Finished the Adidas Terex Maverick Exmore Ultra no I didn't I finished the Marathon because I took the other turn I've just finished the marathon distance 26 miles five and a half hours a bit More on really quite testing terrain out There it's a really good test for the Hokitekton X to threw everything at them Mod slippy Stones pretty steep descents Big climbs Fields stretches of tarmac Tree roots loose Stones all sorts of It's basically like a perfect test for The shoes really uh in quite difficult Conditions at times and they performed Really well I'm really you know really Happy to fresh out the box the comfort Is good there's plenty of cushioning That really soaked up a lot of the lumps And bumps and I feel like they've Performed really well on most of that Terrain some people may feel they want a Little bit more ground contact there's a Big stack of cushioning is quite soft Sometimes you know one thing it will Kind of soak up some of these lumps Pumps sometimes maybe you don't feel Quite as connected