Here’s some history behind the iconic Air Jordan 1 Royal colorway. From 1985 to 2023 there’s been quite a few different Royal Air Jordan 1’s released. Which Jordan 1 Royal is your favorite? #shorts

Huge shout out to Impossible kicks for Sending these sneakers our way the Royal Colorway is a cult classic and is Closely associated to Michael Jordan Even though he never wore them on court But let's jump back in time a little bit And find out why in 1985 Sports Photographer Chuck Khan took a photo of Jordan rocking them with a sleeveless Royal blue and black flight suit this Picture became one of the first Jordan Posters fast forward to 16 years later They saw their first retro in 2001 this Shoe then hibernated for 12 years to Make its return once again in 2013 let's Not forget another take on the Royal Colorway the AJ KO that Jordan brand Dropped in 2014 but in 2017 Nike Promised a remastered quality which Means they try to construct it as close To the original as possible the reports Are in the community has spoken you Can't go wrong with the 2017 Royals Where do these reimagine Royals rank on Your list from the previous drops let us Know in the comment section down below