In this video, we go through how to build a wardrobe that looks amazing and purposeful.

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Building an aesthetic wardrobe is one of The best investments a man can make Whether you like it or not people judge You on the clothes you wear having an Aesthetic wardrobe that flows together And looks like it was put together with Purpose shows maturity and good taste Two attributes every guy should have but Before you even think about buying a Single piece of clothing make sure you Have this one thing in check have a Physique that looks good in clothes your Wardrobe is only going to look as good As the body they are worn on I'm going To make a lot of Jim Bros mad but you Don't need a lot of muscles to look good In clothes in fact being too muscular Will limit your clothing choices and Being too big makes you look a little Bit weird in regular clothes work on Show muscles that pop when you wear Clothing at the bare minimum do lateral Raises for shoulders bicep curls for the Girls push up and Pull-Ups for chest and Back and finally some squats so you Don't get chicken legs no need to Complicate it next we're going to pick a Color scheme choosing the right color Combination for your clothing is super Important it gives structure to your Closet when you're shopping for clothes If the piece you're looking at doesn't Fit your closet's color scheme you're Not going to buy it boom instant money

Saved it also makes it super easy to mix And match your clothes together some of The best color combinations are green And white red and black beige and white Black and white blue and beige pick two Of these that only buy clothing in these Colors for example I love neutral colors So I'll definitely have black and white In my mix and I also think blue and Beige look really good every new piece Of clothing I buy will fall under these Four colors and I can mix and match them Together and create so many different Outfits just because I have a coherent Color scheme for my wardrobe next we're Going to lay a solid foundation your Wardrobe will only be as good as the Foundation it's built on and a good Wardrobe is built on solid bases every Closet should have these seven pieces Number one a well fitted black tee Everyone looks good in black and it Shows off the hard work you're putting In at the Gym number two carpenter pants The durable stylish and masculine great For everyday wear number three Navy Dress pants it's time to grow up and not Only wear jeans nothing looks classier Than a pair of dressier pants in Navy Number four a quarter zip a super Underrated piece of clothing that looks Stylish and classy number five gray Sweatpants gray sweatpants on a fit guy Is the ultimate cheat code women go

Crazy for it and it gives a cozy Aesthetic Vibe number six a white Button-up a simple yet elegant piece of Clothing for when you need to dress up For the occasion and number seven a long Sleeve a well-fitted long sleeve in White or gray looks amazing especially If you have the right physique for it All of these items are aesthetic neutral Meaning they will work no matter what Your aesthetic is which is what makes Them a great Foundation piece from here On out you will buy clothing pieces that Match your aesthetic for example if you Want to lean towards the Starboy you Might get yourself a leather jacket you Get the point where to buy clothing [Music] One of the hardest parts of building a Wardrobe is finding places to buy the Clothes from I shop for everything Online the selections are better and you Don't need to deal with other annoying Customers and you can check out hundreds Of clothing items in just minutes the Only downside of course is ordering the Right size but you can just return Clothing that doesn't fit you or you Don't like I wanted to make a master List of men's clothing brands I searched On Tick Tock Twitter Reddit YouTube for Hundreds of hours and made a list of Men's clothing brands sorted by their General prices and aesthetic there's too

Many to list in this video if you want The list of men's clothing brands I made Follow the link in the description with That said I hope you enjoyed this video On how to build an aesthetic wardrobe Make sure to subscribe for more