Win A Spot At Berlin Marathon 2024

The Berlin Marathon is fast approaching and our very own @allrounderfitness is heading out to run, which the rest of us are not at all jealous about. If you like the idea of running the world’s fastest marathon next year, you can win a spot for you and a friend by running a virtual 5K, 10K or half marathon on 24th September and tracking it on the adidas Running app.

Nick and Kieran will take on their virtual events on the 24th while Tom sweats it out on the streets of Berlin in the real thing.
We’ll post tips for your virtual runs ahead of the big day, along with our target times to give you something to shoot at on the 24th.

To enter the competition:
???? Head to the community section of the adidas Running app (there’s a link in our Bio)
???? Sign up for your preferred distance.
???? Use the adidas Running app to track your run at any time between midnight and 11:59pm on the 24th September (local time).
???? Once you’ve logged your run, you can sign up for the raffle for the chance to bag two 2024 Berlin bibs.
And don’t forget to post your run pics and tag us in. We’ll be sharing your successes.
Happy running people.

Hit the link to find out more…

Listen up you're going to want to know This the Adidas running app has giving You the chance to win a spot at next Year's Berlin Marathon all you have to Do is join the Run testers in running a Virtual 5K 10K or half marathon on Sunday the 24th of September and log it In the Adidas running app now I'll be Running the virtual half marathon on the Day my top tip for conquering a solo 21k Is to think really carefully about your Run goals and choose a route to match Now if you're chasing a Time an out and Back can be easier to navigate aim for a Route that avoids too many Road Crossings so you don't have to stop Things like River paths part paths Canals and Forest Trails will all work a Treat now if you're worried about how to Manage water and fueling then running Smaller Loops can also be really good For organizing your own Aid stations Parks with a car park are one option you Can go to the car boot routes that pass Cafes for another you're not chasing a Time plotting a route that takes in Local landmarks and points of interest Can also turn your half marathon into a Mini Adventure Tour on two feet but Wherever you decide to run good luck Don't forget to track your run in the Adidas running app and enter the raffle For the chance to win that Berlin Marathon place