So I've done about 45k in the hook Mac X Ahead of the Embargo across four runs That fitted very neatly into the daily Training category I've just done two I've done two just completely easy runs Nice Flex runs and a couple of Progression runs one fairly relaxed Short one moving from easy to steady Paces and then today I went out and did A harder heart rate based progression With 15 minutes in high threshold heart Rate zones at the end of the run there To test out its chops as a speedy daily Trainer it is a versatile shoot for sure It does a great job especially at the Easy end of things I've really enjoyed Just plodding around in the shoe I think It's really comfortable quite supportive Four issue with a lot of tech going on In the midsole it feels quite balanced And stable and protects the body well on Easy runs the film issue actually hasn't Changed as much as you might expect or I Expected from the uh hokomac 5 you know You've got all this fancy Tech in the Midsole but it's still very much a Rockered smooth riding shoe rather than One that I think is particularly bouncy Or propulsive get a bit more punch off The toes from the plate than you get With the Mac X but the shoe is not very Soft and Squishy on the foot like I say