Welcome to The Run Testers. In this video brought to you in partnership with Precision Fuel & Hydration, Run Tester Kieran compares two of HOKA’s big-hitting road-to-trail shoes, the new carbon-plated Tecton X2 and the older favourite, the Hoka Speedgoat 5. Which one should you invest in? Which shoe will suit your runs best? Hit play for our HOKA Tecton X2 vs HOKA Speedgoat 5 head to head.

0:00 – Intro
2:13 – Design details and shoe comparison
4:26 – The Run Test
8:07 – Fit
9:21 – Verdict

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Hey people welcome to the Runtastic Kieran here and in this video brought to You in partnership with Precision Fuel And hydration I'm going to be comparing Two big hitting trail shoes I'm going to Be looking at the brand new hokitekto X2 Carbon plated Trail shoe up against an Older favorite the Hoka speed goat 5. Which are these you'll be spending your Money on which one's going to suit your Running on the trails the best watch on To find out [Music] Now before we get into that I'm at a Point in my running where I like nothing Better than to lace up a good rolling Trail shoe something like one of these To stick on a pack stick some fuel some Water some Essentials in that pack and Go and get lost for a few hours on the Trails so when I'm out on those magic Long hauls I know at some point my Energy levels my motivation my decision Making and that mental Clarity tends to Dwindle at that point I need something To restore my brain kick start my engine If there's a cafe nearby I'll often stop For a little espresso with a bit of Honey in it to get me going again but Often when you're out in the kind of Wild trails that is not an option now When that happens I've got a few tricks Up my sleeve to get myself going again One of them is to take a well-timed

Caffeine gel something like this Precision Fuel and hydration 30 gram Carbohydrate gel it's got 100 milligrams Of caffeine it's got just enough of a Punch that you need to get you going Again get the brain back engaged and Give you a little bit more kind of Energy on the move and often I'll tend To now take that around 20 to 30 minutes Before I know I'm gonna need it a key Trigger of this is when I feel myself Getting grumpy on the trails a bit a bit Grumpy I'm like I'm going to need Something in a bit and that gives that Caffeine time to work for different People that's going to take different Amounts of time for the caffeine to kind Of kick in and work it depends on how Much coffee you drink it depends on how Your own kind of body responds to Caffeine itself so for me I know that's Kind of roughly right so a few fancy Giving these a try you can hit the link In the caption below that'll take you Through to the Precision falling Hydration store it'll also apply a 15 Discount code for the Run testers on all The products you buy there's a really Good range you can also find some Excellent insights into how and when to Use caffeine and other kind of fueling On your runs and there's also a link Down there to get stuck into your Fueling planner it's a great tool to

Work out how and when and what you need To fuel it's a great starting point if You're not sure what your fueling Strategy should be for a certain race or A certain run so go and check that out [Music] Onto the head-to-heads of these shoes And first up some quick details when it Comes to the stack height the speed goat 5 comes in with a 32 28 mil Hill to Forefoot the tecton X2 it's 32mm the Hill as well and 27 mils in the forefoot That means that the Techno X2 has a Slightly higher five mil drop than the Speed goats fives four mil drop when it Comes to weight the speed goat 5 weighs In at 10.3 ounces or 291 grams detect an X2 is slightly lighter at 9.3 ounces or 265 grams price wise the speed up 5 is Going to cost you 140 pounds or 155 Dollars protect the next two chunk more Expensive 180 pounds or 220 dollars so For quick whip round in comparison to These two shoes then starting with Detector next two so the major Difference here between this and the Tech to next one is a new upper you've Got kind of a water resistant Hydrophobic upper Matrix upper that's Brand new it's fairly kind of dense it's You know it's pretty structured that Compares to the speed goat 5 which has a Double layered Jacquard mesh upper which I think is got a slightly softer a bit

Kind of looser maybe than on the tecton X2 they've both got flat lay gusseted Tongues so really comfortable across the Top of the foot on both those not much To choose between them in terms of the Midsoles you've got proflyx construction Here in the techton X to that's got Parallel carbon plates in there as well With the speed goat 5 you've got a Single density compression Eva molded Midsole there's no carbon plate the Other thing is this has got a late stage Metal rocker whereas detector X2 has an Early stage metal rocker so a difference There so if you look at the heel collars I think it's ever so slightly kind of Narrower uh in the speed goat five than The Hoka Technics and it rises up a Little bit higher and kicks away at the Back there so I've never had any Achilles rubbing but that is slightly Different it's a little bit more raised Than the hoker technx2 flip them over Then you've got vibrant Mega grip about Souls on both of these the main Difference here apart from the the Placement and you know the lug pattern Is that the speed goat 5 has slightly Deeper lugs at five mils compared to the Hokitect and x2s four mil lugs so you've Got marginally more kind of aggressive Grip on the speed goat 5 I think and There's also marginally more kind of Coverage overall for that outsole rubber

In terms of durability but this is in a Section on the techton X2 where mainly You're not going to hit and you Shouldn't really get too much damage Hopefully Thank you So I've just done my usual side-by-side Mile I've got the Hoka speaker 5 on my Left foot I've got the tecton X2 on my Right foot am I on some quite light Trails really just to see a bit of road As well because these are probably you Know fairly good road to trail shoes as Well and the differences here I think Are marginal it was the same for me with The speed goat 5 and the original techno X obviously the tech next two there's Not much that's changed you've got some New uppers but essentially the midsole Unit is pretty much exactly the same the Hokitect and X2 there is definitely a Little bit more spring there is Definitely a little bit more energy but It's not that pronounced you know if You're thinking about a carbon plate Shoe versus a non-carbon plate shoe You're not going to put detector next Two on all of a sudden feel this kind of Really aggressive you know Carbon plate And foam combination springing you Forward there is more energy there it Does feel better on road sections and Firmer Trails if you like that kind of Sort of slightly softer sink and then

Spring back it's very nuanced though It's not huge the speaker five I think Overall they sort of run a little bit Flatter a little bit firmer I don't Think there's as much of a feeling of The kind of toe spring and The Rocker Necessarily but again I'm talking about Very very fine margins here and actually You know if you're running them and Close your eyes not a great idea but you Know what I mean if you you know if you If you're not really concentrating I've you know you could probably run a Marathon in both in these different Shoes and probably not get into too much Trouble as far as I'm concerned it sort Of doesn't feel that different if you Like a shoe that's going to be slightly More connected to the ground this is Still a big kind of stack of cushioning On the speed goat 5 but I think you Could just feel a little bit more of the Ground coming up through the shoe in a Good way you know you you're a bit more Aware of what's going on under the Detecting X2 I guess sort of softens That and mutes it a little bit so yeah Depending on what kind of trails you're Running you know I'd definitely say if You're going to go for something that's Going to be like a really runnable Pro nicely groomed compacted Trails Without too much kind of crazy technical Uh stuff going on underfoot then the

Tech the next two is going to be a great Shoe I think it'd be a good shoe for Running Ultra where you want a little Bit of extra deep into the run I think If you want something that's you know More for sort of traditional kind of Trails where or more technical Trails I Think the speed goat 5 is probably going To handle a little bit better on some Other key things like step in Comfort I Would say both of these shoes are pretty Much on par they both feel good when you First put them on they're really easy Shoes to slip on and go and move in not Really fussy to get any kind of lockdown Fit and all of that kind of stuff put Them on lace them up go that's all good Tick the boxes nothing to choose between Them there and then when it comes to Kind of weight I think they both feel Pretty much the same on the foot here And these are both shoes that I can Happily kind of Roll Along in they're Good for long distance on the trails no Hot spots no blisters they've just got You know I think you benefit from The Rocker you'll feel like you're clipping Through Kind of easy kind of nice kind of Rolling you forget they're there they're A very very good sort of easy Trail shoe As far as I'm concerned when it comes to Stability there's marginally more Stability I think coming from the

Speaker five I think just because it's Got a slightly firmer platform so again But again it's it's marginal here There's not a huge amount to choose so That may become an issue over cut a Longer distances perhaps on grip as well I think these perform pretty much on par I put the tekton X2 through a really Quite Big Challenge at the Maverick X More Ultra where it's very very slippy Very very wet very steep conditions it Did okay it wasn't brilliant in the Slicker stuff uh I think you know there Were plenty of people there running in Speed goat fives and they seem to be Kind of suffering the same kind of Slipping on the same kind of bits as I Was and overall the runs that I've done In the speed goat five Earlier than this like way back but Overall in terms of grip I think you're Gonna get a very sort of similar Performance out of both of these [Music] So a really quick word on fit then I ran In the UK and a half in both the speed Goat 5 and the tecton X2 and I think I Go true to size in these shoes unless You really want a little bit of extra Room you know if you know you get toes Bashing up against the ends and you Always go half a size up with your trail Shoes then go half a size up in these There's very little to choose between

The way they fit I think they've got Good heel hole in both good lock down Across the top of the foot I think the Main difference really here is that the Speaker 5 I feel have a slightly Narrower just beyond the back of your Toes you know into that toe box it's Slightly narrower also where the laces The way they're structured they've got This little bit of elastic right at the End I think just kind of holds across The top of those toes just a little bit Narrower than on the tech the next the Laces finish further up the shoe and I Think that really kind of um makes her Feel a little bit more roomy it's a Little bit less kind of tight I don't Know if you like that bit of lockdown Extra lockdown kind of further along the Toes but I think I prefer the protectant X2 for that slightly extra bit of room And overall it's very very marginal I'd Say there's slightly more room in the Toe box in the techton X2 than the speed Goat five but it's not a great deal I Wouldn't be buying This Tech the next two because they've Got a wider toe box [Music] My verdict on the Hoka Tech the next two Versus the speed goat 5 is pretty much The same as detecting X versus the speed Goat 5 where there's not very much to Kind of differentiate these two shoes

Yes the techton X2 is a little bit more Cushioned it's a little bit more Energetic it's a little bit more springy It's a bit softer but we are talking Very fine margins here it's not that Discernible you're not getting a huge Amount extra here I don't think in terms Of pop and energy there's enough and I Think over longer distances maybe that's Going to be something that would be Quite rewarding if you're doing an ultra Where it's going to be a lot on kind of Sort of slightly firmer ground and Easier running ground through towns Those bits then the Techno X2 I probably Choose it kind of marginally over the The speed goat 5 for that these are both Great shoes I really enjoyed running in Both of these I think they can both do Slightly more technical Trails as well I think if you want something that's got A little bit more connection with the Ground you want to feel a bit more kind Of slightly more stable platform the Speed go five if you want something That's going to give you a little bit of Extra energy a little bit softer a Little bit more maybe protective of the Feet a bit more forgiving in terms of Cushioning and impact coming up then you Know the take the next two's gonna do That but I think the big thing here is I I personally don't think if you're Looking for the carbon plate in that

Foam to give you Uh energy in terms of a trail shoe extra Energy I don't think it does over the Speed goat five I don't think I would buy it you know And I don't think it's worth the extra Money the difference here is so sort of Marginal that for me if you're looking You know basically the best value for Money I think the speaker at five wins It that said I do love running in Detector next to it is a slightly more Fun Lively shoe to run in and there are Some cases where I think it probably Beats the speed goat 5 and I would be Picking it particularly again as I said Sort of longer if I'm going to do like 100k Ultra or something like on the Trails then I think it has a place and here's the Trick actually if you're going to try And get a technx maybe go and get detect An original Tech to next rather than Detect the next two you know if you can Get that in at the same price as a speed Goat five then I think it's probably Worth it but I got a full price for me I Think the winning shoe still really is The speed goat five I think that's the One that represents the best value for Money as the kind of best versatility And yeah I would be picking the speaker At five if I could only pick one shoe Out of these two so there you have it

That has been my head to head of the Hokotechn X2 and the speed goat five Hope you've enjoyed it we've got lots of Other head-to-heads on the channels There's there'll be a full review of the Techton X2 coming up soon so don't Forget to like And subscribe ring that Bell so you get an alert for when that Lands yeah any questions about these two Shoes as ever hit us up in the comments Below I'd love to sort of hear your Thoughts on the shoes as well if you had A chance to run in them so feel free to Chime in it's always useful otherwise It's been a pleasure to talk to you About these shoes if you're interested In road to trail shoes generally there's A video popping up on the channel right Now Otherwise I will see you again soon on The Run testers happy running people Good luck with whatever it is that You're trying to achieve out there