The Hoka Mach X and Puma Deviate Nitro 2 are both plated training shoes that use dual-density midsole with PEBA-based foams on top. They also have similar stack heights and intended uses, but the ride feel is very different with the pair. In this video Nick talks through the pros and cons of each and gives his verdict on which he thinks is the better shoe.

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02:33 – How’s The Fit?
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06:08 – Verdict

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Hello the Run testers my name is Nick in This video we're going to be comparing The Puma DV8 Nitro 2 and the Hoka Mac X [Music] The Mac X and the DV8 Nitro 2 are two Super trainers plated training shoes That have a lot of similarities on paper But end up with quite different results In how they approach the genre of shoe The hooker is the more expensive shoe it Cost 160 pounds or 180 dollars the Puma Deviate Nitro 2 is 145 pounds or 160 Dollars hope is slightly lighter it's Just 265 grams or 9.3 ounces in my UK Size 9 whereas the humidity at Nitro 2 Is 276 grams or 9.7 ounces also in uk9 Or the hokumac X has a five millimeter Drop and the deviate nitro2 is an eight Millimeter drop a puma is 38 millimeters Of a heel over 30 of the forefoot Whereas the Mac X has different stack Heights for men and women the women's is 37 millimeters at the heel with 32 at The forefoot whereas the men's is 39 at The heel at 34 at the four foot two two Trainers with similar stack Heights with Dual density midsoles with peabophobes Involved but like I say they're pretty Different in how they feel on the foot Puma has the more traditional design Despite all the modern tech in it you've Got dual density midsole with a layer of Nitro Elite on top which is a nitrogen Infused bieber-based foam and then

You've got Nitro underneath which is a Nitrogen fused tpe foam so so both fancy Foams but the pivot layers on top and Then you've got a power plate running Through it which is a 70 carbon and 30 TPU plate but lightweight upper with Some power tape and certain areas to add A little bit of structure to the shoe a Bit of cushioning at the back there Which gets rid of the heel rub problem That we had with the original DV8 Nitro Then you've got a puma grip outsole Which is a fantastic outsole nice thick Layer really good grip throughout the Shoe you've got Puma grip ATR at the Heel sections which promises even more Grip and durability and even though There is a fair bit of exposed foam We're cut out there you've got a lot of Rubber on the shoe to boost its Durability the Mac X also has a dual Density midsole the profly X midsole Setup here is a Piva layer on top and Then the EVA foam underneath these big Side walls of foam to help create Stability with the shoe and a more Pronounced rocker shape than you have on The cube issue and then the shoe is Plate running through it to add the Stiffness and pop you expect from a Plated shoe the Jacquard mesh upper with A little bit of cushioning around the Back there and then you have got an Outsole with the Mac X which you didn't

Have with the mac5 it's fairly thin and Smooth layer that covers most of the Forefoot and the heel there with again Big cut out in the middle like on the Puma to reduce a little bit of weight [Music] Foreign UK size 9 has worked well with both of These shoes but they translate Differently in different sizes the Puma Is a us10 the hooker is a US 9.5 Um I think the Hoka maybe is a slightly Tighter fit but overall they both fit me Well in my normal size for these Brands So that's what I'd say stick to or to Stick to your General Normal running Shoe size I would note that these are Both pretty narrow issues I'd say I have A narrow foot it's not always easy for Me to ascertain how narrow they are Because they do have quite a narrow foot And they fit me really well but they are A little bit more tight in that area Than other shoes so something to be Aware of Thank you so these are two plated Training shoes that are built to handle Quite a lot of different runs but gears Slightly more towards speed on on paper At least but really in the real world I Do think they both work out quite well As all rounder shoes that can handle a Nice mix of daily training if you do you Want to use a plated daily trainer a

Hoka despite being lighter on paper is Noticeably bigger on the band of humor And less Snappy it's got more of a Rolling ride to it you don't get a lot Of Squish from the Peter midsole I found Running in the shoe it is much more About that smooth Rocket Ride with a Little bit of pop off the toes from the Foam and the plate combining there but Overall it feels quite big on the foot I'd say I really liked it for rolling Around easy miles it feels more stable Than the Puma and comfortable and easy To just get into a relaxed rhythm with And run out easy Paces but then when it Did come to faster runs where you'd hope It would shine as a plated super trainer It felt good but not great like it Doesn't feel like a shoe it's very easy To transition to high Paces in it's more That you've got to get into some kind of Rhythm of it and let the rocker roll you Forward and get a little bit of Pop of It you don't get a nice Snappy ride and A big amount of squishing and bounce From it so I found running fast in it Okay but it did feel quite big and not That sprightly on the foot the Puma has A more traditional ride it has got a Snappy ride through there's a little bit Of a rocker going on but not really it's More about that Snappy feel and the Foams it's a little bit softer to me Especially at the heel I think you do

Get a little bit more sink into the top Layer on the puma and a little bit more Back from it as you transition through The stride and in general despite being The uh heavier shoe altitude it feels a Lot nimbler and fast to me when I do Want to work the pace I've done a good Range of fast runs in this shoe Including like Tempo 10 mil of done Taking it down the track done some reps At different ranges and despite being a Fairly weighty shoe for a speed shoe uh It doesn't feel like that on the foot it Feels fast it's also a shoe that I find Comfortable to use to hold good Paces For long distances and I do think it's Better than the Pokemon X when it comes To fast runs or really any type it's Also a pretty good easy day it's got a Nice high stack the Foams are quite Comfortable you can roll around in it You've got really good grip if you want To take your easy runs off-road I do Prefer the hooker I think for those easy Runs I find it a little bit more Comfortable and enjoy the rocker on it There whereas the snap you get from the Puma I find a little bit fatiguing on Just easy long runs I prefer using it For fast stuff but I think a lot of People will like it for every kind of Run but it does feel like a plated shoe For those easy runs but actually I do Think the Mac X the plate isn't that

Noticeable to me when I am rolling Around at easy Paces which is I think a Good thing because it feels a little bit More comfortable on the outsole there's Definitely a win for the Puma here I've Raved about Puma grip in the past I Think anyone who's tried their shoes is Really impressed with it and it does Grip very well on wet and dry Pavements Enjoy taking the shoe onto the light Trails as well they've used it for Sessions on things like a canal Tory Path because it does give you that Flexibility to dive onto those kind of Light Trails whenever you feel like it Because you are getting such good grip And durability underneath well as the Mech X hasn't exactly impressed me with Grip but the first one I did it was on Like greasy Pavements after a little bit Of rain in the summer and it did slip a Little bit and so I think the outside is Okay but it's just okay whereas I do Think the Puma DD nitro2 is a very good Outsole that and it is a selling point When comparing the two The overall of the two shoes I prefer The Puma dd8 Nitro 2 myself I prefer the Ride for fast runs I like it fine for Easy runs as well but you've got a Really good outsole and it's a bit Cheaper than the Mac X I think it's very Easy shoes to recommend to pick up and Use because it has got a fairly

Traditional feel and just works I think It's a bit of a theme actually with Puma's training range in general they're All good shoes they all work well They're comfortable they can be fast They're comfortable enough to go slow They get a good outsole decent upper Yeah it all just works quite well at a Good price the Mac X I think is a good Shoe but I don't know it just doesn't Work for me that well at fast Paces I Normally really like a rocket ride but I Enjoy the Mac X cruising around in but Didn't find it really that responsive And fast and I do want about the pace And that is really what the shoe should Be good at I think as a super trainer Pretty high priced plate in there dual Density midsole phones it doesn't really Add up to be more than the sum of all Its parts I do think it's a more stable Shoe than the Puma though I think it's Comfortable if you want to go into easy Runs but if you're looking for these two Shoes you're not looking for a kind of Cruisy easy running shoe you can get Loads of those without spending this Kind of money you're looking for either I think a fast trainer with the plate in It or an all-rounder that you can really Use for every kind of training run I Think on either front the Puma is the Better shoe I think it's a better Rounder and it's certainly the better

Fast I shoot for me so so despite that I Normally do prefer Rocky right and I Really did think the Mac X is going to Issue what I really loved just didn't Get that much out of it maybe a slightly Heavier Runners might get more from it Getting a bit more sinking a bit deeper Into the phone getting more response From the plate but it just wasn't Something that really came to life for Me when running fast so I like it for Cruising around in but overall the Puma Is better shoe for me it's a very Practical shoe all around really does Its job very well and it's a bit cheaper As well so I'll be getting that Last comparison of the hokomac X and the Puma DV8 Nitro 2 let us know what you Think in the comments below please do Like subscribe ring the little bell and We'll see you next time