The Hoka Stinson 7 is a running shoe built to live on roads and trails. For the latest version Hoka’s adding in a softer EVA midsole, a more stable overall design and promises the Stinson 7 can now deliver a smoother ride.

Testers Tom and Mike have put in some early running time with the new Stinson to see how it performs on road and trail and see whether it makes a good or bad first impression.

00:00 – Intro
00:12 – Price and key stats
01:39 – How do they fit?
03:32 – The Run Test
11:16 – Verdict

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Foreign Testers and this is our first run review Of the Hawker Stinson 7. Okay so here's what you need to know About the Hawker since and seven so this Is definitely a shoe that your class as A road to try out shoe now it's priced At 160 pounds in the UK 170 in the US so That's kind of putting it up against Road to trail shoes like the innovate Park Core g280 which we're big fans of On the channel it's more expensive than The night Pegasus Trail 4 and it is also More expensive than the Hocker Challenger 7 which we all really liked On the channel as well too so in terms Of those key features you have got a Engineered Jacquard mesh upper you've Got a toe cap up front here to offer Some extra protection you're getting a Similar style midsole phone that we had On the previous Hawker Stinson but the Stack height has slightly changed and It's got a little bit bigger on the Stint system compared to the previous Stenson now Hawker also has this kind of Hate frame that it talks about here Which just sits above the midsole and That is designed to offer a more stable Feel when you are running in this shoe You've got multi-directional lugs on the Bottom of the shoe as well to give that Kind of grip on very terrain and Weight Wise it is lighter than the previous

Tensor but it is still quite a heavy Shoe and if you compare it to something Like the Hawker Challenger 7 it's Definitely a noticeably heavier road to Trial shoe in comparison so yeah those Are the key things you need to know About the Stinson 7 myself and Tom will Get into our initial running thoughts on The student seven and whether it has Made a good or bad impression [Music] So I haven't got the Stinson 7 here Because I was using mics to test out the Shoe on my first run and he's taking it Back now I'm also wearing a vest because It's really hot at the moment in my flat So deal with it right so the fit of the Sensor 7 for me I would say it's a Little bit wider a little bit roomier Than what you probably expect from a lot Of Hoka shoes it's not massively wide It's just a bit wider than I would have Expected so it's quite a comfortable Shoe it's a bit roomier than I would Expect still didn't have a problem Getting a nice lockdown fit in it even Though it's a little bit more space in It and the upper is very comfortable I Found I could get a nice locked in fit The heel was in very nicely and all in All I would say that I would stick to my Size which is a UK size 8 in the Stenson Seven So fit for me I would say has been

Typically Hawker in terms of my Experience now I pretty much go with the UK size 8 and most of the Hocker running Shoes that I've tested which has Generally been fine for me it is a Little on the narrow side I definitely Felt like it sat pretty snug up front Here in the toes but it does open up in Places I think that's down to creating a Kind of wider more stable kind of feel In this shoe but generally hasn't been Any issues it hasn't felt uncomfortable I just have noticed like a lot of soccer Shoes it does fit a little bit narrower And unlike something like the Challenger Seven you don't have a wide option here To go for as well elsewhere I mean Lockdown has been absolutely fine you're Getting a good level of padding here on The tongue it's not overly padded I Would say can a pretty generous kind of Padding of the heel collar as well no Slippage for me either so yeah I mean a UK size eight for me which is what I Usually go in Hawker running shoes has Been fine but I would say that it does Fit a little bit snug up front of those I did for me anyway so there might be an Argument to play around the sizes maybe Go half a size up but I think for me It's been fine in my UK so is a Um based on my initial run foreign [Music] Was out in chamonix I did a 10 mile

Trail run which was slightly across Across from road but mainly across uh Trail paths Gravelly paths and I went a Bit into the forest Um which was more like hard compact mud Um and there were a few inclines and Declines which tended to be a bit Gravelly on that run as well the 10 mile Run I did was part of a 20 mile run so I Was testing another shoe at the start of That and it was a pretty easy run so I Was running at five minute 20 page which For me is Um my sort of easy Pace I wasn't picking It up at all I did try a couple of Faster reps in it I headed down into the Middle of Chamblee and went on the track Actually and did a few laps of the track And tried to pick up the pace a bit what I found about shoe is that it reminds me Of the Bondi 8 which in Road sense I Don't like I'm not a big fan of the Rondo I find it to be a very bulky shoe The midsole is a bit too firm for me It's meant to be a really Max cushion Shoe but because the midsole is quite Firm doesn't really deliver like a Max Cushion shoe for me Um and the season 7 feels like that shoe But for the season 7 it's not really a Bad thing because that bit slightly Firmer midsole actually works very well On the trails when you walk when you're Running across slightly softer ground

And the terrain that I was running Across it felt very comfortable it's by No means a fast shoe it's definitely a Shoe designed for Workhorse miles on the Trails it's very stable it really Protects the feet with the midsole and It just as a solid job if you're just Clocking out the miles at a nice Comfortable Pace what I would say is That you can't really pick up the pace In it so it's not a very versatile shoe If you wanted to do faster reps and Things like that on the trails you'd Probably need another shoe as well but It's a great Workhorse and it feels very Sturdy the outsole is very good I didn't Run in any wet ground but I was doing a Couple of inclines and declines on Gravel paths and it felt completely fine Um the outside rubber the lugs aren't Massive but it did feel nice and tacky And you could get a good grip on the Gravel I didn't put at any point that I Was at risk of slipping or anything like That and the stability of the midsole Really helps with that as well other Thing I say about it is that there is a Bit of a rocker in the forefoot not Massive I did feel like it had a nice Turnover on the trails it's not fast Here as I say but it does feel like you Can get a nice consistent pace and it's Not slow and sluggish like I feel that The Bondi 80s even though it's quite a

Similar shoe on the road but I'd also Say that on the road it does deliver Pretty similar to what you'd expect from Like the bond IA it's not the fastest Shoe in the world it does feel quite Clunky and I probably wouldn't do a lot Of road miles on it but as soon as you Get onto slightly softer ground it does Pretty good and I prefer it to the Bondi8 so my first run in the Simpson Seven was a pretty easy going 10k run While I was at Chamblee last week I did A little bit of elevation Not as much as those men and women we're Doing across that week but I got a Little bit of a taste of it and also a Little bit of the technical terrain you Do find in that area as well and then The second half of the run I tried to do A mixture of the kind of Road and kind Of lighter Trails some kind of more Flatter kind of less elevated terrain See how it handled or I could pick up The pace a little bit in place to see Whether this was capable of you know Handling a little bit of that kind of Quicker kind of running time as well now I haven't run in a Stinson before I have Run in the Challenger 7 which is the Other kind of road to Trout shoe in Hawkers Um Range which you know and that's a Shoe I've really liked uh spending time In now I kind of I would say classifies

This as a kind of plush road to Trail Shoe one that gives you a good level of Comfort something that you can probably Run a lot in and for long periods and It's going to give you that kind of as I Said protection Comfort Um and enough to get you kind of Churning out a lot of running time in This shoe now what I would say is kind Of the first part of that run Um I wouldn't say that it massively Handled that kind of technical terrain Very well it's quite a heavy shoe you Know you compare it to something like The Challenger 7 as I said it's not as Light as that shoe doesn't feel as agile As a Nimble I think the outsole was fine In terms of that surface you've got this Kind of four millimeter lugs it was Absolutely fine I just didn't feel like I could really navigate in the way Around those kind of more you know Challenging kind of surfaces In this shoe I think down to the kind of Mainly the weight that you're getting Here and it's just it's a big shoe it's A big shoe to kind of want to try and Run quickly around you know when you're Kind of big rocks uh a lot of kind of Branches and stuff where it's gonna it's Gonna be tricky to kind of do ultimately Now when I was back on kind of flatter Terrain it was absolutely fine the Outsole felt good uh on the kind of

Pavements it you know I didn't feel Those lugs it didn't kind of press in to The uh kind of base of my foot so from That point of view I think it can you Know transition between the two surfaces Pretty well in terms of that feeling in Terms of that ride it's yes it's plush You know it's not super plush like some Of the road shoes now off in terms of Midsoles and Eva based midsole like the Stinson before it's not the kind of People based uh midsoles that we're Seeing from Hawker and it's kind of you Know rocket X2 and some of those kind of Top tier Road shoes In terms that you're getting here on This shoe it seems fine I would say Um I would say the overriding feeling For me is that it feels very smooth very Stable there is a kind of this kind of Early stage matter rocket that Hawker Uses I would say you know it's not Massively prominent there's enough to Make it feel like you're kind of rolling Through relatively nicely but it's it's Not massively aggressive and not Massively no sport I would say overall But I think the yeah the most redeeming Quality I would say in my runs is that It it's just felt very controlled in Terms of that running time it just feels Too heavy to run quicker in it but I Don't think it's really designed for That type of running but I feel if you

Uh you know you were looking for shooter Run and log a lot of mileage then it Will probably work from that point of View it's not going to be the most Exciting ride Um yes it's heavy but it doesn't feel Clumpy in terms of that heaviness but You will notice particularly if you use Something like the Challenger 7 or Things like the Pegasus trial for it Reminds me a little bit I would say Probably more of the innovate park or Due to eight in terms of that size but I Think that holds its kind size a little Bit better and I would say the ride Feels a lot more excitable I think that The midsole on the innovates you ready To travel shoe feels a little bit more Bouncy a little bit more fun energetic I Think on the um Stinson 7 I think the Ride and the midsole you're getting and The feel of it is fine it's as I said Smooth stable controlled Um and if that's the kind of things that You look for in a kind of road to Trail Shoe where you just want to eat up a lot Of running time that I think it's well Suited to that in terms of being a Exciting shoe to run in and I say in That first run it didn't feel like that But it felt comfortable enough felt Protected enough in terms of the trails Uh and the kind of Road time that I put In with it

So from that point of view and then also The grip and the outsole feels solid and Also you know didn't feel like you know It was an issue in terms of the road Time as well so yeah in terms of my First run on the Simpson seven it was Absolutely fine as I said I don't think It can handle that technical terrain Though I don't think that's where Hawker Pitches it I don't think it's a shoe You're going to want to run quickly in There are better trail shoes and hookers Collection to do that and I think it's Better roads trail shoes that can offer That as well Um but yeah if you I think if you're Looking for a comfortable uh stable Um kind of accommodating shoe I think in General that's going to give you enough Of a kind of rocker feeling to kind of Get you through that those kind of Longer miles uh with a mixture of Terrain then I think it can kind of do a Very good job but I do ultimately think That I think the Challenger seven I feel You know maybe it's not the same level Of Um kind of midsole feel and that kind of Ride but I do think that's a really good Shoe and it costs less but I'll get into More of that in my initial verdict All right So my verdict on the sins and seven is That it is a solid Workhorse Trail shoe

That is very stable very comfortable and Has a nice little bit of space in the Upper which you don't get a lot in Hoka Shoes I would say that it's not Particularly versatile shoe if you're Looking for a trail she should do all of Your runs in and you want to maybe do Some faster stuff it's not that sort of Shoe it's really designed to just be Very protective very secure and just Keep it going across those miles in Comfort and protecting your feet Basically so I did enjoy that first run In it and um if I get them off mic again I think I would quite like to do some More miles in it okay so some initial Thoughts on the Hawker Stinson seven I Would think as a road to trial shoe and Based on the stuff that I've kind of Tested around this kind of kind of Category I would say the Stinson seven Is a rose child shoe that can handle Those mixture of terrain I would say in Terms of trails I definitely would say Less technical Trails uh based on kind Of my experience so far and I think in Terms of the fear feeling of running an Issue the main thing for me is that it Feels pretty controlled it feels very Stable the ride feels pretty smooth and I think Janet feels well protected as Well and a shoe that can handle will be Able to handle a lot of running time and That's obviously going to do a little

Bit more running an issues kind of see How it handles those longer distances But in terms of is this the best road to Trail shoe that I've used Maybe not Maybe it's just not the one for me I Think Hawker has a better road to travel Shoe in its collection already in terms Of the Challenger seven that is lighter I think the ride is pretty enjoyable on That shoe as it is already Um I think I look at other roads trial Shoes similar in terms of the price Innovate park or g280 I think the ride Was a lot nicer this shoe probably looks Nicer than the Vape parkour g280 I would Definitely say that but in terms of the Feeling of running in that shoe and how It transitions between road to try I Just feel that feels a little bit nicer Then you've got things like a night Pegasus trowel for again it's much Cheaper than this shoe again you know it Might not feel as accommodating or as I Don't know you know a stable maybe as a Issue but in terms of what you're Getting in terms of a full package I Think it offers a lot I think you're Probably getting a better outsole here On the stencil 7 compared to the Pegasus Trail 4. so I think for me This is an interesting one because I Think the you know Hawker already has a Very good roads Trail shoe here now Obviously this is probably set as kind

Of being a different shoe but I think Ultimately the types of runs at this Shoe works for I think the Hawker Challenger 7 can handle as well and Maybe give you Scopes kind of slightly Pick the pace up in places as well and It's a lighter and it's cheaper overall So yeah you know I've not had a bad Experience with the hockey since 7 Adjusting in terms of my expensive road To trail shoes and also in terms of what Hawker already has in its collection I Feel that maybe the challenge of seven Is going to be a shoe that works you Know a bet you know enough for most People and it's cheaper and you get it Um in either you know a wide fit option As well too where you don't on the Citizen seven so yeah those are my Initial thoughts on the Simpson seven Pretty solid overall but I do think There's probably better road to travel Shoes out there more exciting road to Trail shoes and also I think there's Better ones in Hawkers collection Already too Okay so there you have it some initial Thoughts on the Hawker Stinson seven Obviously plenty more running to do in The shoe definitely going to be in less Mountainous terrain we can say for sure And there'll be other untested to be Joining us in on that four multisester Review as well too if you've got any

Questions about the shoot in the Meantime or other shoes that you want to See compared to we'll definitely take a Look a bit closer to how it Compares it To the challenge at seven then let us Know in the comments as always like And Subscribe hit that little bell to find Out our latest videos and yeah see the Next run tested video foreign [Music]