The Phoenix 7 Pro range offers a choice Of case sizes including 42 47 and 51 Mils and their emit LCD touch screens in 1.2 1.3 and 1.4 inches depending on Whether you go small regular or X There's also the option for more durable Sapphire glass and titanium models now All models of the 7 Pro also have Garmin's best-in-class multiband GPS but The cut to the chase summary for what's New on the Phoenix 7 Pro balls down to This new screen new sensors and a Smattering of new features starting with The screen there's a new memory and Pixel MIP display that's supposed to Leach less juice and improve legibility In indoor light sensor-wise there's a New Elevate generation 5 Optical heart Rate sensor with a new LED array and a New algorithm to turn the inputs into Hopefully more accurate outputs the big New features include a new Hill score That tells you how good you are at Running up lumps there are two readouts Here Hill endurance measures performance Over gradual sense heel strength Measures efforts on shorter steeper Climbs mashing those two up creates your Hill score as a number