Hey people, welcome to The Run Testers. In this video Kieran dishes up his first run thoughts on a running shoe collaboration between the super stylish, Paris-based, premium performance running apparel makers, Satisfy and Hoka. We’re used to seeing running shoes tweaked and worn as sneakers. But this shoe goes the other way. It takes the Clifton LS lifestyle shoe – which riffs off the Clifton 8 design – and creates what HOKA calls “an all-terrain trail-ready running shoe.” This collab aims to bring style to your miles. At £180. it’s also right up there when it comes to price. So are you paying for the sharp looks alone? Or is there some substance, too? We took it for a spin to find out. Hit play on our HOKA Clifton LS Satisfy first run review for some early impressions.

0:00 – Intro
0:46 – Details
1:12 – Shoe Whip Round
2:23 – Fit & sizing
3:35 – The Run Test
7:01 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And in this video I'm dishing up my First run thoughts on a running shoe Collaboration between super stylish Paris Bas premium performance running Apparel maker satisfy and hoker now We're used to seeing running shoes kind Of modded over into being used as Sneakers but this hoker Clifton LS Satisfy takes the Clifton LS lifestyle Shoe which riffs off the Clifton 8 Design and creates what hoker calls an Allterrain Trail Ready running shoe now This is a collab that's definitely Aiming to bring style to your m It's also right up though when it comes To price so are you paying for the sharp Looks alone or is there some substance Too I took it out for a spin to find out So watch on for my hoker Clifton LS time Satisfy first run initial Impressions now some quick details and With the Clifton LS satisfi doesn't have A listed stack height but if it's based On the Clifton 8 that's around 27 Ms in The hill and 22 Ms in the for foot for a 5 mil drop they weigh in at 261 G on 9.3 O in my UK men's size 9 test Sho on Price the hoker Clifton LS satisfy com In at £185 in the UK or $225 in the US Clifton LS satisfi is a neutral shoe With balanced cushioning that hocus says Aims to provide a protective ride with a Responsive toe off it's designed around

The Clifton 8 tooling but has some Updates to make it more stylish for that Crossover run and everyday wear Vibe now The satisfy Edition reduces the weight And it replaces some natural materials Such as Suede and leather with Reflectivity and Technical overlays There's lots of stuff here that's been Changed some that I'm not entirely Familiar with including asymmetrical Engineered base mesh translucent Hot Melt print double heel webbing pool Woven tongue webbing and a custom crck Box I have no idea what a crack box is But sounds good but what I do know is You've got a big stack of compression Molded EVA foam and a Clifton style Rocker here up top you've got a custom Cre real jackard mesh with a design That's inspired by topographic maps You've got medium padded heel collars a Thin wrapping tongue there's a smart Lacing system and you also get Reflective molded toe caps and these Double heel pulls here flip them over And you've got a good covering of du Abrasion rubber on the out sole to Provide the durability and Grip so first up a quick word on fit and I actually ran in a uk9 in these shoes They are very tight like really tight Across the top of the foot it's really Hard to get your foot into them it was a Real wrestle to even get them on my feet

And thank God you have those two sort of Heel Loops to help and the loop on top Of the tongue so I literally had to pull With all my might with both of them to Get them in I always struggle with this Kind of quick lacing structure Salamon Shoes exactly the same because I've got Quite a high inep but absolutely I Normally run an 8 and a half in a nine These are still too tight all the way Across the top the toe box is really Really snug it almost kind of feels like It's deadening the foot a bit for me so If you're going to invest in these shoes And you're going to use them for running I I would say you might even want to go A whole size up particularly if you have High in steps or big wide feet like I do So yeah sizing was a bit of an issue Here and yeah it wasn't particularly Enjoyable I guess the one thing I will Say is that I didn't have any heel Slipping or any movement of the shoe in Any way shape or form because my foot Literally cannot move my toes are very Cramped it can't breathe so yeah that Tight fit fit is that problem but it is Very Cramped so for the run test I've just Done 10ks a lot of it on roads some of it on River PS that were quite wet and sloppy Out there basically a 50/50 back in the Car immediately after that first thing

To say a little bit uncomfortable Because of the tight fit didn't make These shoes initially particularly nice To running they have loosened off a bit I've now had them on I had them on a bit Earlier as well as wearing them around The house they have loosened off off a Little bit but there was a lot of kind Of foot numbing that went on and it was A bit deadening initially that coupled With the fact that I think what we've Got here is a compression molded EVA Foam that you'll find on other hocus and It felt very firm initially it did Soften up towards the end of the run but That in combination with the tightness Just made for a slightly uncomfortable Kind of ride under the foot overall or You know feel on the shoe these are not A shoe that disappear on the foot Necessarily immediately and that was Very very clear once I got moving once That foam felt like it softened up and Once I was clipping along you know you Can feel the rocker working here you've Got a pretty much a similar sort of ride To probably a Clifton nine that's going On there is you know some softness I Think mainly coming from the footed Rather than the foam itself what we're Talking about here is a shoe that runs Pretty firm you're relying on the Responsiveness and The Rocker to get you Through you're having to pick up your

Feet nice and Quicken it to get the most Out of it it doesn't feel particularly Forgiving that said once you get Clipping and rolling like I say it's About many other shoes and you're Picking your feet fast it does move Along in quite a light easy fashion Overall you know there's not much coming Back by way of energy I didn't find from The mid soole you're having to do a lot Of the work if you don't mind that then That's absolutely fine you're going to Get that from this shoe they coped with The wet and the mud in terms of grip and Everything you know there is a bit of a More pronounced outo rubber on this and Even though I was in some sort of wet Conditions over on the other side of the River where it was quite muddy and Sloppy they they coped quite well you Know I'm not talking about you know Really slicky mud but just the top Surface was where um so they did that Really nicely as well and for the hour Or so that I've been in the shoes they Certainly became a little bit more Comfortable as the time went on are they My favorite shoes to run in I don't Think so do I think that you know Overall what you're paying for here is That collaboration with satisfy you know It's a brand that they make very nice Premium clothing that is often very Expensive so you're you're basically

Paying for that extra kind of style Points uh would you want to run in them I I don't know really it's one of those Things like these are beautiful looking But you know they're white I've already Messed them up in the mud and yeah if I'm paying for that that design and that Pattern and that styling then maybe not If you don't mind getting a mkey and You're not thinking about that and go For it are they 20 better than some of The other daily trainers that are going Out there I'm not sure they are I've Been running in some really good shoes Recently overall I don't know I think The ride you know I it was fine did the Job that I needed to do I was running at Sort of Paces between you know anywhere Between 8 minute up to 9 and a halfs Maybe a little bit quicker for shorter Spells as well and as I said when you're Moving well and turning over fast you Know it's not you don't need as much Protection perhaps from the ground You're doing all the hard work your feet There's sort of light contact now when You've got that fast clip over and that Quick contact then they they move nicely And they they roll nicely they were Absolutely fine for that I I think as a Sort of shoe that I would use for up to Sort of 10ks they they seem good I'm not Sure I'd go that much longer in them but Then again I'm you know maybe I'm just

Feeling the fit So my verdict on these hoker Clifton LS Times satisfy shoes well it's quite a Hard one because even though I'm wearing A half a size up in terms of the sizing These shoes are very tight on the foot And I think that has affected the way I Feel about the ride of them overall They're just not entirely comfortable And for that reason it's very hard to Sort of recommend them um the ride Though underf foot okay not my favorite Sort of daily shoe I they're very firm I Do like a firmer shoe which is kind of Fine if you like that sort of thing That's going to you know they're Definitely going to offer that in Spades You know apart from the sizing I didn't Really dislike the ride underfoot There's good roll through from The Rocker they clip along niely there's a Decent bit of response but I just don't Think that I would pay the extra 20 for Them I think there are much better shoes That offer more Versatility I'm not sold by The Styling On them either that's not really Something I look for in a pair of shoes I know that I've got these mud already If you are somebody though who really Cares about having those kind of style Details and you're looking for a shoe That you might be able to wear you know As a fashion statement or a style

Statement and then cross over into a bit Of running where it's going to be Largely clean then these shoes probably Offer something because you know there Is some difference in the detailing of The uppers and The Styling and all of That kind of stuff but that's just not My thing I want to Sho it's going to run Well and although they do run okay They're not the best run that I've had This year by any stretch in a daily Trainer and I probably just wouldn't Recommend paying that extra 20 unless You really really really want that extra Kind of satisfy styling and detailing so There you have it that has been my first Run in the hoker Clifton LS time satisfy Shoe hope you've enjoyed it if you have Any questions on this please hit me up In the comments below don't forget to Like And subscribe if you subscribe it Really helps us keep creating this Content I say it over and over again but It means a lot to us because yeah it Just means that we can carry on putting Out the reviews doing the testing and Hopefully bringing you use videos we Always appreciate you guys checking in And spending time with us so thank you Very much for watching if you made it This far big thumbs up otherwise hope to See you again soon on the Run testers And happy running good luck with all the Things that you're trying to achieve out