The Hoka Cielo Road is a running shoe that is made for racing, particularly at 5k and 10km distances, and feels like Hoka’s answer to shoes like the Nike Streakfly, Adidas Takumi Sen 8 and the New Balance Supercomp Pacer.

Hoka’s packed it with a super thin upper, a PEBA-based midsole like the Rocket X2 and a durabrasion outsole to stand firm when you pick up your pace.

After putting it to the 5K race test, Tester Mike has been upping his mileage in the Cielo Road to find out if this is a standout shoe in Hoka’s collection and one that you definitely need in your rotation.

(Thanks to SportShoes for providing us with the review sample used in this video. You can find out more about the Hoka Cielo Road here We do not earn affiliates from this link.)

00:00 – Intro
00:11 – Price and Key Features
03:11 – How does it Fit?
05:06 – The Run Test
10:22 – Verdict

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Foreign Testers and this is our full review of The Hawker Cielo Road So just very quickly a little thanks to Sports shoes for providing us with a Review sample using this video and in Our first run video as well too now Let's get into the kind of nitty-gritty Of the key details you need to know About the hokko Sierra now the first Thing to talk about here is price and The price is 150 pounds in the UK 160 in The US now pocket is kind of really Dubbing this or touting this as a kind Of road racing flat style shoe design Kind of shorter distance runs maybe 5K 10K pace so you're looking at shoes kind Of at the same category are things like The Nike Street flag things like Adidas Takumi sen as well those are shoes that We've reviewed on the channel already Now in terms of what you're getting here In this shoot you're getting set with That it's extremely light now it's 185 Grams for me in my UK size oh that's What it weighed in for me on my scales We look at this upper it is a fully Recycled mesh upper and you can see and We'll look a bit closer there's a lot of Kind of ventilation here it's very Skinny very very slim not a lot you know A massive amount to it in terms of what You're getting here in terms of that Upper really to give it that kind of

Road racing you know that racing feel Style look in terms of laces pretty Traditional looking laces you are Getting quite a skinny tongue here as Well and it kind of follows that kind of More breathable kind of theme here that You're getting particularly in the kind Of upper here Around the back here you're not getting A massive amount of structure Um in the Hills a little bit kind of Padding inside here to kind of keep Things in place but ultimately it's all About keeping things very low profile Very very thin very skinny to kind of Give you that kind of racing style fill There is some structure a bit further up Here for coming from the mid foot down To the kind of forefoot here to do you Know it can kind of lock you in in the Right places so there are there are some Elements here that give you that kind of Extra kind of support in that kind of Upper department now in terms of You're getting below that you're getting Kind of a three millimeter drop here and We'll put up the kind of um stack like Details as well to give you a sense Where that sits at the hill and the Forefoot you are getting a paper based Midsole uh here as well so similar to What you're getting in the Hawker rocket X2 it does feel pretty similar in terms Of how that feels you just kind of give

It a little bit of a squeeze as well so Or getting something that feels it'll Kind of looks pretty low profile but you Can see at the back of this shoe Particularly the hill there is kind of Still a quite a decent amount of kind of Foam and kind of Stack there as well and You kind of flip down and over to the Outsole and you can see there's kind of A decent amount of kind of rub up here And the forefoot and at the heel to kind Of cover those kind of more Um kind of used more regularly used Areas of the shoe there is still some Exposed foam here as well too but it Definitely does look like it's got more Durable elements and I would say Something like the rocket X2 which I've Spent a fair amount of time in as well Too so yeah those are kind of the key Details about the Hawker clro we'll get Into how it fits how it performed in the Run test and whether this is a shoe that You should be buying So getting into fit first now I've had The Cielo Road in a UK size eight and The fit of the shoe does remind me a lot Of wearing the hokka rock X so it's a Similar kind of style upper in terms of What you're getting here something That's very thin very light and Ultimately it's something that's not Very easy to kind of get your foot into But once it's in there it does feel

Nicely locked in particularly kind of What you're getting a midfoot and I Think up front here as well there's Enough space up front of the toes there Might be an argument to maybe go half a Size up here but ultimately I've been Pretty satisfied with the kind of fit I've got here in my UK size as I said It's pretty skinny you've got this kind Of very skinny tongue that you maybe do Have to work a little bit to kind of you Know make sure it's in a good place we Know kind of with those laces as well But normally I found it generally fine For me and I didn't find that it was Moving about too much for me on my runs As I said I think I don't absolutely Love about the shoe I kind of understand Obviously it's very very skinny at the Back here at the hill like so there's a Little bit of padding here inside to Kind of offer a little bit of comfort But ultimately it's very skinny here not A lot of structure here in terms of what You're getting in the hill and I did Find occasionally it did kind of rub a Little bit against the back of my kind Of um heel so that is something to be Aware of it hasn't like stopped me from Running in the shoe but obviously it's Something I've noticed at times and it Was something I noticed in that um Initial kind of first run and park run Uh race test I did with this shoe so

Yeah ultimately I would say based on my UK size eight I do think like a lot of Hocker shoes it's pretty narrow fitting In general the style of this upper does Just dictate how it's going to feel how It's going to hold like a you would Expect a kind of racer style shoe too And it does remind me a lot of the Rocket X2 so for me my UK size 8 I would Say it's been absolutely fine maybe an Argument if you may want a little bit More space in front of the toes to go Maybe half size up but I think Ultimately for me it's an absolute fine And I've been very satisfied with the Foot I've got on the hokus yellow Road Okay so into that run test and obviously After that first run that I did with it The kind of park run kind of 5K test I Did in it and that was kind of at my Closer to kind of 5K race Pace I've done Some kind of more some kind of shorter Runs I've done some interval stuff I've Done some track sessions with it as well I've tried to go longer in it as well Kind of over an hour in the shoe now Hawker kind of builds this as a kind of Racing shoe one that's really built for Short distances I would say in terms of What I felt here it is a shoe that I Have enjoyed running in I would say that To get the most out of it or to get you Know that nicest thing out of it you do Have to put a lot of the work in them to

Get you know the best out of this shoe Obviously you don't have a plate here I Think you know you do have this kind of Peaba midsole similar to what you get in The rocket extent it does feel a lot Like what you're getting in the rocket X2 as well so you do get something that Feels Snappy does feel it gives you that Kind of stiffer kind of feeling when you Are running a little bit quicker I think When I was running you know doing those Track sessions doing closest kind of six Minute mile power so around that kind of Area it did feel a lot nicer now it Isn't something that kind of I think Blows you away and I don't think it is That kind of real low grounded feel Mainly because you know you're you know Maybe feels a little bit more like that On the around by the toes but I think at The back of the shoe you're still Getting a fair amount of kind of Cushioning a stack there to kind of you Know give you that kind of level of Cushioning to make it one you can run a Little a little bit further in I would Say Um but I felt it was it was most Enjoyable when I was doing those track Sessions that's where I found it most uh Where it came alive and I said I have to You know I felt like I had to put the Work in to get you know the best out of The shoe but when I did it felt

Enjoyable it felt Lively I felt responsive now I haven't run the Street flies to keep me sending shoes Like that Um but I've for me I think you know the Closest I can feel or think about this Shoe is something like that I've used Recently is kind of like the magic speed 3-6 magic speed three which you know it Has that kind of snappier kind of lower Feeling kind of responsive feeling to it But I think with that shoe it probably Has more capacity to go a little bit Longer in the shoe you know you're going To be getting a little bit longer kind Of my Up Tempo Paces but I think Ultimately it has a bit more to it I Think for me you know I personally in That longer run I felt you know and I Was easing off a little bit it felt Quite difficult to kind of run in the Shoe it didn't feel most comfortable but Ultimately that's not what this shoe is Designed for I don't think it's a shoe Too it's kind of ease off in it's built For Speed and that's ultimately where You're going to get the most out of it But that's when I kind of you know Wanted that a little bit more structure At the back of this shoe which I think You know some people are not going to Absolutely love obviously this is here To know to make it feel like a shoe That's built for racing built for that

Short distance stuff but I think for me In that long go run I really wanted Something a little bit more around my Heel to kind of off a little bit more Level of comfort Um and it I just felt that it felt a Little bit harsher and kind of running a Little bit longer in it I think when I Was keeping it down to that shorter Distance you know it felt good you Definitely feel it in your cars feel it In your legs when you are running harder In the shoe but there are there is Something rewarding here in this shoe in Terms of what it can deliver so it's not Got a plate in here it's not got that Amazing pop that maybe you get from Other trainers uh but ultimately and is It you know I found it was fine for Racing uh in that first run I think 5K 10K that I would probably be maxing out At that distance for me personally I Think going longer I think there's Probably better shoes I think also you Look at something like the rocket X2 That can kind of filter down to from Marathon half marathons kind of 5K 10K Kind of Race distance as well and gives You a little bit more in terms of that I Would say protection I think as well in Terms of getting in that shoe But I've like running an issue Um it's been pretty solid overall I just Think as I said you have to put the work

In or be willing to put the work in to Get the best outfit and it does feel Great when you are running much quicker Paces in it I'm just going to notes on The outsole now you know you compare This something inside their rocket X2 is Definitely a lot more rubber here now I Haven't run it in wet conditions I can't Really say what it's going to be like in Terms of those kind of wetter kind of Environments but for me it's been Absolutely fine you know the fact There's more rubber here you can see There's not a massive amount in terms of Wear in terms of the runs that I've done So far whereas I've seen with the rock X2 it's definitely you can notice it a Little bit more But for me the grip has been absolutely Fine as I said I've run in dry Conditions mostly in the issue and it's Been generally absolutely fine I haven't Had any issues in terms of that old soul Performance and I think durability wise It feels pretty good but ultimately for Me it's a shoe you can race in I do Think it's a shoe that's built for kind Of shorter distances that's where I Enjoyed it most I enjoyed it for those Kind of track sessions those interval Sessions those rep sessions I mean is That enough to Warrant buying the shoe Over other shoes if you want a kind of Very Niche kind of you know trainer Up

Tempo kind of trainer Built For Speed Type sessions I mean that's something we Can get into the verdict But ultimately I've enjoyed running this shoe it Definitely feels like to me a short Distance shoe not one that I Particularly want to run massive amounts In terms of distance uh in it but in Terms of the shorter stuff I've done It's felt very very good very Snappy Responsive Lively energetic you just got To be willing to put the work in to get The best out of it Foreign [Music] Road and it is a shoe that I have Enjoyed running in I've definitely Enjoyed running in it when I've done Things like track sessions things like Intervals you know when I've done some Quicker shorter sharper stuff and when I Did that park run uh racing it as well It felt pretty good as well and it felt Lively and the kind of liveliness I Wanted out of it I was hoping to get out Of it is it up though in terms of those Kind of plated you know shoes maybe not It doesn't maybe have the same pop and As I say you do have to really drive Through up into your toes to get the Most out of this shoe I think you look at it I mean I haven't Run the street flyer so I haven't run Into I can't really put it in terms of

Context of those shoes but I have Enjoyed running an issue for my shorter Distances I think I look at things like Other things that are in Hawkers and Kind of collection that are built for Kind of speed kind of more Tempo running The Hocker rocket X2 I would say feels a Little bit more versatile I think you Can run kind of kind of quicker shorter Distances but I think you can go long in That shoe as I think I would struggle You know feeling like I would feel Comfortable running longer in this and It didn't kind of work for me or feel as Good running longer in this shoe I just Don't think it's that's what it's built For and but I do think the outsole is Better equipped for more mileage Compared to the rocket X2 I think it's a Little bit more rubber there just to Kind of give you that sense already and Look at things like the Mac X I almost Wished or hoped maybe the Mac X would be A little bit more like this a bit like The Asics magic Speed 3 is in you know Kind of assets kind of collection where That feels like a speedy Up Tempo daily Trainer this feels like what I thought Maybe the max Mac X would be and that Isn't you know that isn't the same shoe That's definitely something you can ease Off in and run more comfortably in I Don't think it's a shoe it's heavier for Starters it's not a shoe that feels

Fantastic running quicker in and that's It's a shame that this isn't that shoe Isn't more a lot like this and there's Maybe a better mix of these shoes and Maybe going forward that's what we'll Get so I think if hawker's going to Persevere with the CLA Road I would like To see it more in the mold of something Like the magic Speed 3 and how that sits In kind of assets range next to kind of Its top tier kind of shoes you've got Things on the hooker rocket X2 now which Does feel like a kind of stand out kind Of you know shoe for racing and for Marathon day where I think like maybe This could be a shoe that as I said I Thought the Hawker Mac X might have been Where you can you know do a lot of the Similar runs to that rocket XT but in This shoe but maybe give you something That works a little bit more better at Kind of those longer slightly longer Distance as well and you need to go run It you're kind of marathon or half Marathon pace and you get something There that has the kind of life and the Comfort to kind of do that worse I think With this right now it does feel like a Very specialist kind of shoe that I Would use personally To do track sessions to do interval Sessions to do I could probably race in It but would I pick it over some other Shoes that I think can work at that kind

Of short distance for races and things Like the hokko rocket X2 Um for example then possibly not um so I Think yeah it's when you think about it How it kind of price against other shoes That kind of fit in this criteria it's Probably there and there about so I do Think as I said it's a very new shoe I Think it works well for as I said those Shorter distances if that's a shoe that You're looking for you kind of like the Rocket X2 upper with something that Feels kind of similar to it but Obviously doesn't quite give you that Same level of Versatility then this Might be issue for you so if you like The idea of a hockey shoe that has a Similar upper to the Rock x tube is Cheaper you can use the kind of your Short distance running maybe some racing As well kind of 5K 10K maybe pushing a Little bit over that as well then this Is a shoe that can work and does feel Really nice to to run in and to run a Little bit quicker in ultimately I think You know I would like to see where the Cello road goes next as I said I think There's room to make this issue that Sits nicely below the next rocket X2 Um shield and X rocket XU that and Hawker brings out because I think There's a lot to like about this shoe I Think a lot of people enjoy running in This shoe it's just whether it does

Enough to justify spending you know 150 Pounds 160 dollars where maybe there's Other shoes more versatile that can do That already Um too okay so there you have it that is Our full take on the Hawker Cielo now if You've got any questions about the shoe Do let us know in the comments thanks to Sports shoes for providing us with Review sample used in this shoe as Always like And subscribe hit that Little bell to find out about our latest Videos and yeah we'll see the next round Test this video [Music]