The Saucony Endorphin Pro 4 and Hoka Cielo X1 are two top new carbon plate running shoes for 2024, with the Endorphin Pro 4 being a small but impressive update on the Endorphin Pro 3, and the Cielo X1 an exciting new option from Hoka. We like both shoes, but which comes out on top? Mike and Nick give their verdict in this video.

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Saucony Endorphin Pro 4 Review:
Hoka Cielo X1 Review:

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10:53 – Verdict

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Hello and welcome to run testers my Name's Nick and in this video we're Going to be comparing the hoker clo X1 And the sakon Endorphin Pro [Music] 4 the Endorphin Pro 4 and the cell X1 Are two big carbon shoe releases for 2024 the Endorphin Pro 4 is the cheapest Shoe it costs £230 or $225 whereas the Cell is £250 quid or $275 this yellow is the heavier shoe It's 253 G or 8.9 oz in a UK size 9 Whereas endorphin Pro 4 is 233 G or 8.2 O in a uk9 got a 7 mm drop on the hoker And an 8 mm drop on the Endorphin Pro 4 With this yellow X1 you've got two Layers of a pe- based foam that sandwich A winged carbon plate Al you got Decoupled midsole design there with that Huge cutout that separates the two Chunks of foam on one side and a very Aggressive rocker setup on the shoe as Well to really move you for your foot Strike quickly you have a knit upper With a partially gutted tongue and then These slightly stiff and strange laces That hul has put on the shoe not a huge Amount of padding around the Achilles But there is two little strips there and Nothing right at the back it's quite Good Achilles design I always fine with H i don't tend to get too much Irritation then the outsold has actually Got pretty good rubber coverage aside

From the sections where there isn't Really anything there's no foam there's Obviously quite a few cutouts on the Shoe little bit of exposed foam here but In general you've got quite good rubber Coverage on the bottom of the shoe then With the Endorphin Pro 4 you've got a Dual Mido setup with s power run PB foam As the bottom layer that's the foam That's been used on the past generations Of the pro and then the top layer is Power run HG the foam that was Introduced with the Endorphin Elite shoe You got a carbon plate running through Those layers of foam and Sak speedroll Geometry which has been key feature of The Endorphin line of all the shoes nice Rocker you have on the shoe there you've Also got the SRS sock liner in this Latest version of the shoe which Apparently gives you a bit more comfort And bounce you got a lightweight mesh Upper with a gusted tongue little bit of Padding around the hill but again not Too much as these Racing shoes and then A latice rubber out soole with good 4ot Coverage got two strips at the back here A bit of exposed time and again a cutout To keep the weight of the shoe Down so fit for me these both shoes have Generally been very good I've got quite Skinny feet so in terms of getting that Kind of good kind of hold and lock down In a kind of racing style shoe I

Generally don't have many issues but I Would say in terms of these two shoes They definitely do fit a little bit Differently I think with the hakus Yellow X1 is definitely a tighter fit The nature of the upper is a lot kind of Firmer more rigid so it's a bit of a Squeeze to get into and I think it's Definitely the more narrow feeling shoe Ultimately so if you had a wider kind of Foot then I think you might find it a Bit of a squeeze ultimately the lock Down in terms of you're getting there The lacing it's not fantastic you do Have to work a bit harder than you do on The dorphin Pro 4 which I think is more Kind of near to a kind of more Traditional style kind of Upper and fit In general you're going to get a good Lock down for the laces and the tongue I Think you good good amount of space up Front of the toes the the kind of volume You're getting in the upper it's still a Racing style kind of fit but it is Definitely a little bit more Accommodating in Comparison it's not really much in terms Of kind of padding in terms of the Hill Color but ultimately I've had no issues In terms of you know kind of rubbing or Kind of lock down at the hill it's been A similar kind of story with the c x Which has a little bit of internal Padding there so you you're getting a

Good kind of lock down there in support But also you're not getting any kind of Rubbing or I haven't either so I would Say based on my testing I would go true To size what I would say is that the c x One is definitely a bit more of a narrow Fitting kind of ratio compared to the Ulph pro F which is definitely a kind of Erasing narrow kind of fit as well too But it definitely feels a little more Accommodated in comparison to the Hawker Comes to the fit of the two shoes I've Got a uk9 in both with Hoka that's a US 9.5 and with sakon it's a US 10 it's the Same size I've got on both of these Brown shoes across the range and they Both fit me well in that size I tend to Be a us9 .5 or a US 10 so with the UK Size it can go a bit hit and miss Sometimes but Hoke has a slightly Smaller fit if you're looking at the UK Sizing but I think it will fit true to Size if you're looking at the US sizing It's not actually an exceptionally Narrow shoe either C X1 unlike some of The H shoes but I have narrow foot so I'm not always the best judge of that But I think both of them have pretty Good widths really good hold around the Heand midfoot good amount of room in the Toe boxing the fit of both shoes is Really good with no irritation at the Back of the shoe at all I think the Upper on the S is exceptional it's got

Really nice step- in Comfort to it which Is you know unusual in a carbon plate Racing shoe but they've both got a good Fit in my normal running shoe size for These Brands so I've been using both of these Shoes for some long hard workouts during My marathon training over the past Couple of months and I have enjoyed Testing them both out do think they are Quite different carbon plate shoes Though they have very different feel on The run like something i' obiously Noticed when I was testing them Individually and I did a short run Wearing bow shoes at the same time and It's really apparent that the hoker is The springier shoe for sure the foam on The foot packs more of a bouncy punch And I do think it's got a more Aggressive rocker as well where the Endorphin pro has a little bit of a Firmer feel it feels a little bit Nimbler for sure and you do get that Roll through of the shoe but you don't Get as much Bounce from the Foams used In the in the shoe compared to the Hoka Certainly so Hoka I've absolutely adored Testing I have to say I've done done a Really hard track work out the shoe and Then a 24 Mile as part of my Marathon Train longest run of my marathon Training block starting at an easy pace And moving down towards marathon pace at

The end and basically at any Pace it Felt great on the track I was doing reps You know from 330k down to 310 perk with Quite more recovery and you know it is a Heavy shoe we're going to talk about the Weight obviously with this shoe is a big Thing that comes up a lot but it is so Fast feels so good under F it's got a Really bouncy feeling that aggressive Rocker that actually although it is Aggressive and it feels quick it really Feels good at a wide range of Paces on That you know 24 m i moving from a very Relaxed pace down to I say around Marathon pace done some faster stuff on The track and it always feels really Good in this shoe like you got a big Amount of balce nice flowing ride Through your foot strike thanks to that Rocker and then yeah like I say a big Explosive toe off from all the bouncy Stuff in the shoe shoe you don't really Feel the weight that much I haven't done Yet anyway like I am going to racing the Shoe soon and maybe at the back end of The race you start to start to notice That weight a little bit more but so far It hasn't been something that's really Been a deterrent at all in how much I've Enjoyed using the shoe just because it Is so bouncy and the so I've done a Couple of really big Marathon workouts In and again enjoyed them both it's got A much more I say muted ride compared to

The hoker but you know you could look at That as a negative or a positive it's a Much more natural ride as well people Who want a shoe that doesn't feel too Weird on the foot or don't get on with Maybe overly rockled or bouncy shoes the Endorphin Pro 4 has that more natural Feel while still being very fast and Still having a bit of a rocker there for Sure and the power on HG Pham that's Been brought to the latest version I Think gives you a bit more pop off the Toes a long workout on this year running 10K at 330 a k pace which is gold Marathon pace then straight into a park Run and then another 8K at 330 of a k Pace and yeah it really does the job of A carbon shoe in making those long Workouts and those extended sections at Race Pace feel comfortable and more easy Because you are rolling through your Foot stock very naturally I think it's a Little bit nimbler and more agile than The H of sure you get a bit of an edge If you're going around corners and that Kind of thing doesn't have necessarily The punch in a straight line that you Get from the hoker but it is the Slightly lighter shoe and you do get a Lot from that rocker and the combination Of the Foams in the plate just to make Holding quick Paces feel that bit easier So yeah certainly the run test in both Shoes has been very enjoyable but I

Think the hoker probably has the more Interesting and exciting ride but Whether that translates to being a more Effective racing shoe is hard to tell Because the Endorphin Pro still does Deliver a very efficient ride and is That bit lighter so inside run test I Have done well over 50k in endorphin Pro 4 now I've done kind of 50 miles around 50 miles in the cell X1 that's over two Shoes so the protype version also the Official version that launched as well What I would say first and foremost These are two fantastic shoes these are Two shoes that feel great to run long in I think kind of marathon half marathon Pace for me I'm kind of 730 minute mile Pace kind of below that for kind of half Marathon pace um but I think also the Endorphin Prof for Works a bit better at Shorter distances quicker shorter stuff Where I think you can do that in the X1 As well but I think the the design and The feel of the um Endor Pro 4 just Works a little bit better from that Point of view what I'd say is first and Foremost is the feeling the rides they Are both bouncy but the cx1 is Definitely bouncier it's definitely more Aggressive in terms of that ride in Terms of you know quickly getting you From Hill to toe it definitely feels a Lot more aggressive it's like the alpha Flights that kind of tipto feeling that

You get um on the alpha fight similar to What you get on the clo X1 the Endorphin Pro 4 for me you've got that excellent Speed or geometry which simly is doing a Similar job it's bouncy as well but it's Absolutely not as bouncy as aggressively Bouncy as the C X1 it's definitely more Stable in terms of that feel but you Definitely get a nice feeling when you Are running fast in it and you'll get as I said that speed R geometry makes you Have that trans those quicker Transitions from Hill to toe and it feel Good feels good to run fast in it's not The lightest shoe out there but neither Is a cell X1 but I think both of them They don't feel heavy when you're Running at your quickest and you know From that point of view I felt like the Weights have worked pretty well for me Overall as I said I feel like the Hawker C X1 you can absolutely kind of cruise In that shoe it feels nice to run quick In my legs have always felt good after a Long session in those shoes and I've Never never felt the effects of running In that shoe I think it's a similar Story of the Endorphin Pro four the mid Soole is softer it is still got some Bounce but just not aggressively bouncy Like the yell X1 but it's got a firmer Edge to it because you've got that power Run HG in there as well to to give it That firm and more responsive feel over

That distance but I do think that what That does as well is it makes it feel Like a nicer shoe to run shorter Distances and I think if I was running Shorter races I think I would reach for The Endorphin pro4 over the C X1 as I Said I think it can absolutely work at Those sh distances but I think there's a Bit more in the Pro Four's Locker in Terms of what you're getting when you Are running quicker over a shorter Distance durability wise you know I I Said I've used the C X1 over two Versions but I've put a lot of mileage In them and it's felt absolutely fine From that point of view and I'm not Seeing I'm losing anything from those Shoes in terms of the performance the Pro 4 it's a similar story it was a bit Like the pro three I felt like it held Well I feel like the midso was going to Hold better than the Pro 3 in comparison But I think both of these shoes are Going to have good life I think shoes That you can run a lot in run long in You're going to get good level of Durability you can train in them but Also these are shoes you can run and Race long distances in them as well so Yeah two shoes I've absolutely loved Running in definitely shoes that you can Run fast in they just deliver those Experien slightly differently I think You've got a more aggressive bouncier

Feel on the C X1 I think in Dophin Pro 4 You're getting something that is bouncy But it's stable more accessible easier To get into but also feels great to run Fast in as well at a variety of Distances so I vot whether you get the Dophin Pro 4 or the hus yellow x one Well basically what I would say here is I think these are two great shoes two Shoes I have absolutely loved running in I think it really depends what you want From a kind of Super Shoe I think with The crx1 it just feels as I said it Feels that it's giving you that kind of Alpha feel in terms of that experience Over that distance I think you endorphin Profile absolutely can work at longer Distances as well too but I think maybe It's got a little bit more versatility About it in terms of where you can use It and where it might work best I think Durability wise I think you're going to Get S two shoes that are going to work And going to be able to cover a lot of Mileage in them ultimately the nor Pro 4 Is cheaper from a value point of view Still expensive I think that would be The one to go for if you are just Looking for this kind of fun enjoyable Kind of bouncy as I said that kind of More aggressive kind of feeling in a Super shoe then that's what the cell X1 Is going to get you it's a tougher shoe To get into the up you know the lock

Down takes a little bit more work than Dophin Pro 4 But ultimately what you get In return if it works for you It's a really enjoyable shoe to run in That has a lot going for it and again The Endorphin Prof for as well as I said It really comes down to where your kind Of priorities lie if you want that kind Of really kind of unadulterated fun shoe That can work you know and gives you That really bouncy big bouncy feeling Cx1 if you want that kind of versatile Shoe that works for shorter and longer Distes still gives you that kind of Lovely quick kind of feeling over you Know that kind of Marathon distance as Well and those longer runs and Absolutely endorphin Pro for is the one You should go for and it's cheaper as Well so that's worth keeping in mind Because the C X1 is definitely not a Cheap shoe it comes to the verdict I Really love the h y x one I just love The way it feels on the foot and I Always think if you're really struggling To pick a shoe or not really sure then Just going with the one that feels right Is always the way to go and I do this Shoe does feel right and I think I Prefer it to the Endorphin Pro 4 myself It's a bit more expensive it's a bit Heavier mainly as someone who really Races marathons as my main target races I don't think that' be such a big factor

Because well the price would still be Factor but the weight not so much I Think over the course for Marathon I Don't think it would matter so much to Have that little bit of extra weight for The extra bounce you get from the shoe If you're someone who's looking for a Prably a broader range ratio with one You choose for everything you do a lot More five and 10ks that you you know Really Target and go for then I think The Endorphin Pro 4 probably has a Slightly better range to it as a racing Shoe and it is a lot cheaper but I think If you're looking for That Bouncy Super Shoe feeling the C X1 is the one that Provides it of the two so I think a lot Of people will might just discount the C Based on weight alone but I don't know It's a hard thing to judge but in the Runs I've done with it I do think the Level of Bounce and propulsion you get From it makes up for the slight extra Weight it has compared to a shoe like The Endorphin Pro 4 but that said this Is still a great racing shoe and it is Good value racing shoe as well in the Current market is cheaper than most Shoes including this yellow X1 would Have no hesitation saying grab the Endorphin Pro 4 especially if you don't Like overly squishy and rocked shoes Because the C X1 is certainly those Things this has a more natural feel is a

Bit cheaper lighter nimbler still a Great race every distance but I think Certainly at Marathon distance I Definitely would prefer this yellow X1 And at Half Marathon distance as well Then the shorter races you know it's a Bit more of a close call definitely Would come down a bit more to your Preference in ride feel but overall in My verdict I'd give it to the seatt X1 But there's lots of reasons to look at The Endorphin Pro [Music] 4 that's our comparison of the CL X1 and The Endorphin Pro 4 let us know what you Think in the comments below please do Like and subscribe ring the little bell And we'll see you next Time