Welcome to this week’s Shoe Care Academy video, featuring one of the most iconic Jordan silhouettes – the Air Jordan 11 in the Gratitude colorway! In this how-to-clean Jordan 11 tutorial, we’re excited to share some valuable tips and tricks on how to keep your kicks looking fresh and pristine.

Even if your pair is brand new and not yet in need of a deep clean, we want to showcase the effectiveness of our products on various materials. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to maintain your sneakers in top-notch condition, ensuring they stand the test of time.

???? Key Points Covered in This Video:
Comprehensive Cleaning: Whether it’s scuffs, stains, or general wear, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to restoring your Air Jordan 11 Gratitude to its original glory.
Material-Specific Care: Learn the best practices for cleaning different materials present on the sneaker, demonstrating the versatility of our products.
Preventive Measures: Discover proactive steps to keep your sneakers cleaner for longer and protect them from daily wear and tear.

????️ Products Used in This Tutorial:
Reshoevn8r Signature Kit –https://bit.ly/3UP1mkn

???? Why Reshoevn8r?
At Reshoevn8r, we understand the value of your sneaker collection, and our products are designed with the utmost care to cater to sneaker enthusiasts like you. Our cleaning solutions are effective on a wide range of materials, ensuring that your prized kicks receive the attention they deserve.

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[Music] What's good it's your boy Miguel Street Back here with another Banger for y'all Now today we're going to be cleaning up These gratitude 11s that a lot of y'all Slept on not sure why but we'll get into That later if you're new here make sure You subscribe we drop weekly content Twice a week that you do not want to Miss all that being said let's get to it Today's dirty job we'll be taken care of With the rejuvenator signature kit make Sure you get one before we get started We just got to set this left shoe aside Take these laces out and get our Cleaning station set [Music] Up all right so step number one is to Knock off all this loose dirt just so we Don't make our cleaning station super Messy and muddy take your medium brush Just knock off that [Music] Dirt sneakers already looking a lot Better we got a dry brush the big reason That we start off with that step as Number one is just because you don't Want to be rubbing all that dirt deeper Into the shoe it's just going to create A bigger mess and that's the thing we're Trying to avoid you know we're trying to Clean up messes not make them so with All that being said we're going to take Our Sho tree adjust it to size and pop

It in the shoe now that shoe tree is Going to allow the sneaker to keep its Form during the entire cleaning and Allow us to put it as much pressure as We need to on this toe box so now that We got that out the way let's talk about What else is included in the signature Kit first things first we got our famous Three brush pack that comes with your Soft medium and stiff brush options next Up we got our 4 oz bottle solution now This is good to clean up to 50 pairs of Sneakers also included in the signature Kit is our microfiber towel now this is Great for wiping down the shoe and it's A stain remover in itself so it's Perfect for those deeper stains on the Midsole and last but definitely not Least we got our patented laundry system Paired with our laundry pods now this is Going to be the hero in today's clean Cleaning cuz it's going to flush out the Deeper stains trapped in this sneaker Now we got a couple additional items on Set that you might want to pick up to Get the job done we got our cleaning mat That's going to keep our cleaning Station nice and clean also we've got Our dry rack and Bowl combo which is Perfect for storing and drying your Brushes to get this cleaning started off We'll be using our soft bristle brush This brush is great because it produces The most Suds and once we're done with

It we'll already be seeing results and We'll be able to see where the deeper Stains are lying on the Sneaker the soft brush is the most Delicate in our three brush pack it say To use on all materials especially those Tricky ones such as suede newbu mesh and Even pad leather like we're cleaning on These Jordan 11s the soft brush is complete you can Check it off your list now I am seeing a Little bit of deeper staining right Along here on the midsole and the Stitching is looking a bit dingy still Next Step we're going to use our medium Brush and focus on those Areas a good step up from the soft is The medium brush it's still delicate Enough to work on most materials but use It lightly because if you're working With certain materials such as mesh it Can Pray the medium bristle brush did its Thing as expected now the last thing we Got to do before we pop this sneaker in The washer is hit our stiff bristle Brush on this outsole but it's a lot of Dirt in there so we're going to take This pick that I borrowed from Vic I Might not even return it we're just Going to get all this dirt and rocks out Of the Sneaker all right so this is one of Those steps that I could do and sit here

All day but I think I got a good amount Of it out let's move on but before that Take a look at this cleaning mat Disgusting right I want to swap this out Because it's just not not good get a Clean mat and this is the best time to Get a mat because if you didn't Everything would have been on the table So let's get that stiff brush on the [Music] Road Pre-treatment on this sneaker is knocked Out before we drop this shoe in the Washer I just want to give this lace a Quick pass with our soft bristle brush Then we'll be good to drop the sneaker In the Washer and just so you guys know our Sneaker bags do fit two sneakers we just Put one on shoe care Academy to show the Before and after take your laces put Them in the lace pouch take your laundry Pod put that in the lace pouch button The lace Pouch to the laundry [Music] Room all right my people so the sneaker Is just about dry I can't wait to show You all the results but until then let's Just answer a couple quick comments from The YouTube section so we got user ov8 Rp6 WV v5y they asked what is the best Method to dry your sneakers in my Opinion the best method is going to be

First using the microfiber towel and Then setting the shoe outside so I can Catch some of those UV rays from the Sun Countless times the sun will actually Help the sneaker become a little bit Cleaner as the sneaker absorbs those UV Rays sometimes it'll help brighten up The sneaker as well for question number Two since I'm cleaning up a pair of Jordan 11s today we get the question all The time on what do we use to buff the Pad leather Vic uses a buffing tool that You can find on Amazon but the real Trick is the r Ator M Farber tow trust Me but the sneaker should be just about Dry let me go check on it we got the Shoe out of the washer and it's looking Great the washer really did a great job It flushed out all the deeper stains all The dirt that was trapped into these Eyelids the only thing is this patent Leather could be a little bit more shiny So we're going to take care of it with Our rejuvenator mink oil horse hair Brush and all you need to rub that in is A microfiber towel but before I do all That I do want to talk a little bit About this sneaker which surprisingly Was a sleeper I just rhymed I wasn't Even trying to when I I first saw the Photos to be honest I can't lie I was a Little bit skeptical because these were Supposed to be the DMP 11s or based off The DMP 11s and the major thing that

Caught my eye was that they used a Leather upper instead of a mesh and for Me with the Concord 11s being my Favorite Els of all time it threw me off A little bit because this is more of Like a 7210 Vibe and I was lucky enough To see this shoe a little bit early in Hand I immediately changed my mind Originally the leather was throwing me Off but when I actually thought about it The mesh part of the sneaker is actually What ages the shoe the most but besides Obviously the translucent so that mesh Gets dirty very easily and it's harder To clean I cleaned a pair of cherry Els Last year go check it out if you haven't Seen that video during that cleaning the Mesh was actually the trickiest part of The sneaker after the first wash they Pretty much looked gray we had to end up Washing them like two or three times to Finally get all that dirt flushed out so Keeping all that in mind with this Sneaker the leather upper should allow Them to clean up a lot better and last a Lot longer because this leather isn't Going to get yellow like the mesh would So with all that being said when I Realized this sneaker was actually a Better long-term Jordan 11 Concord Colorway type Vibe I was messing with it And it's got these gold accents I'm a Gold type of guy just off nature it made Sense and that's why I really like the

Sneaker and I was able to cop them for Retail so cop what you like and now was Hype now let's get into this mink oil What I'm going to do is spray a couple Coats on our HSE hair brush the reason For that is I want everything to be even I don't want there to be any hot spots To where you can see where the mink oil Was sprayed the mink oil is actually Great for this sneaker because not only Is it repolishing the patent leather and Bringing that shine back but it's also Reconditioning the leather which Ultimately is going to prolong the life Of your sneakers and keep you looking Fresh now that we got the sneaker fully Polished conditioned looking shiny again Time to put them laces in so let's do [Music] It laces are in the sneaker looking Great looking Factory might I add quick Question is it possible for patent Leather to be too shiny cuz that mink Oil is working it got this thing super Shiny what I'm going to do is is take Our microfiber towel and just buff away Any excess mink GL that might still be On the sneaker cuz you don't want it to Be slipping you know what I'm saying Kayla toss me that towel great toss Right on the Money pretty simple process here you Just want to wipe away that excess mink Oil and make sure the sneaker is fully

Dry now that we got all that out the way It's time to show youall what we started With wowzers just to give you guys a Quick reminder we achieved today's Results with the rejuvenator signature Kit that can be found on v.com along With everything else I'm about to Mention we got our laundry pods that go With our patented laundry system we got Our mink oil that got these sneakers Back shiny again horse hair brush to rub It in our dry racking Bowl combo we also Got our renator cleaning mat to keep our Cleaning station nice and crispy Everything used to get the job done can Be found at ru.com and click that link In the description to save some money Who don't want to save some money I know I do so do it if you like today's video Make sure you leave a like And subscribe Also leave us a comment what sneaker do You want to clean next it's your boy Miguel Street and I'll be seeing y'all Next time [Music] Peace