Hey people, welcome to The Run Testers. In this video Kieran takes the HOKA Mach 6 for a fresh-out-the-box 10km first run race test at the London Winter Run 10km.

The HOKA Mach 6 has some big updates including a new supercritical EVA midsole, modified uppers and new outsole rubber. So does it stack up to a winning combination? And improve on the already excellent HOKA Mach 5?

Hit play for our HOKA Mach 6 race test review. And what we made of the London Winter Run 10km.


0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Details
1:39 – London Winter 10km
3:43 – HOKA Mach 6 Fit
5:10 – HOKA Mach 6 Race Test
6:40 – Race Test Verdict

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Hey people the Run testers are on the Ground at the London winter run 10K Where I'm going to be running entirely On field today but giving it full beans To see where I'm at on route to the Manchester marathan in April got uh Nelson's colum behind me there now I'm Also lucky enough to be lacing up some Exciting new shoes to test for you I've Got the brand new hooka Mac 6 on my feet They are fresh out the box this morning They might not be your first choice for A kind of balls out 10k race but the Mac 5 were a pretty nippy shoe and it's Going to be very interesting to find out How these hold up when I'm pushing the Pace so while I head off down to the Start here's some details I recorded Earlier about what's new with the Hooka Max 6 let's have a Look some quick details on the new Mac 6 Then and the stack height comes in the Same as the Mac 5 with 37 Ms in the hill 32 Ms in the 4 foot in the men's that's 3530 in the women's for a 5 mil drop on Both Weight Wise it comes in 8.1 o or 230 G in my UK men's 8 and a half Testo That's a shade lighter than the Mac 5 on Price they are $140 in the US and £140 In the UK now then a really rapid look At the key design bits and the big news Here is the fact that mids sole has been Swapped sorts proly plus foam for a Single layer of super critical Eva that

Hokus says he there to create a more Responsive ride up top you've got creal Jackard mesh uppers you've got medium Padded heel collars you've got a nice Wrapping gusseted tongues here and flip Them over and they've also added some Strategic rubber out so that replaces The exposed Eva you had on the last gen Some people complain in terms of Durability so that should make that much More longlasting and protected that kind Of midso rubber and provide extra grip As Well so quick word on the London winter Run 10K then I think it had around 27,000 runners or something so it's a Busy old Central London plot that starts On Trafalga square and then takes in Some of London's top sites heading out East and then via quite a twisty turny Route Loops you back to finish on White Hall right outside the prime minister's House number 10 Downing Street well okay Not right outside but you know it's Close enough it's on White Hall and Rishy Sun can probably hear all the Crowds cheering as they come home now I'm busy training for the Manchester Marathon in April with Adidas so this Was a sort of staging post for me on the Way a good chance to see where I'm at From my training I've not raised to 10K Since about 2018 where I set my PB of 3748 as I've been doing recently I

Decided to run this one entirely on Field I wore two watches I covered them Both and I find running this way gets You the time you deserve not the one you Think you deserve so I set the pace by How I feel I think it's a really nice Way to make sure that you don't blow it You're not chasing a pace that you think You can hit you're just getting what Your body's going to give you on the day Now this is a busy race and the first Mile was very very hectic it required a Lot of weaving that wasn't great but It's a nicely flat kind of Route overall With one mile sort of gentle downhill to The finish it was very welcome it is Twisty and turny so maybe not a natural PB course but there's great energy about This there's good crowds it's a bit like The London landmarks half follow some of The same route and it has some of those London Marathon vibes from sort of Crowds out on the streets and all of That so I liked it overall happy race It's well organized in the main aside From the fact they let three waves Mingle at the start which didn't help For that sort of hectic overall feel but I think if you're looking for a fun 10K Full of support and crowds beginners to To to races then this one is a good one To have a look at now I ran well out There in the hok Max 6 I ended up Clocking 3746 which if you were

Listening a moment ago you'll realize That that is a 2C PB counts right I Think it counted I ran negative split so I was very happy with that I've got lots Of work still to do but this bods well For the Manchester Marathon by the way Drop me a comment if you're racing Manchester maybe we'll get to say hello Up there anyway enough about the race And how I got on I know you're all here To find out how the Max 6 performs so We're on to that Next so when it came to the fit of the Shoes ran in the uk8 and a half which is My regular running shoe size for hokers First thing I would say is when you First put these on like a lot of Hocus They feel quite narrow quite snug quite Tight in the sort of toe box box that Did loosen off at the end of the race They feel much better now so after That's my first run in them they were Fresh out the box this morning initially I thought maybe I would sort of question Whether not I go half a size up in them Now they kind of feel okay I think if You want a bit roomy you might want to Have a look at the wide fit or if you Like it a bit roomy I consider going Half a size up if you're thinking of Using them for longer distances more Time on feet more hours then I would Definitely look at maybe going half a Size up but they've got a nice dialed in

Race feel for that 10K I've just done But yeah so I might stick to but if you Want a bit more room go half size Up So that is the winter 10K done just done That in the Max 6 I'm not sure what my Time is I ran it all on field but these Shoes they felt great for that kind of Distance they're obviously not as Lively As you'll get from a carbon racer so There probably wouldn't be your ideal Sort of 10K RAC Sho but these can handle Speed work Tempo work I've just run Probably I know it's going to be sort of Six or faster minute miles which is you Know that's a good sort of uh good speed Work for me out there and I mean that's Pretty much all out for me 10K Pace at The moment they held up really well There's really good ground contact you Can feel that rocker working nicely good Protection on the road not too much Harshness coming up through though they Are a little bit more direct like the Old ma 5S felt but I think the rocker's Really helped and as I always say in These videos what I like is a shoe that Feels nice and precise with your foot Landing a lot twisty turny bits out There on this course and those shoes Handled all the corners really well the Grip was good and you had a nice Reliable foot landing and then roll Through and Tow off they've got a really

Good bit of tow spring going on there There's a good bit of stiffness and They've done a good job out there be Interested to do some more testing in Them but yeah as every I'm off back to Uh get my head together and I'll do a Wrap when I get back to the office so I've just met Jazz the end how did you Get on Jazz 3957 I think went did the Vapor fly 3 today how did they go they Were good I mean first time I'm wearing These ones I've already got a pair um I'll be honest I think I pr the VAP fly 2os but these are still really really Good but hey you know they got me a p What Say so then a quick word now I'm back Home and I've regained my composure now I was a bit dubious about racing in the Max 6 it's probably not a shoe that you Choose to go and do you know an allout Blast out race 10K but it performed Really well and I'd definitely be happy Using this for my uptempo training on Where I've got to push those faster Paces now my legs didn't feel battered The day after yes I was tired but they Weren't that kind of rinse that you can Have if you've got shoes that are quite Harsh now I'd say the Mac 6 builds Nicely on the Mac 5 but it adds a bit More energy from that midsole I'm dead Keen to do a side by side of this and The macx to see how they compare because

I feel they're now even closer on that Performance than they were before now if You're a regular Watcher of the channel You'll know I like a firmer rocker ride But with some protection and some punch In the mid and I think that's what You're getting here from the Hoka Max 6 This is an energetic shoe nicely Responsive and based on first run Impressions I think a lot of people are Going to like doing some of the faster Training in it but as ever there will be More testing to follow and we'll Reserve Full judgment until we do the full Review so there you have it that has Been my first run race test of the new HX 6 hope you found it informative and Helpful don't forget to like share maybe Even subscribe if you enjoyed it that Much ring the bell too so you'll hear When our Max 6 review and all those Important head-to-heads hit the channel That's the way that you find out by Ringing the bell if you're interested in Daily trainings I'm popping up a video Now that looks at one of my other Favorites right Now otherwise thanks for watching we Hope to see you again soon on the Run Testers and in the meantime happy Running people