The Reimagined Jordan 3 might be the top sneaker release of 2023… Well some people say and other’s disagree, but that’s fine! The Reimagined 3 is mirrored after the iconic White Cement colorway, so you already know these deserved all the love. In today’s Shoe Care Academy video we will walk you through how to properly clean the Air Jordan 3!

Since this is a leather sneaker, it is pretty self explanatory, but that red jumpman and the elephant print can cause a few obstacles! Pretty Boy Rob was hands down the right guy to take on the challenge of these kicks.

Now before you even say it… Yes, they just released and we know we know… Who dirties kicks like this?! We are just getting ahead of the game for when you guys are ready to clean the pair you copped during the drop!

We cleaned these up using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Kit to properly wash away all that dirt and grime! The pretreatment itself might have been enough to bring these back, but the washer is the holy grail for cleaning stitching! We hit the entire uppers using the Soft Bristle Brush before moving onto the Medium Bristle Brush to clean up that midsole! Finally, the Stiff Bristle Brush went to work on breaking through all the daily wear on that sole.

All that was left was a quick spin through the wash to really help with the sock liner, tongue and the stitching. Now we can happily say that someone’s grail sneaker is back and even better!

Let us know in the comments; What reimagined release do you want to see next?!


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00:00 Introduction
00:42 How to Set up a Cleaning Station
01:34 Benefits of the Shoe Tree
02:04 How to Clean the Uppers
02:50 How to Clean the Insoles
03:26 How to Clean Stitching and Midsoles
04:13 How to Clean Outsoles
04:41 How to Wash Sneakers in the Laundry
05:21 Reimagined 3 Sneaker Talk
06:51 Giveaway Opportunity

What's up YouTube?! Welcome Back to the 
channel my name is Robert AKA Pretty Boy   Rob and I'll be hanging out with you for 
today's episode of Shoe Care Academy,   For this video we got someone's grails and 
we got them extremely trashed; we're talking   About the White Cement Threes. The Reimagined 
to be exact this is actually one of my favorite   Sneakers of the year so far probably top 
three and definitely not number three,   But I gotta make them look beautiful once 
again, so that's why I got my Signature Kit   Paired with my Sneaker Laundry Detergent and 
we're gonna bring these things back to life,   But make sure you guys are tapped in for the 
whole video because I'm gonna show you guys   How you could win your very own Signature Shoe 
Cleaning Kit, but with all that being said there's   Not much left to it, but to do it so let's hop 
straight into this episode of Shoe Care Academy. Alright here we go we got our cleaning station 
all prepped, we got all of our products from   Our Signature Kit laid out we got all three of 
our brushes, soft, medium, stiff, our shoe tree,   Towel, laundry bag plus we are going to be 
using our detergent on this cleaning. Again   Just to really flush out some of that stitching 
and this sock liner we also got our handy dandy   Cleaning mat plus our dry rack Bowl combo with 
all that being said I can go ahead and grab one   Of these shoes set it to the side because we are 
only going to clean one shoe for that before and   After purposes, so let me go and just grab 
this left one set that aside right there and   We can go ahead and start with this cleaning by 
removing these laces. Alright we got our laces   Out they are hella sticky, so I'm just gonna set 
those aside I don't know what are on them things   Looking at this shoe it looks like there's some 
spaghetti I know Megell was wearing this shoe   So he might have got his mama spaghetti on his 
shoe while he was wearing them, but again our   Shoelaces are removed. Right now I'm just gonna 
grab our adjustable shoe tree insert this like so,   Bang bang we got our shoe tree in what that 
did was pop up our toe box so now I can apply   As much as pressure as I need to and really scrub 
away as well as it's going to help in the laundry   System to keep the form and integrity of the shoe 
but right now I'm just going to grab our solution   Squirt some squirts in our bowl of water and start 
with our soft bristle brush. The reason why we are   Starting off with our soft bristle brush is 
because we noticed it just generates the most   Bubbles it's great on all materials and it's not 
going to fray or snag however if we do see some   Deeper stains at the soft brush didn't come off 
re-hit that up using our medium bristle brush.   Alright guys before I wrap up with our soft 
bristle brush I'm just going to grab our   Microfiber towel and wipe off some of these 
suds and see what type of deeper stains I'm   Working with again I'm not finished with the 
soft brush just yet because I do need to go   Ahead and take care of this sock liner plus 
that insole is looking pretty busted as well. [MUSIC]

I'm all done with that microfiber towel 
the soft brush did this thing per usual,   But I do have to go back into this sock 
liner as well as this insole and get a nice   Deep clean so I am just going to remove the 
shoe tree take out this insole because sheesh   This thing is dirty as well. To clean this we are 
going to be using our soft bristle brush just so   We don't fray or snag this material super delicate 
so I'm gonna get to that right now. [Music] Alright we are all done with that pre-cleaning 
of the sock liner as well as our insole   Just going to go ahead and insert that 
back like so as well as our shoe tree.   Right now we're going to keep the party rolling 
and start with our medium bristle brush with this   Brush I am going to go back over the midsole 
just so we can get a nice deep clean on this   Stitching as well as this midsole because 
I got a lot of deeper stains right there   So I'm gonna hop on that right now let's get 
it let's go. Alright guys when cleaning your   Reimagined Threes or any Threes you do want to 
make sure you pay extra attention to detail to   This air bubble because a lot of trapped in dirt 
can get stuck in there as well as behind this heel   Tab. Alright guys I'm all done using our medium 
bristle brush the last thing we got to do is go   And use our stiff bristle brush in most cases 
we would typically scrub this midsole. However   Since this is a painted midsole in this black 
and it's off-white section we're not going to   Be using it there just on the outsole one of 
my favorite things about this shoe is actually   The midsole and this back tab how they chose 
to go with that off-white age look but again   Right now I'm going to go ahead and tackle 
this outsole using our stiff bristle brush. Alright guys I am all done with 
this outsole the last thing we   Got to do before we head to the washer 
is going to take care of these laces. Laundry Pod, can't forget that and then I'm gonna   Head off to the washer and 
I'll see you guys in there. Alright we are inside our washer we only have 
one shoe inside our laundry bag but I do want   You guys to know it will hold two shoes up 
to a size 12 and a half. To wash your shoes   You do want to make sure you use cold water on a 
normal cycle so we're going to do that right now   In a light cycle since it's only one shoe and 
we'll go ahead and start. Alright guys we got   Our shoe in the washer it is towards the end of 
the business day so we're gonna take these out   Let them dry overnight I'll see you guys tomorrow 
but realistically y'all see me in like three to   Five seconds peace. Alright guys we are back we 
did go and let the sneaker dry for over 24 hours   And honestly I am very happy with these results 
to clean up great as it always does honestly the   Only issues I'm noticing actually happened prior 
to the cleaning and that's because unfortunately   These Reimagined Threes did come with some 
factory defects; such as imperfect stitching,   Glue stains, uneven paint jobs and so much 
more. I tried for the sneaker on the SNKRS  

App ,unfortunately I didn't get it but my girl 
got them and I can just let you know the grade   School sizes were so much worse but the shoe is 
still a 9 out of ten it's not even a 9.5 out of   10 in my opinion right now I'm going to get 
them laced up so we can sign on out of here. Alright there it is that's gonna do it that's 
gonna wrap things up for today's episode of Shoe   Care Academy on these Reimagined White Cement 
Threes. We achieved these results using all the   Products you can find in our Signature Shoe 
Cleaning Kit paired with our Sneaker Laundry   Detergent we also took advantage of our Dry Rack 
Bowl combo plus our good old Cleaning Mat as you   Can see the products speak for their self you can 
find all these products at reshoevn8r.com as well   As all your other shoe care needs so make sure 
you hit that link in the description save y'all   Some dollar bills, but before I bounce I did let 
you guys know about a giveaway at the beginning of   The video I said someone's getting hooked up with 
their very own Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit we are   Hooking up one lucky subscriber all you gotta do 
is comment down below what you think shoe of the   Year is so far whether they've already came out 
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again head to recruiter.com enter that giveaway   And get your RESHOEVN8R products with all that 
being said make sure you like comment subscribe   Y'all know the vibes it's your boy Pretty Boy 
Rob and I'll catch y'all in another one peace.