The Hoka Cielo Road is Hoka’s new shoe built for racing, packing a PEBA-based midsole like the Rocket X2, wrapped up in a lightweight design that’s pitched at 5km to 10km race distances.

Tester Mike headed to Brighton to join fellow Tester Tom to tackle Brighton & Hove Parkrun to see what the Nike Streakfly rival is made of.

(Thanks to SportShoes for providing us with the review sample used in this video. You can find out more about the Hoka Cielo Road here We do not earn affiliates from this link.)

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03:04 – The Run Test

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Foreign Testers I am in Brighton at the moment I Am preparing to do a little Park crime Action with Mr Tom Wheatley Um I'm going to be testing this shoe That is the Hawker Cielo road so this Literally turned up with me yesterday uh So this will be my first run in it and So obviously this is Hawkers kind of Racing flat style shoe um it's got a Three minute millimeter drop it weighs In at kind of less than 250 grams I Think it's 213 grams um stated on Because website haven't been able to Wait yet Um it's got I kind of really light kind Of Um mesh upper it's got the paper base Midsole foam similar to what we saw in The rocket X2 and it's just going to be A shoe that's designed to kind of run Very quick it's kind of designed for Racing kind of shorter distance it's a Bit like the Nike Street fly I guess uh Something like that that kind of Category so yeah as I said I haven't run In it before this will be my first run Looking forward to kind of trying it out See if I my legs can handle it Um and yeah just have a little go so uh Yeah I've got that I've got the Garmin Instinct 2x on as welcome test at the Moment I'll do a kind of initial kind of Thoughts video on that up on my channel

In the next few days but mainly it's About this shoe seeing what this kind of Handle kind of 5K at my relatively Quicker quick pay say not my quickest at The moment but I can still kind of get a Little bit of speed out there so yeah We'll see how we get on we'll catch up With Tom uh later on as well and uh yeah So we get on with the Hawker Cielo Road Foreign Thank you Around Here All right Brighton and how apart from my First one Tom how many times have you Done that that one only a couple of Times but I did a lot of them yeah so I Actually was meant to be doing one of my Club I went to the wrong Ryan park run But it's all good I still did get to Test out a shoe do my first Brighton Park run it was quite nice it was it's a It's a tough one it's was it two and a Half two and a half two and a half two And a half lapsulating a short kind of Shorter first lap and then some couple Of Hills back on there the last two laps Um I did 20 35 36 something like that so Pretty happy with that in terms of where I am and why running at the moment uh How did you get on some 1815 I did want A PB I did want a net sub 18 but it's Too hard of course to do it so I'm gonna Find somewhere flat again

Uh what shoes were you uh out in today I Was in the soccer league endorphin Elites which I'm trying to decide if I'm Going to wear for Berlin I wasn't a big Fan of them remember testing them about Oh well we need to be testing about six Or seven months ago yeah yeah I wasn't a Big fan of them then I did a half Marathon I'm just testing the water with him at The moment just to see if I if you know They've got a bit more comfortable for It since since the last time I wasn't Yeah I don't know I was in the Hawk Casino Road uh it was a strange strange Name for us um but uh that was my first One of them racing them uh they Definitely fell I would I'd say so we Jogged up Um up to the start of the race and Something I noticed which is some of the Notes of the rocket X2 is that a little I thought it was going to be a little Bit of heel rubbing at the back of the Back of my ankle but it seems that it Didn't seem to be an issue when I got When I started racing Um it does feel a lot like the rocket X2 For me Um it's obviously like a lot lower stack So you know it's definitely keeping it a Lot closer to the ground and but it felt Pretty good I mean it's definitely you Know on the aggressive side does remind

Me a little bit of my time in the magic Speed 3 which I've kind of tested Recently I spent a lot of time in but it Felt pretty good I'd say I run pretty Well I mean there was some kind of quite Tough Hills and there's kind of second Laps which was pretty quite challenging For me but Um if on those kind of flatter bits on That course it felt pretty good it felt Quick it feels like a quick shoe it does Feel like a shoe built for shorter Distances which is kind of How It's Pitched anyway I'm not sure particularly I'd want to run a lot of distance and It's not a huge amount of cushioning There but it's just enough I think to Kind of run a little bit further in but Um yeah it felt good so far no major Issues the fit felt all right definitely Is a little bit on the narrow side but Yeah definitely one of those short Distances that I can and that's kind of How Hawkeyes kind of pitching this shoe It's not going to be a shoe for everyone I don't think Um but yeah it felt pretty good so far I'm gonna I'm definitely I think my next Session will probably be a track session Then I think that's kind of the kind of It kind of runs I think it's going to be Well built for as well so all good in That first run happy with the time I did And the Brighton park run that I wasn't

Meant to be doing uh hopefully yeah They all went and got on well Um but yeah that was it I obviously I Had the Garmin Instinct 2x on I'll kind Of I'll kind of share my thoughts on That on my kind of main video Watch Um Yeah there you go that's uh our Hawker Seattle Road Um park run test you know first run test Um thanks to sports shoes for sorting Out the review sample to test out and so We'll have a full review once we've done A lot more of those shorter quicker runs I think mainly uh we'll let you know but Uh yeah I hope you enjoyed the video uh As always like And subscribe and uh yeah We'll see for the next one test this Video see you later guys see ya