We’ve had the requests come in for years on how to clean 3M materials, so today we have you covered! In today’s Shoe Care Academy episode we will walk you through how to clean the Air Jordan 5 Green Bean sneakers. These sneakers feature the 3M uppers with the classic icy Jordan 5 sole.

3M materials can be tricky once they get damaged and don’t even get us started on once the material cracks, but lucky for us we had no issues!

These sneakers came straight from eBay to our office and while they were worn and used; they definitely weren’t dirty enough to get the full effect of the cleaning. After dirtying them in the most unconventional way possible and allowing them to sit for an ENTIRE 48 hours, we risked the chance of mold, damage and much more.

To clean these Green Bean Air Jordan 5s we relied on the RESHOEVN8R Signature Cleaning Kit. Now we could’ve cleaned these using the Essential Cleaning Kit, but since these smelt like literal Green Beans we chose to put them in the wash and moral of the story… Don’t be afraid to wash your 3M sneakers!

Let us know in the comments. Does this make you feel better about cleaning your favorite 3M materials or are you still a little worried?

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Foreign [Music] What's up YouTube Welcome Back to the Channel my name is Robert AKA pretty boy Rob and I'll be hanging out with you for Today's episode of shoe care Academy for This video we got these green bean fives Dirtied in the most cliche way Imaginable a little fun fact though this Is actually our first time ever cleaning An all 3M sneaker on the channel we were Going to use our essential shoe cleaning Kit however these things smell like Green beans On the inside and out so it's only right We flushed out that using our patent Sneaker launch system that is only found Inside our signature shoe cleaning kit With all that being said there's not Much left to it but to do it so let's Get straight into this episode of shoe Care Academy As you know for before and after purpose We only clean one shoe so I'm just gonna Grab this shoe and set it aside But before we hop into this cleaning Process what I'm going to do right now Is step outside and bang off all this Mud dirt and green beans because they Have been sitting over the weekend and It's looking pretty fossilized so I'm Gonna go outside let's eat it let's go [Music] All right

[Music] All right guys we are back from outside We did get most of that dirt off however There's still some stuff in there we got Them green beans Stuck in this mud but right now we can Just get straight to this cleaning first Things first I gotta go to remove these Laces lace lock and insert my adjustable Shoe tree [Music] All right guys we got our shoe tree in Place it is going to help reduce some of That creasing as you guys know 3M Creases like crazy so now we're applying As much as pressure on the toe box it's Not going to cause any more creasing That's already happened to the shoe from That natural wear and tear but right now We're going to really get this cleaning Started by grabbing our solution and Squirting some squirts All right but right now I can go ahead And start with our soft bristle brush Again we've never cleaned an entire 3M Shoe so just going to start with this Which is going to be the safest I'm Going to clean this entire shoe Completely even avoid any type of over Saturation in certain materials because I'm not quite sure how the shoe is going To react [Music] Thank you

All right guys I'm all done with that First pass of our soft bristle brush and So far they cleaned up great a few Things I want to mention when cleaning 3M compared to cleaning other materials Like canvas or suede those shoes Typically tend to absorb a lot of those Water and solution however for this shoe It all stayed surface based and it Generated a whole bunch of bubbles right Now though I'm going to grab our medium Bristle brush tackle some of these Deeper stains that I'm seeing and see How the shoe reacts with that as well as Focus on this midsole So yeah let's do that When cleaning this midsole or most Jordan 5 midsoles you want to make sure You use the medium bristle brush the Reason why you're not going to use this Stiff is because it is pretty hard and It could potentially scrape or damage That painted midsole All right guys the 3M uppers acted great With our medium bristle brush some Things I do want to point out though is In this netting we still got some Trapped in green beans in there I'm not Too worried though because we are going To put the shoe inside the washer and It's going to flush out all those Trapping stains and hopefully get all Those green beans out At least it's going to help with the

Smell but right now we can go ahead and Grab our stiff bristle brush and Tackle This outsole [Music] All right we got most of them green Beans off of the Soledad sneaker as well As all that other dirt and grime that Was on there last thing we got to do Before we flush these shoes out fully is Go ahead and take care of our laces that Have been soaking in the bowl of water During this whole process So right now I'm just swooshing them Around like so Generating some bubbles in the bowl then I'm gonna put them through my hands and Just start scrubbing away Laces are done right now I'm just going To grab our laundry bag Insert the shoe And we got our sneaker inside our Laundry bag reminder the laundry bag Does hold two shoes but again for that Before and after purpose we only put one Shoe at a time it's also going to come With a little handy dandy pouch where we Could pop our shoelaces Put the laundry pod in And here we go our Snicker laundry Detergent is available at Restuvenated.com as well as all the Other products you've seen us use so far Make sure you guys hit the link in the Description save you guys some dollar

Bills right now we're gonna go to the Laundry room and get these fully fleshed Out so let's go All right guys we're all checked in here In the laundry room we do got our Sneakers safely secured inside our Sneaker laundry bag I do want to remind You guys we have never cleaned an all 3M Sneaker in the washer so we're gonna Test it here so y'all don't have to the Million dollar question is is the 3M Still reflected we gonna find out All right guys we are back we do got This sneaker 100 fully dry and man these Things cleaned up great honestly they Cleaned up so great we probably didn't Even have to put it through the laundry System however there were those trapped In green beans and that smell which is The reason why we flushed it out but I Can let you know right now These shoes no longer smell like your Grandma's green bean casserole before we Get these things laced up I do want to Talk a little bit about this shoe Obviously as we know it's an all 3M Sneaker there are some challenges when It comes to 3M sneakers when they crease Them creases are stuck in there for good And 3M is notorious for cracking even Vic Almighty said there's no way for him To restore an all 3M sneaker so be Careful if you are a fan of 3M but a Little more about this sneaker this shoe

Retroed in 2022 however it originally Debuted in 2006 when it dropped it was a Crazy sneaker the sneaker Community went Crazy over it however right now At least the 2022 pair is sitting under Retail in certain sizes so if you're a Fan of the shoe copy it remember Rock What you like not what type but with That being said we can go get these Things laced up There it is that's gonna do it that's Gonna wrap things up for today's episode Of shoe care Academy on these green bean Fives we achieved these results using Our signature shoe cleaning kit however A 3M sneaker is probably going to clean Up great with an essential kit that's Why if you drop a comment down below and Let us know what your favorite 3M Sneaker is all time we're hooking Someone up with their very own essential Shoe cleaning kit however the recap this Cleaning before I bounce we wanted to Use all three brushes broke down the Dirt and Grime on the uppers midsoles And outsoles we then went ahead and put The shoe in the laundry system to flush Out all the trapped and stains and odors And we got these results the million Dollar question is the 3M still Reflective let's go ahead and find out Right now Well it looks good at me if you like Today's video don't forget to like

Comment subscribe y'all know the vibe But make sure you hit that Bell so You're notified for all future content WE Post customs and Restorations every Monday with our dude big Almighty plus Shoe care academies every Thursday and For next Thursday We got a banger this is gonna be a good Video it's gonna be a very challenging Clean I can already see the orange looks Like it's bled onto the laces in that Mesh tongue so it's definitely going to Be a challenge so make sure y'all tap in Mine is pretty boy Rob and I'll catch Y'all in another one peace