The new Garmin Fenix 7 Pro is the latest watch to swell the ranks of Garmin’s top-end adventure and endurance running watches. We’ve been busy testing this for a month now and we’re ready to reveal what we like, what we don’t and help you decide if this is the watch for you. Hit play for the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro Review.

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Hi people welcome to the run test it's Kieran here and in this video we're Bringing you a multi-tester take on the New Garmin Fenix 7 Pro we've been busy Testing this for a month now and we're Ready to reveal what we like what we Don't and to help you decide if this is The watch for you So let's start with what's new there are Now more than 30 different Phoenix 7 Watches and it's getting pretty Confusing the Seven Pro Models join the Seven series a sort of stop Gap stepping Stone they're not quite a phoenix 8 but Rather offer smaller incremental Improvements over the existing Series 7 Options so many ways this is a phoenix 7 Build materials looks touch screen Button controls all very familiar but There are some new bells and whistles The Phoenix 7 Pro range offers a choice Of case sizes including 42 47 and 51 Mils and there are LCD touch screens in 1.2 1.3 and 1.4 inches depending on Whether you go small regular or X There's also the option for more durable Sapphire glass and titanium models now All models of the 7 Pro also have Garmin's best-in-class multiband GPS but The cut to the chase summary for what's New on the Phoenix 7 Pro balls down to This new screen new sensors and a Smattering of new features starting with The screen there's a new memory and

Pixel MIP display that's supposed to Leech less juice and improve legibility In indoor light sensor wise there's a New Elevate generation 5 Optical heart Rate sensor with a new LED array and a New algorithm to turn the inputs into Hopefully more accurate outputs the big New features include a new Hill score That tells you how good you are at Running up lumps there are two readouts Here Hill endurance measures performance Over gradual sense heel strength Measures efforts on shorter steeper Climbs mashing those two up creates your Hill score as a number from naught to 100 then there's endurance score now This benchmarks your ability to sustain Longer efforts across all different Sports it's displayed as a number along With a progress chart and with info on Which sports contributed to the score Plus some very basic tips on how to Improve it navigation wise the Phoenix 7 Pros everything the Phoenix 7 offers but Maps now also feature weather map Overlay so you can see upcoming weather Conditions now all of these features Will become available on other Garmin Watches soon so they're not exclusive to The Phoenix 7 Pro Line battery life is The same as it was in the Phoenix 7. Here's a chart on screen now if you want To get into that detail but we're Talking 15 to 90 hours run time on the 7

Pro s depending on your settings 57 to 136 6 on the 7 Pro and 89 to 213 hours GPS on the 7x Pro and all Phoenix 7 Pro Models come with solar charging that Boost those numbers further in the right Light conditions and the final things to Note all Phoenix 7 Pro options now come With a built-in flashlight and they all Now have increased storage to 32 Gigabytes prices start from just shy of 750 pounds or 800 for the comparison the Phoenix 7 starts at 560 pounds the epics Pro starts at 830 the Apple watch Ultra Will cost you 349 pounds the chorus Vertex 2 comes in at 599 pounds Pro I likes I like the new sensor I think it is I Think it is a little bit more accurate I Have used this with a Chester app for Running and a little bit of kind of hit Workout and I'd say that the reading on The chest strap is similar to the watch It's not it's not massive it's not huge I've never had a problem with the V4 Sensor you know I've never gone out of a Run and thought wow that felt really Easy but then the heart rate sensor is Telling me I'm going harder you don't Mean I've never had a problem with the VISA four sensor but it is a new sensor It is worth mentioning and it's probably The main difference really from the Phoenix 7 line so it's worth talking

About I haven't called it the V5 sensor I'm not sure if it is the restart sensor If everyone else says it is then it is But um I haven't seen any Garmin call it Call it the V5 sensor anywhere they have Said it's got twice as many LEDs as the V4 sensor so it is it is going to be More accurate Next up we're all going to say this Aren't we it's the flashlight I do think It's a cool feature I think For me running on my own in the winter I Will use this a lot because I like I Like to be seen I like knowing that cars Can see me and I think I've used it a Lot just you mean every day it's handy It's just like in the in the night when You get up and you don't want to stub Your toe it's a handy thing to have and I'm really pleased that they've rolled It out into the smaller watches because As someone with quite small wrists I Would never want a mass the something as Big as the 7x on my wrist so I'm really Glad Garmin have rolled that out I do Like that feature and then the next Thing I think I'd say is the battery Life this has got the same it's got the Ability to it's got the red rings we Know it's solar charging and it lasts 14 Days it's March watch mode 46 hours in GPS mode I've probably been testing this For two weeks and I've only had to Charge it once so it has got a good a

Decent battery life it's got the battery Life we know and love from the Phoenix Range and it's not to be sniffed at I Think we all bang on about these AMOLED Screens this doesn't have the AMOLED Screen and I think when you When you do look at it it's still I mean It's no by no means dull but obviously We know with this screen you're getting More battery life so I think if battery Life is really imperative to you you Won't be disappointed with the Seven Pro First of my likes then is the battery Life this is always high up my list of Priorities and though this is unchanged From the Phoenix 7 and it's not as good As my much beloved Garmin Enduro 2. the Battery life for the Phoenix 7 Pro is Excellent in my tests the overnight Battery burn was around one percent That's great no crazy leakage here a two Hour running Max accuracy burned about 11 a nine hour run in normal power mode At the comrades Marathon burn 27 that Compares to the Enduro 2 Burning just 14 But the Apple watch torched 65 so again A strong performance from the Phoenix 7 Pro here then a week's General use just Burned about 50 with five hours GPS Training so my estimations you're Probably charging this every two weeks Which I think is pretty strong second up Accuracy in my test both the GPS and Heart rate accuracy was generally solid

Though real-time Pace still a little bit Skittish I'm not sure I found the new Optical sensor noticeably more reliable Though than the Phoenix 7 and that's one Of the big selling points here it's Certainly not enough for me to upgrade If you already own a phoenix 7. another Feature I really like is ultra run mode It isn't unique to the Phoenix 7 Pro but It's a feature I really like on all of Garmin's watches you can choose to have An automatic rest timer that flicks on In ultra run mode and this will show you How long you've dawdler Aid stations Without having to touch any buttons During ultra run super handy and the Breakdown after the runs is also great Another highlight for me around Garmin Watches in particularly the Phoenix 7 Pro's customization like all of garmin's Watches the seven Pros extremely Customizable and importantly it's really Easy to do most of the customization From the watch itself now I'm not too Bothered about things like watch faces I'll leave that for other people but What I really like is the ability to Create power modes for the battery life Tweaking tools and settings to extend That battery life where needed but I Also like the ability to create and Store profiles for different runs I used it for example to create a Profile for the comrades Marathon that

Was specific focusing on things like Elevation stats heart rate and average Pace and the way you can now kind of Slice and dice your many metric screens Really lets you get race specific so Likes for the Phoenix 7 Pro I start with Flashlights for all uh what's not to Like about that I think the flashlight Is a good feature in that if you're not Using it it's completely unnotable it's A very unobtrusive thing and then when You do need it it's really very handy I Probably use it a lot less than many Other people will but at the same time I Do like it having it available and it's Good that it's now available across the Range the big like probably here for the Phoenix is battery life which is its key Selling feature against the epics Pro Range now it's not really changed here On the Phoenix uh Pro Line compared to The standard Phoenix 7 line but it is Still very good so the Phoenix 7x Pro The larger model was lasting me three Weeks on a charge it is very sunny here In the UK at the moment but that's it I Don't think the solar panels actually Make very much difference when I look at The solar intensity stuff on the watch Unless you really are in brights on it For a long period with the watch Facing The sunlight Not going to really reap the benefits of It so if you're just going to get a bit

Of sun on your run each day like I do it Doesn't make a huge difference but it Doesn't matter too much because the Battery life in general is just very Good I've also been impressed by the new Heart rate model on garmin's new watches The Phoenix Pro and epics Pro do think It is a step up on what I've used before With Optical heart rate monitors using This watch for several weeks really was Only a few glaring errors it made and it Was never long lasting errors which I Think is the key like when Optical heart Rate monitoring can go wrong and just Read wrong for an entire run or half a Run and completely change the profile of That run within your training analysis And the 7 Pro does go wrong it's Normally only for a short period it's Kind of thing it will still lag behind a Chest strap on things like intervals and All that and occasionally miss an Interval entirely or jump very high or Very low just for very short periods I Did find the max was often a little bit Wrong when doing a track reps that kind Of thing but overall it's a pretty Reliable Optical heart rate monitor I'm Not sure it's going to win over anyone Who's been using a chest strap up until This point to not using a chest strap Which is me I probably would still use Chest strap with the Phoenix 7 Pro but If you're someone does just use Optical

Heart rate monitoring you're going to Get a better experience with this watch Than previous garmins I'd say and that's Even with a very big and heavy Phoenix 7x Pro which I do find bigger heavier Watches tend to get worse readings on my Wrist as a thin wristed gentleman Otherwise I'd say all the pluses are the Usual Garmin pluses the GPS accuracy is Top Notch it's the best multi-man GPS You can get from any brand I'd say the Maps are actually amazing best maps from Your brand sports tracking and training Analysis Top Notch good smart features So yeah those are common pluses to all Of garmin's top watches but it's worth Mentioning again that the Phoenix 7x Pro Is amazing at all those things so things I like about the Phoenix 7 Pro and I'll Start with something maybe it's a little Bit boring but I think ultimately I Think it's a really important thing that The battery life on the Phoenix 7 Pro is Still very very strong this is probably A reason you're looking at Phoenix you Want that big battery life I do think you'll get that on the Phoenix 7 prep Okay so into the things I like about the Phoenix 7 Pro I'm gonna start with a Slightly boring one but I think an Important one of that is battery life And now if you're looking at Phoenix you Ultimately are probably looking at

Getting that kind of Biggie battery life From a watch And that is what you're going to get From the Phoenix 7 Pro based on my Experience very similar to what I Experienced on the Phoenix 7 now I use The 47 millimeter version I've used a 47 Millimeter version of the Phoenix 7 I've Used the other sizes at the kind of Non-pro models as well And for me the battery life is very very Good you're still going to see a similar Level of kind of drop off when using That top multiband multi-frequency Positioning mode but that's kind of what I expected and the drop-off is very Similar to what I experienced on the Phoenix 7 in comparison Um And then kind of day to day I think you Know you feasibly can get a couple of Weeks out of this watch to kind of drain Overnight is very small as well and then It's really you know the epics is kind Of really closing the Gap in terms of The level of battery life that you're Getting with the kind of amoleds And transfactive display watches like The Phoenix But ultimately when you get Into those kind of lower GPS battery Modes Um low Edge kind of GPS tracking modes And you know you start to see the bigger Gap and you know that's really what the

Phoenix is about it's a watch that will Last you for a long period of time and When you kind of drop into those get Expedition modes Max GPS battery modes You see the bigger distance between Other watches and also the kind of Garmin epics Pro as well too so battery Life definitely is a winner for me it's Been very very solid for me in my Testing And the other thing I'd probably talk About is and you know there's a lot of New software features obviously going to Roll it back to the Phoenix 7. I think Just in general the run tracking Experience is very strong as I said the Multi-band support is very good I still Like the kind of training analysis Approach that you get on Garmin I really Like the training readiness feature I Think the hill schools and endurance Schools take a leaf out of the training Readiness book in terms of presentation And really trying to simplify that Process in terms of the information that You're getting and I kind of like that Whether that information Is massively important to me and Information that I'm going to absolutely Use on a day-to-day basis I'm not 100 Sure that the training readiness feature Feels like one that I would particularly Use more but it's nice that things are Packaged a little bit nice I think as

Well and I think that's really important When you these watches can feel very Overwhelming if you're new to using a Phoenix watch as far as having things Like training redness and Hill scoring a Endurance scores kind of wrapped up in That kind of package the way they are I Think is Um a really good thing here and then Also lastly I think it's amazing the Turnaround for for me but having a Flashlight on here I think you know I Mean we kind of maybe kind of met a bit Of light of it on the Phoenix 7x but I Think ultimately now they're all rolled Out to all sizes in the Phoenix Pro Range I've had it on the 47 millimeter Case I do think can be useful you know You think about it for an outdoor Perspective if you are running a lot on Your own at night and you need a good Source of light this watch does offer That uh you know that kind of the Ability to kind of vary out of that it Works as well I think the brightness is Pretty good as I found that the epics Pro may be light is a little bit and Brighter but ultimately it does offer a Good source of light so if that's Something you want you were gutted that It wasn't Um on the other Phoenix uh models the Phoenix 7 models there's only on the 7x You now have it in a more I guess more

Manageable Um case size compared to the 7x so yeah Those are the kind of key things I would Pick out that I've really liked about The Phoenix 7 Pro Probably my main dislike with the Phoenix 7 Pro is that it is very similar To the Phoenix 7 especially with all the Software features that have been brought In with this watch coming back to the Older watch um you're gonna get really a Similar experience across the board with The Phoenix 7 you lose that on the Flashlight on the smaller sizes the Heart rate sensor is not quite as good But for the most part it is quite a Similar watch and also not massively Enthused with the new training analysis Features on the pro lineup like Endurance score is nice like it's a it's A you know reasonable idea it's another Metric to look at but I don't think it Gives you a lot more than what you Already had from things like Toyota Max On Garmin watches it doesn't feel very Different to what there already was on The watches even though it's another Useful score I guess and then Hill School I'm not entirely convinced by it Yet mainly because I think it's generous With me like I've got a pretty good Hill Score rating on the garments like it's Not amazing but it's rated as trained as Uh and I've got a score of like 61 62

And I just don't do a lot of Hill Running but I think I'm mostly a Road Runner I do probably rack up around 2 000 meters of elevation over a four week Period according to this watch roughly Which is just on undulating trails in my Forest and don't specifically train Hills very often so I don't know I think It's mostly just based on having a high Vot Max on the watch that my score is Anything at all and if I was going to go And do some mountains or something like That I don't really feel very Comfortable that I would be a trained Hill runner if I was tackling those so Not entirely sure about that yet Although I do think it could be quite Interesting to see if you can try and Get that score to go up if you are Trying to improve at Hills and it might Be a nice Target to aim for if you're Someone who's not really getting much From things like dot max if you're Mainly a big trailer Runner the other Dislike is that the screen being Improved I'm not really noticed like It's it's a good screen it's a memory And pixel screen it's designed to Preserve battery life rather than being Exceptionally Vivid and vibrant like you Get from AMOLED screens like on the FX Pro and it's a clear differentiator Between the between the watches that you Go for the screen of the epics or the

Battery life of the Phoenix but I know Garmin said they'd improved the screen On the Phoenix 7 Pro Line and I haven't Really seen that to be the case it's Fine it's just it does suffer in Comparison to AMOLED displays also say That I know they've got solar in every Single Watch because battery is the Differentiating feature from the epics Lineup but I'd be pretty happy to see Keep a non-solar option within the pro Range because I probably wouldn't go for Solar watch myself because I'm not in Sunny positions enough to get the Benefit of it and a cheaper option would Be a nice way to get that heart rate Sensor without having to have the solar Panels as well onto my dislikes then and The first I think is the endurance score I'm really not in love with this new Feature first of all I'm not really sure What it's actually telling you I don't Really think it's a good rating and Really this is because it lacks context My endurance score dropped after I ran a Two and a half hour half marathon the Week before the comrades Marathon during My tape of my endurance score also Plummeted drop right down felt very Negative about that I get why it might Be happening because I wasn't doing Anything so it thinks that my endurance Is dropping off but I don't believe that My endurance was worse the day before

The old the comrades race than it was Seven days prior in fact you know you're Peaking you feel stronger and then I Went and ran the comrades the tough 55 Mile very hilly course in sub nine hours So I'd say that my endurance was pretty Good actually so even after that race my Score still didn't reach my pre-taper Levels and for me that is a bit of an Issue I had plenty enough endurance to Commit that really tough race even Though Garmin thought maybe I didn't now The second thing is the strap that it Ships with having used a nylon strap I Found it really hard to go back to the Silicone I know you can swap them out But there's a couple of reasons why I'm Not really a fan of the strap that this Ships with the 7 Pro first I suffered Some really quite severe silicone burn On the first night that I wore it but I Also find that you really have to Constantly tighten and loosen the Silicone strap when you're running and When you're wearing it just afterwards You've got to get it really tight for it To not kind of wobble around on the Wrist when you're running and then if You forget to loosen it afterwards it Can get Pinchy that's a bit of a problem Now even though the Enduros are bigger And bulkier watch than the Seven Pro I Tested the nylon strap still makes for a Better more comfortable fit and I wish

This shipped with that strap now my Final equivalent of Phoenix 7 Pro is Really whether it brings enough upgrades To Warrant a new watch I'm beginning to Find garmin's Phoenix 7 lineup very Complicated I know there's a new heart Rate sensor and that improved screen Solar on all the Pro Models I don't Really see what the protag really gets You here particularly when in my Experience I didn't feel there was Actually that much difference between The performance of the optical heart Rate sensors either so my dislikes are But there isn't that much new I would Have really liked skin temperature Sensor on the Garmin like they've got on The Apple watch just because it makes Things like period tracking a lot more Accurate it's a bit of a shame it's not On there but I wonder if it's coming With the Phoenix a or the Phoenix 9 and This is just kind of like a little Update to shout about their new sensor That's my thoughts on the matter I have A slight dislike is that there aren't an Awful lot of Smartwatch features and I Think this is probably where we're Getting into the like smart watch sport Watch debate but I think if you're Paying you you by all means this is Designed to be worn 24 7 it will track Everything and you've got things like Garmin pay you can mirror your phone

Notifications but I think if you compare It to something like an Apple Watch like The Apple watch Ultra it's not like Having a phone on your wrist you can't Do an awful lot from The Garmin and I do think that Garmin Connects apps are a little bit meh That's a problem with every Garmin it's Not specific to this watch but I think It's worth mentioning if you're going to Spend this kind of money on a watch You'll you'll probably you don't buy This watch to check your whatsapps on The Move do you you buy it because you Want to train from Marathon or you want To go for a multi-day adventure or you Know not have to charge your watch once You've if you go away for a race But it's worth noting I think that I Kind of wish Garmin would do some more Work on their apps and make this a Little bit kind of more like a smart Watch as well when you're wearing it 24 7. okay so then we get into the things That I didn't like about the Phoenix 7 Pro and it's more things that maybe I Was a little bit more disappointed about I think ultimately I think the first one Being is that Garmin said there's an Improved uh transfected display on here I really couldn't get a sense of how it Was improved on the Phoenix 7 Um watch that I tested previously and on The 7x as well I just can't see it I

Mean I found visibility the kind of the Level of going Clarity on the screen Generally about the same so maybe There's something else that Garmin is Not really kind of revealed here but Ultimately I haven't really got a sense Of where the differences are in terms of That display in terms of the improved Display on the Phoenix 7 Pro I think also in the kind of same Wavelength I think the upgraded heart Rate sensor now It's good that garmi is trying to Improve the reliability of heart rate Particularly for kind of activity and You know obviously Optical and wrist Based sensors struggle on that side of Things anyway now I've had some good Sessions with it I think I did a track Session with a get with the epics Pro Pad to a HRM Pro Plus And actually it held up pretty well on That front then there's also the odd run Here and there with kind of Max heart Rate readings were a little bit off Maybe the average reading was a little Bit off from a chest strap as well so I Don't think it's entirely solved that Issue of kind of risk-based HR for kind Of running and kind of more intense Running uh and it's good that it you Know it has you know Garland has sought To improve things but I think ultimately I haven't seen a massive change in terms

Of what I've seen in the reliability of The data and I think the other thing as Well is that obviously you're getting a Lot of new software features or you know A few software features in here for Mapping Um obviously the hills was an endurance Uh scores as well A little bit you know a few other things As valid activities but I mean the Experience of those things hasn't really You know massively differed in what I Experienced on the Phoenix 7 and what I've used day to day as I said I think The Hill School endurance schools are Quite interesting the mapping features Are quite interesting as well I wish the Kind of weather overlays was built into The mapping or the tracking experience As well and also you have to remember These it's difficult to get excited About these things when you know that They're going to kind of roll back to The Phoenix 7 at some point you don't Know when yet but they will do at some Point so you know kind of lessens the Appeal of the Seven Pro and I think yeah in terms of What I was using day to day I think Mainly Um it was probably looking in those Endurance scores and Hill scores but Outside of that I think you know the Other features probably need a little

Bit of extra work in terms of how to Utilize things like split screen and as I said the weather overlays as well so Yeah I think for me you know the software the Extras that have been added here haven't Drastically changed my experience Compared to what I Had with the Phoenix 7 model so yeah as I said not things I absolutely hated but More kind of maybe disappointed uh in Terms of my time with the Phoenix 7 Pro [Music] X7 Pro is a great watch the best Phoenix In garmin's range now but I think it Does get a little bit lost in the Confusing amount of very very good Watches Garmin has in this high-end Category and I would say that I think The Phoenix 7 is better value across the Board like flashlights handy on the 7 Pro and the heart rate sensor is a Little bit improved but it's not enough To make it go and buy a pro over the Original Phoenix 7 model with pretty Much everything else being identical Between the two watches so yeah I'd look At getting the older watches for a bit Better value and talking of value There's also the case that you could Look at buying another Garmin watch from Their extensive lineup if you're an even Cheaper option the 4Runner 955 certainly Springs to mind it's got a memory and

Pixel display it's a slightly older Watch but Still really up to date with all of Garmin's best staff and just a lot Cheaper it's not got the nice metal Bezel but at the same time that means It's a lot lighter on the wrist so That's another good value option if You're looking at the Phoenix 7 Pro a Big Choice a lot of people might be Making is between the epics and the Phoenix it's It is the choice between AMOLED or Battery life it really does come down to Being as simple as that although I would Say it was the 51 millimeter epics pro Model you are getting very good battery Life like 10 days we've always with Yours on screen enabled for me or longer Than that if you turn on raised awake That changes the choice a little bit but It is still the case if you're choosing Between battery life and the Phoenix the Screen of the epics Pro and what is Really important to you also the epics Is a little bit more expensive so yeah That's a straight Choice there I prefer AMOLED myself but lots of people would Rather have the cheaper watch with more Battery life although if you are Interested in AMOLED and would like a Cheaper option then there is the 400 965 Which I think is the outstanding pick in Garmin's top end range just because it

It's lightweight I think it's good Looking watch even if it's a bit more Plasticky than the Phoenix and the epics Battery life isn't terrible like it'll Last me six days sometimes seven days With the always on screen enabled again You can turn on Race to wake if you do Want to extend that and it is cheaper Than the models in the Phoenix 7 Pro Range so yeah that's a really Outstanding option certainly but again You're going to trade off a little bit Of battery life for that AMOLED screen Outside of I mean there isn't really a Very strong competitor I don't think for These kind of top end watches that did Test the Suunto vertical recently and I Really like that watch it's got really Good maps it's got very accurate GPS It's got a nice bright screen for a Memory pixel and display but all the Stuff it does is just done a little bit Better by things like the Phoenix 7 Pro Or Phoenix 7 um and you know Suunto has Caught up a lot with that watch but I Still think Garmin is the clear and Obvious choice if you're shopping in This high-end watch Market partly Because the maps which is so much better They're proper routable maps and in General the experience is a little bit Better Garmin is a bit dominant but that Might change in years to come but for Now I'd be looking at a Garmin if I was

Looking at the 7 Pro I would get the Phoenix 7 myself or if you wanted you Know brighter lighter watch I'd get There and 400965 there's lots of Different options I think that make it a Little bit hard to recommend the 7 Pro Itself so my verdicts I think if you Already have a phoenix 6 it's probably Worth waiting for the Phoenix 8. there's Not an awful lot new here and I don't Think you'll really notice the Difference obviously this has got a Touch screen the Phoenix 6 hasn't but I Don't think you're going to be blown Away and I think garment are releasing Watches so quickly that I wonder what's Next for the Phoenix line I do think if You're upgrading from an older Forerunner it is I have been really Impressed by the epics Pro it's got the AMOLED screen and I just think it's a Lot brighter it is this has really Impressed me I would be tempted to go For the epics over the Phoenix 7 Pro Unless battery life is absolutely Imperative to you Um that said if you're on a budget I Would still go for the Forerunner 965. I Love it I think it's it's a fantastic Watch and it's probably about two three Hundred pounds cheaper than this and you Know you'll get obviously it's it looks Different to the Phoenix line but it is A great watch if you're on a budget but

Yeah my verdict is a little bit it's a Great watch but I was kind of hoping for More and I can't wait to see what's Coming next for Phoenix verdict then There's no doubt the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro Is a great running and Adventure watch In terms of all-round capability it's as Good as it gets for me aside from the Enduro too particularly if you're into Ultra runs or more adventurous suits now Garmin clearly leads the field for this Type of top-end sort of total tracking Watch and this is just more of the same Good nav good battery life good heart Rate all of those things but that's also Why I'm overall not sold I'm potentially Paying more for the Pro upgrades which Basically come down to a better screen a Marginally better Optical heart rate Sensor If you already own a phoenix 7 it's Really not worth it I'd say if you own An Enduro 2 or an epics I'd also refrain From buying this one if you're jumping Into the Phoenix market for a first time Then I think it is potentially worth Considering but I still think you can Get close to equal performance and Better overall value from the cheaper Phoenix 7 models okay so my verdict on The Phoenix 7 Pro is that it's a very Good Phoenix watch as you would expect The run tracking the sports tracking and Experience of using a phoenix it feels

Very similar you're getting good battery Life as well the software feels good on This watch and ultimately I think for me Is There hasn't been enough to say this is A massively different experience from Using the Phoenix 7. I think obviously Those new software features are there But you can't help think when you know That they're going to come back to the Phoenix 7. what other reasons are you Going to go for the 7 Pro over seven I Think Things would be you know from a hardware Point of view the flashlight and the Heart rate sensor and I think the Flashlight not everyone's gonna Massively care about I think some people Will and the fact that it's now on a Smaller version of the Phoenix it's a Good thing the heart rate sensor I just Haven't seen enough in it to suggest That it's a massive leap over the Previous census I think it's been good In general but again I would still be Using a heart monster chest strap so for Me my point of view It's still a very good Phoenix watch It's cheaper than the epics Pro as well So if you wanted that kind of experience And weren't bothered about the AMOLED Display then this would be the better Watch to go for Um but I think you know if I also I

Think I look at it from the point of Views it's still in its kind of price Range it's still one I would probably go Over the other outdoor watches but then I would be going for the Phoenix 7 and Saving some money because the experience Is going to be very similar so from that Point of view I think it's a good Phoenix as you'd expect the experience Has been very very good is it Drastically different For all I'm using the Phoenix 7 as I Said apart from those kind of Hardware Things Not really and those things have Wouldn't for me be deal breakers Um overall in terms of going for this Over the seven so for me I would be Going for the seven still but I think in Terms of what you're getting for the Phoenix 7 Pro everything you expect from A phoenix good battery life tracking Experience Level of features level of training Analysis all that is here it's just for Me You know there's no I I would be looking At the next Phoenix that's coming out Because I think that's when you you know As we do with these pro pro models Always we're sitting between government Working on bigger things uh for their Next Phoenix range and I think that's What I would be thinking about I would

Be going for the Phoenix 7 over 7 Pro Personally so there you have it that's Been our review of the new Garmin Felix 7 Pro we hope you found it helpful and As ever if you have any questions hit us Up in the comments below if you're Interested in how this watch compares to The other garmins with which there are Many then there is a load of videos on The channel right now that you can check Out and there are more coming soon head To head for the Phoenix 7 the epics all Kinds of watches so check those out Don't forget to like And subscribe also That really helps us support the channel And otherwise we hope to see you again Soon on the Run Testament a pleasure to Talk to you about this watch Happy Running everyone