The ranks of the Garmin Fenix 7 series recently got some new additions with the arrival of the Fenix 7 Pro models. They pack some new skills including a new screen, new optical heart rate sensor and a smattering of new features that’ll eventually end op on the older Fenix 7 watches. So is the Fenix 7 Pro a worthy upgrade? We’ve been busy testing them for a month and we are ready to reveal whether we think the Fenix 7 Pro is a step up worth paying for. Hit play for the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro vs Fenix 7 head to head review.

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4:09 – The Run Test
16:15 – Verdict

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Hi people welcome to the runtest it's Kieran here now I think you're here Because you might be in the market for a New Garmin watch and the Phoenix 7 or The new Phoenix 7 Pro is somewhere on Your list and in this video we're going To help you work out which one of those You should buy now we've tested both of Them extensively and we're here to give You a quick comparison to help you Decide but most importantly we'll reveal What we like and what we don't about Both watches so we can help you decide Which premium Garmin might be right for You let's get into it [Music] So what's new well there are now more Than 30 different Phoenix 7 watches and It's getting pretty confusing to say the Least but let's try and weed out the Major differences between the older 7 Series and the new 7 Pro Models now the New 7 Pro Models offer smaller Incremental improvements on the existing Series 7 options so in many ways there's More similarities there are here than There are differences To build the materials the looks the Touch screen and the button controls are All largely identical depending on which Model you go for like the Phoenix 7 the Pro range comes with a choice of case Sizes ranging from 42 mils and 47 mils Up to 51 mils and there are touchscreen

Displays at 1.2 inches 1.3 inches and 1.4 inches depending on the model size From small regular X there's also the Option for more durable sapphire glass And titanium models if you want Something more robust and that's in both The 7 and The Seven Pro ranges all of The models of the 7 Pro also have Garmin's best-in-class multi-brand GPS Or Phoenix 7 Pro Models come with solar Charging whereas the cheapest standard Phoenix 7 doesn't so what are the other Major differences well the cut to the Chase summary is simple what's new on The Phoenix 7 Pro balls down to this the Phoenix 7 Pro has a new screen and a new Optical heart rate sensor that's the Major difference when it comes to the New screen There's a new memory in pixel display That's supposed to leach less juice so It costs less power and it also is Supposed to improve legibility in indoor Light sensor wise there's a new Elevate Generation 5 Optical heart rate sensor With a new LED array and a new algorithm To turn the inputs into hopefully more Accurate outputs when it comes to new Features the big new features announced With the Phoenix 7 Pro include a new Hill score that tells you how good are You are at running uphills there are two Readouts here Hill endurance measures Performance over gradual sense Hill

Strength will measure your efforts on Shorter steeper climbs when you mash the Two up in Garmin that creates your Hill Score as a number from naught to 100. Next up there's endurance school this Benchmarks your ability to sustain Longer efforts across all different Sports it's displayed as a number along With a progress chart that's quite handy And with info on which sports Contributed plus there's some very basic Tips on how to improve it navigation Wise the Phoenix 7 Pro is everything That the Phoenix 7 offers but the maps Now also feature weather map overlays so You can see upcoming weather conditions On your route however there's a big However all of these new features will Become available across the Phoenix 7.2 So there won't be any differences They're not exclusive to the 7 Pro Line So you'll get them on the seven so That's not something to choose a seven Or seven Pro vice versa another deciding Factor can be battery life but that's The same from the 7 Pro to the seven Here's a chart if you want to get into The detail of the seven Pros battery Life But we're talking 15 to 19 hours run Time on the 7s and the 7 Pro s depending On your settings there's 57 to 136 hours Runtime on the seven and the Seven Pro And it goes from 89 to 213 hours GPS on

The 7x and the 7x Pro and as we Mentioned all the Phoenix 7 Pro Models Now come with solar charging and that Will boost the numbers further in the Right conditions the cheapest Phoenix 7 Standard model doesn't have solar are The final things to note while only the Larger Phoenix 7x models had the Built-in flashlight all Phoenix 7 Pro Options now come with that cool new tool The Phoenix 7 Pro watch is also all now Have increased storage up to 32 Gigabytes that capacity is only Available on the price of Phoenix 7 Models speaking of price prices for the Phoenix 7 Pro start from just short of 750 pounds or 800 they rise to just shy Of 930 pounds or a thousand dollars for Comparison the Phoenix 7 starts at 560 Pounds or 700 and that will rise to 1050 Pounds or one thousand dollars in your US money [Music] Foreign So last year I tested the Phoenix 7x and I've been testing the Phoenix 7x Pro as Well and the other one experience really Has been very similar with both watches Obviously I already have the flashlight On the 7x last year when testing this Watch but I can see it's a good addition Across the range it's the kind of thing That's very handy when you do need it And pretty much unnoticeable when you

Don't so it's a definite boost to have It available on the smaller models but It's not necessarily a game changer of An addition to the watch I'd say so Outside of the new heart rate sensor There really isn't anything to pick Between these two watches in my opinion I'll come onto the heart rate in a Minute but everything else has been very Similar fantastic GPS accuracy with the Multiband setting obviously that's only Available on the sapphire models of the Older Phoenix so that's something to Look out for if you are looking at the Older Phoenix but yeah if you have the Multivan engage Garmin has the best GPS I've seen from any brand obviously Really good sports tracking great Maps Great training analysis There's an upgrade in the screen Garmin Says with the new watch but it's just Not something I've really noticed much At all myself I think the screen is fine It's a memory and pixel display so it's Not as bright as AMOLED when you're Indoors or on the cloud cover but Outside in the sun is fantastic and it's Still visible in all conditions it's Just not as bright as an AMOLED display Battery life has also being the same Between the two watches and it's really Good it's the X size larger model tends To last me three weeks on a charge with Running almost every day and

Notifications coming in so obviously That's a big plus with the Phoenix range Then on to the heart rate which is the Made Hardware upgrade I have noticed it To be better on the Phoenix 7x Pro Throughout my testicle the watch I Really did notice very few glaring Errors with the newer watch and it was Something that you know wouldn't last Too long it does lag a bit behind the Chest strap on intervals might miss the Odd interval but overall it's a really Very impressive Optical heart rate Monitor I have been testing it in the Summer whereas the Phoenix 7x I tested In the winter where Optical heart rate Struggles a bit more but in general the Heart rate on the older Phoenix is not As good as on the pro model you I will Be pairing a chest out with both Probably is the upshot of this just Because I really like to have accurate Heart rate data into guide training and Feed into the training analysis but if You are someone uses Optical heart rate Monitoring I think you will notice an Improvement on the 7 Pro but it's still Got the other error in it whereas the Older Phoenix has more more regular Errors and probably more sustained Errors in its high rate tracking so There is an improvement to be had with The new award so I'm here to talk about The Phoenix 7 versus the Phoenix 7 Pro

It really doesn't help that I've got Both of these and the exactly the same Kind of gold sand colorway because it's Impossible to tell them apart I've Changed the backgrounds to make it Easier for me for this video Um Not a lot has changed I kind of feel Like I like this watch I like the Phoenix 7 Pro but I'm a bit disappointed I feel like it's kind of like the Phoenix 7B not a lot has changed Obviously there's a new Heart rate sensor I don't think we're Calling it the Elevate V5 but if Everyone else in the video has maybe I Am I don't think garmin's called it that Yeah the Phoenix 7 has the Elevate V4 Sensor and Garmin have said the Phoenix 7 Pro has this kind of new and improved Sensor apparently got twice as many LEDs On it to help it become more accurate I To be honest I have tested both with a Heart rate strap it's a slightly kind of More in line with what the heart rate Strap is saying around my chest But it's not an awful lot it's not kind Of ground but it's not like the Elevate V4 was way out so I kind of think yeah It's great that we've got a new sensor On it but I think if you've got a kind Of Phoenix 7 already you can still trust That all of the current watches and the Line apart from the Seven Pro and the FX

Pro have that V4 sensor in they it does A good job so it's got a slightly new Sensor in it it's also got this Flashlight which I think will all kind Of bang on about a lot And it is cool I haven't like I must Admit I've used it kind of In the middle of the night when I'm Looking for something I haven't used it On the run because we've been testing These in a heat wave Um but I do think it's a really good Feature I think it's something that I Would use a lot on my runs on my own in The winter I've said this in other Videos but I go out dress like a Christmas tree I put lights all over me Just I think it helps me feel safe Knowing that cars can see me and I think I do like that they've rolled it out Onto the smaller watches because I would Never want to wear something like this 7x which is huge So I've I've run with both of them I've Done a lot lot more running with my Original Phoenix 7 than I have with the Pro I do like the Seven Pro but to be Honest I wouldn't be able to tell these Apart on the Run apart from the Flashlight it's pretty much the same Watch and I was a bit kind of Underwhelmed I wish it had a skin temperature sensor Which would make the period tracking

More accurate I wish it had something Else new I kind of feel like Garmin have Made a new heart rate sensor and they Wanted to put it on all their watches Quickly but there's not a lot going on Here there's not a lot that's new So I originally tested the Garmin Fenix 7x Sapphire solar and this time round I've been playing with a slightly more Compact Garmin Fenix 7 Pro and apart From the lighter and kind of slider Build my main takeaway from using both Of these side by side is that there's Very little to choose between them not Just on looks design but on performance And accuracy too in my tests that old V4 Elevate Optical heart rate stands often Match the new Phoenix 7 Pro sensor which Has a you know more LEDs in the array There's a caveat here I've mainly been Doing steady efforts rather than the Sharp sort of gear change intervals that Might affect that more both the watches I compared off a multi-band GPS which I Found to be equally as reliable so Nothing really to choose in between here Either basically you're getting some of The best GPS going on any running Watches that I've tested Now the new screen hasn't really blown Me away the differences here I think Between the two are very marginal and Then there's a lot has been said about The flashlight being added to all the

Seven Pro Models it's definitely a Useful addition go for it if you like it I don't pay I wouldn't really want to Pay more for a watch with it it's not Something I really ever use if I want to See where I'm running in the dark I tend To wear a head torch so into that run Testing I have been comparing the 47 Millimeter Phoenix 7 to the 47 Millimeter Phoenix 7 Pro Um I've used all of the case sizes in The in the Phoenix 7 but I mainly focus On the kind of middle member of those Watches and from a kind of day-to-day Use What these lot watches are like to wear They feel very very you know very Familiar very similar Um like case wise Weight Wise Um interacting with the touchscreen Display the comfort of the straps and The ability the way you can kind of Remove these straps as well it's what You expect the kind of pro and non-pro Models in general in the past have been Very similar it's really about making Tweaks with software and Hardware where Necessary but part the only thing really To separate them is they're kind of more Pronounced button that you're getting on The Phoenix 7 Pro and the tracking Button which you know something Garmin Has done on its Forerunner watches Always news for in our watches as well

Just to better distinguish that button From the other buttons and you know one That you're probably going to use in the Most regular basis Um now Garmin says there is an improved Display a translator display on the pro Model now Maybe it's a touch clearer maybe it's a Touch more visible in bright outdoor Light I can't say it's massively Different I I can't say it's massively Changed my experience of using these two Watches basically from that point of View the other thing obviously is the Change in the heart rate sensors so On the pro you're getting the later or Latest version of garmin's gonna own um Heart rate sensor technology or Optical Sense of Technology now that's you know Along with kind of extra algorithms it's Designed to improve tracking during Um activity so in terms of my testing on My runs I found it's been pretty good uh Surprisingly pretty good there's a Couple of I did a track session with it And it kind of held up pretty well Against a chest strap and there's also Been some runs where Um can I even kind of very steady Pace Runs where the average in max heart Rates haven't really matched up or being That close to a heart rate monitor chest Strap and it's probably a similar Experience I've had with the Phoenix 7

And in my time with that it wasn't long Before you know I was using a heart rate Monster chest strap to fuel those kind Of other Features that you're getting here and in Terms of those other features and that Pure kind of core run tracking Experience it's very similar you're Still seeing very accurate kind of Multi-frequency multi-band mode that's Kind of what it was using these watches In mostly Um And that you know still offers a similar Kind of hit in terms of battery life but Also if you want that accuracy garmin's Got a multi-pound sport in General on The kind of newer four runners on the Phoenix the epics is very very good in Comparison to some other kind of dual Band modes that you're getting out there And those kind of core metrics uh the Level of trading analysis the Presentation the training analysis I Think is really nice I think now while We're getting things like Hill school And endurance score which will come to The Phoenix 7 and the same with kind of The mapping features that you're getting So split screen relief shading Kind of weather overlays which sits Outside of the tracking Um side of things then You know it's it it's going to feel very

Consistent across these two watches Right now you're getting those on the 7 Pro but ultimately you are going to get Those things on the Phoenix 7 as well And in terms of my experience of using Those features they haven't drastically Changed or altered how I've used these Watches over my testing Um other seven previously I think it's Quite nice to have the hill schools and Endurance schools and you're starting to Build up your training and it's packaged And presented in a nice way to pull in All those kind of other metrics that Garmin promises to track Ultimately it hasn't changed how I've Used the watch I think the mapping Features are quite nice Um to have probably a little bit of a Work in progress in terms of integrating It into the you know entire tracking Experience as well but Um they're not being features that have Massively changed how I've used these Watches and then yeah you've got that Flashlight Um which you didn't have on the Phoenix Uh seven you only had that on the 7x and If that's something that you want it Does feel like a good sort of light to Use if you're running and you're out at Night you're running a lot on your own And obviously this is an outdoor watch And maybe you are going to be using it

Over a few days then From that point of view it can be a Useful feature and it's very Customizable as well and I think that's A nice thing that garmin's really Kind of really made this well integrated Into using the watch and using it when You're kind of running or doing other Activities so from that point of view All pretty solid things like Smartwatch Features all those things are all pretty Consistent across these two watches as Well and then you get into Battery life and I think you know from The 47 millimeter point of view Comparing the two watches the numbers Are pretty much similar obviously you've Got that power Glass Lens or both of These if you go for those kind of more Expensive versions of these watches I Know I would because I think obviously You go standard you don't get topo maps Uh titanium bezel and give that kind of Higher quality design And I think for the battery performance They're both very very good and when you Kind of drop into those kind of lower GPS modes it really pushes things a lot Further but ultimately the battery Performance whether you're using that Multi-band mode whether you are going to GPS mode whether it's day to day the Drop off overnight with the things that Are being monitored it's pretty much

Consistent identical I haven't seen a Big enough jump on the Phoenix 7 Pro to Say oh okay this is there's a there's Massive improvements here so I would Take my battery point of view it's going To be feel very similar so yeah A lot of very familiar characteristics About the Phoenix 7 Pro and the Phoenix 7 I think the main things to take away Is obviously you are getting all those Kind of software extras which are going To come to the Phoenix 7 You are getting that flashlight and all Of the models including the faulty seven Millimeter version that I've had and Then it's improved display I can't say Personally that I felt it's been Massively improved Um I'm not sure what massive Advantage You're going to get there compared to The Phoenix 7 so I think if they were Hoping or had issues with the Phoenix 7 Screen which I don't think there's any Issues with personally in those kind of More challenging kind of visibility Conditions then from my my point of view It's pretty much the same in terms of What you're getting on the 7 Pro [Music] Third for me then is pretty Straightforward on these These are both Excellent running watches particularly If you're going on Wilder Adventures Multi-day runs and Ultras

However if you've got a phoenix 7 don't Bother upgrading there's not enough new Here to Warrant it in my opinion if You're new to the Phoenix and you're Choosing between the older seven and the New 7 Pro I'd really recommend looking for a Cheaper older Phoenix 7 model but if you Can get one of the solar Sapphire Options so you get multiband GPS and That flashlight So my verdict between the two watches to Be honest there's not much in it I think A flashlight is cool is it enough to Make me upgrade if I had a phoenix 6 or You know like a older Phoenix on my Wrist Probably not I'd probably wait for the Phoenix 8 because I feel like Garner Releasing watches so quickly at the Moment something big must be coming soon And I don't think this is enough of a Change I don't think you'd notice enough Of a difference personally if I were Shopping and I was deciding between the Phoenix 7 and The Phoenix 7 Pro I'd Probably go for the Phoenix 7 just Because you'll get it for a lot cheaper But if budget isn't an option then sure Go for the flashlight it is a handy Feature go for the latest heart rate Sensor because undoubtedly you know it Is it is more accurate is better Otherwise they wouldn't have changed it

But there's not a lot in it you won't be Disappointed with either watch I'd say The older Phoenix 7 is the better pick From these two watches and then there Are some minor upgrades with the 7 Pro Range but there's nothing too compelling That really makes its case of saying you Need to spend the extra on the newer Watch especially if you can find a good Deal on the older Phoenix 7 watches I Say only I would say when looking at Those older watches is I would try and Find the sapphire model so you get the Multiband GPS which I have found to be Really excellent at all of going into Watches the only reason I can maybe see To upgrade if you had the seven was Desperation for that flashlight which is Handy at times but then if you really Are that desperate you probably already Bought the Phoenix 7x with a flashlight And then the improved Optical heart rate Track and if you are someone who just Uses Optical heart rate tracking you Will see a benefit in the newer watch I Do think it's a bit more accurate same Time you could easily just buy a strap Or an armband and get better at even Better heart rate that way for less it's So yeah it's a marginal update if you if You have the Phoenix 7 already I'd Certainly stick with it if you're Looking at buying a phoenix watch now I Would look for a deal on the Phoenix 7

Rather than going for the pro watch just Because it's so close between them of All the software coming to the older Watch and the running experience being Just really similar between the two Watches uh during my testing I really Didn't notice much of a difference Between them okay so we get to verdict Should you go for the Phoenix 7 Pro or The Phoenix 7 now I think we're probably All going to be in the same boat in Terms of what we say about this here is That These are both very good Phoenix watches These are both very expensive watches You know I think people know that when They're looking at a phoenix watch now In terms of what I would go for knowing Now what I've tested and what the Differences are what things are going to Come to the Phoenix 7 I would be going for the Phoenix 7. the Things like the heart rate sensor and The flashlight haven't been integral to My experience it's the same thing with The kind of some of the metrics and Extra software features and the software Features are coming back to the Phoenix 7 I think those are the most interesting Things for me then I would be game for The Phoenix seven performance wise Tracking wise batchy live performance I've all felt very very similar so I Think if it was me and obviously the

Phoenix 7 is going to be less money I Would go for the Sapphire version the One the version that will get you those Kind of extra kind of mapping features And then that's what I would go for Personally unless you want that Flashlight unless you want those Software features here right now then go For the pro but I don't think there's Enough there for me personally outside Of if you are planning to kind of run a Lot at night and you do find the idea of Having that flashlight there outside Probably having one on your phone And not having to reach your phone then Great then that would be a good reason To go for it but everything else I think Is there and thereabouts and I think as I said the software feature is going to Roll down to the seven so for me I would Be going for the Phoenix 7 Um it will save you some money still Gonna be expensive but go for that kind Of version that will give you those uh Kind of extra map but I think the bezel The titanium bezel kind of gives it that Nicer quality but also keeps the weight Light as well And that would be the one I go for go For the Phoenix 7 Pro if you want the Flashlight if you feel like maybe you Want a little bit more accuracy in terms Of the heart rate monitoring but I don't Think it's a massive jump on from the

Previous kind of uh garment sensor on The Phoenix 7. So there you have it that's been our Head to head of the new Garmin Fenix 7 Pro and the Phoenix 7. we hope you found It helpful in making your decision Between those two watches as ever if you Have any questions hit us up in the Comments below we'll always Endeavor to Answer as many of those as we can if You're interested in how these watches Compare to the other garmins there's Lots of videos on the channel right now And coming up that compare the Garmin New Kevin Garmin 7 Pros to All Sorts so Check those out don't forget to like And Subscribe also that really helps us keep Making videos like this otherwise we Hope to see you again soon on the Run Testers and happy running everyone good Luck with whatever it is that you're Trying to do out there go get it