maybe getting a slightly brighter Flashlight on the Um Garmin epics Pro as well I think You're getting a little bit more battery Life and the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro as well But I think the the garminx pro offers Very good battery life if you're just Looking for General kind of training and Not looking at it for a watch that's Gonna you know it's gonna match what You're gonna get on the Phoenix 7 Pro Simply because it's got that display Technology which is a little bit kind of A battery life and also has that if You're spending enough time Outdoors has That kind of power glass solar charging Um Edition as well as I said if you're Spending enough time outside to really

Kind of benefit from it as well too [Music] Price of my verdict on the Garmin epics Pro versus the Garmin Felix printer Based on my experience if I had to Choose between these two watches based On the level of training that I do the Kind of features that I'd be looking for Obviously the features are very Consistent across these two watches I would be going for the Garmin epics Program I know it won't be everyone's Cup of tea but I think for me things That kind of won me over I think I Prefer having that AMOLED display I Don't think the battery sacrifices that You're making based on the liver train That I kind of do and the types of runs And the types of things that I'm Training for Are massive enough to say it's a you Know it's a massive drop-off from the Phoenix 7 Pro The level of features you're getting Here are identical to what you're Getting on the guy in Phoenix I think You know I love the fact you're getting A colored display for the mapping Support as well here too and I think you Know it just elevates using that watch Day-to-day uh for me personally whereas You're getting a lot of those same Qualities in the garden Phoenix I think For the guy in Phoenix for me the reason

I would be going for this watch Would be for that battery life you are Getting more battery life I would say Um you know day to day I would say in Terms of what you're getting and that Just really boils down to having that Ammo display on the epics Pro where it's Going to drain more battery but I think In terms of performance in terms of what You're getting in terms of upgraded Heart rate sensor in terms of level of Analysis and training Feature you're getting here It's identical across the board really From what I've seen But if it was my Money I would be gave the epics Pro Based on that screen based on what that Brings in terms of that day-to-day Experience and you're still getting very Good battery life as well too but if you Want bigger battery life you want the Same level of features that you get on The Apex Pro I would be going for the Phoenix 7 Pro particularly if you are Looking for something that's you really Care about having something that's going To last you longer in between charges Because I think the epics Pro is going to give You a bit more I do think the epics Pro Probably charges a little bit quicker Than the Phoenix but I think ultimate Makes sense where the ammo display is Going to drain quicker and you're going

To need to probably top it up or you Know charge it a lot more frequently Than the Phoenix which is definitely Going to get you more battery life and Would be the key reason for me to go for It over the epics Pro my verdict this is Really really tricky I think the only Thing From a not running watch perspective I've really noticed is that the epics Pro has this kind of red light mode Whereas if you look at your watch in the Middle of the night it will be red so it Won't wake you up as much Apple has Something super similar on the ultra if It's in sleep mode it goes red or Something Again it's not something that I've used That much I'm not waking up in the night And most of the time I check my phone Not my watch you know what I mean it's Not it's not a feature that really sets Them apart they're both amazing watches They're both excellent watches I think personally I would go and I'm Really shocked by this I would go with For the epics Pro just because I love The screen I think it's got all Everything all of the features of the Phoenix with this brighter screen and I've I've really enjoyed testing it it Feels like a really premium high-end Watch and the brighter screen kind of Fits there I think if battery life is

Super important to you go for the pro The Phoenix 7 Pro It will last that little bit longer and It's kind of built it's it's built that You don't need to charge it that much And for some people if that's really Important to you this is to watch to go For but personally I've been really Surprised but I would I think I would Pick the epics Pro over the Phoenix Pro As with the uh epics 2 and Phoenix 7 Watcher we did a verses on that last Year the choice really does come down to Arlo screen versus battery life and a Little bit of a saving on cost as well With the Phoenix that's worth Considering because these watches are Very expensive and any kind of saving is Probably quite welcome I'd put an AMOLED Screen myself so I prefer the epics Pro Over the Phoenix 7 Pro if you prefer Battery life then I would go to the Phoenix 7 Pro the one Wrinkle in this Very clear you know differentiation Between battery life and AMOLED screens Is the epics Pro 51 millimeters which Offers really really good battery life And you get the outlet screen it's still Not Phoenix battery life but it's pretty Impressive like 10 days of the ozone Screen enabled and then if you are in a Pinch and want to have you know longer Battery life you can very easily enable Raised to wake and extend that battery

Life quite considerably even while Having it on during your workout so that Happens to be the most expensive watch In the range so that's obviously Something to consider but if money is No Object and you're really shopping in This range for the best watch you can Get I think the epics Pro 51 millimeter Is that because you get that lovely AMOLED screen and really very impressive Battery life as well that'll be my Verdict I like an AMOLED screen and if You like an analyst being a one more Battery there is now a watch with that If you just love battery then the Phoenix 7 Pro provides it Foreign Of the epics Pro and Phoenix 7 Pro let Us know what you think in the comments Below are you looking to buy either of These watches have they impressed you Enough and if so which one you're gonna Get please do like subscribe ring the Little bell and we'll see you next time