Color faded Nike Dunks… Can we bring them back to life?! Watch the whole video and drop a comment if you think we made a difference!

These beat Phillie Dunks were dropped off to be cleaned by one of our top of the line Shoe Care Specialist, but it was clear that these had been worn to the ground! We took these to the lens to show you how to clean faded, beat and worn down sneakers. Plus it was a huge help that they are suede which is hands down the HARDEST material in the game to clean up!

We started by using the Essential Cleaning Kit to break down all of the grime that was built up on that tricky material, but we have to be cautious. When cleaning suede especially colored suede, because it is known to show water marking and it can 100% get damaged. We cleaned the entire sneaker evenly and made sure not to oversaturate the materials. To do this we made sure to add as little water as possible to the material and brush. You can clean suede with water and solution, but you do have to be weary!

Once the uppers were cleaned it was time to take on the rest of the sneaker with the Natural Solution and three different brushes. Once we were done it was time to allow the sneaker to dry evenly. We set this out in the Arizona sun to make sure it got the best dry possible! PSA… If suede doesn’t dry evenly it will look water marked or potentially damaged.

After it was dry the sneaker overall looked better, but there was some deeper staining and some serious color fade. We needed to take care of that suede material using our Dry Suede Kit and Mink Oil to give it the best care.

Overall the sneaker looked like a night and day difference. Was it perfect? Nope, but it looked great.

Let us know in the comments what you want us to clean next or send in your kicks to be cleaned.. You never know it could end up on the channel.

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Old old schooling rotary phone ringing Ready hello rejuvenator yeah we can help You for sure you got some beep Philly Dunks I can definitely help you out What's up shoe care Superstars my name Is Nick and today we're taking these Philly SB Dunks from These to this and only a few simple Steps using rejuvenator products stay Tuned welcome back or welcome to shoare Academy powered by rejuvenator and on Today's episode we're cleaning these Nike SB dunk low Phillies which are part Of the bubble gum pack we're going to be Cleaning these up using a couple Rejuvenator products such as the Rejuvenator essential kit as well as the Dry sued kit if you're new here make Sure you click that subscribe button Also drop a comment below and let us Know what sneakers you want to see us Clean I've got some work ahead of me so Let's get into it now this sneaker came From next door at our drop off cleaning Service it's pretty dirty it's not Overly filthy muddy gross nasty like you Guys normally see us clean but this is a Customer shoe so it's just naturally Dirty it looks like he did play some Baseball in this so we're going to have To definitely get it cleaned up now this Shoe has a couple of different materials On it mainly is going to be this suede Around the toe cap all along the side of

The shoes also through the heel cup as Well as suede in the toe box suede on The side panel uh the sock liner and Then it's also got some leather on the Swoosh here so we're going to have to do A couple different cleaning methods for This I don't want to overly saturate This shoe and I don't want to get it Super wet because of it is suede so I'm Going to be dry cleaning the sneaker as Much as I possibly can and then lightly Getting the shoe wet to get these panels Just kind of back to its natural state So we're going to try to clean it the Best we can using the rejuvenator Essential kit before we move over into The rejuvenator dry suede kit but the First thing we need to do is get rid of This shoe for before and after purposes Now we're going to remove the laces and Get our cleaning station all set up they Call the bubble gum pack because it does Have the bubble gum here right here on The bottom um they also did release the Bubble gum ones which uh had the bubble Gum on the bottom as well but those Aren't part of the BS this is a standard Jordan one high all right so this Shoe is dusty and dirty now you don't Want to put solution and water onto the Suede Shoe or really any shoe for that Matter if it has a top layer of dirt on It because you're simply going to just Make a muddy soupy mess and you're just

Going to brush that into the material so For this I'm going to be using our Medium bristle brush um to just start Lightly brushing to try to get this top Layer of dirt off as best as I possibly Can um you could also use an air Compressor I don't have an air Compressor I'm sure most of you don't Have an air compressor so if you do have One it's great to get that top layer of Dirt off but if you're like me and you Don't have one just use your medium Bristle brush and just start dry Brushing it to get as much dirt off the Top layer as possible the reason why I'm Using this brush is because it is our Medium bristle brush it's kind of like An allpurpose brush it's great for Almost all materials and I know that This type of material is not going to be Damaged by using this brush when you are Dry brushing at home do a test Spot Somewhere on the sneaker in an incon Pi You a spot to see if it is going to Damage your materials you really want to Be careful with some of your super Delicate ones but this material I know We're going to be fine all we got to do Is start trying to brush all this dirt Off so I guess let's get brushing as you Can tell it did take a little bit of That top surface layer off didn't do a Whole bunch to it you can see that there Is some blue starting to kind of show

Through but I think whatever this dirt And grime is on this suede we're going To have to get it wet so for that I need To definitely get a cleaning station set Up using our solution and water so let's Get to that yo editors pop me in a Cleaning station And just like that Aces place got me Right so we going to use the rejuvenator Essential kit it does include 4 oz Bottle of solution all three of your Brushes as well as a microfiber towel I'm also going to be using a shoe tree To help alleviate some of the creasing In the front of the sneaker as well as Provide a nice hard surface for me to Really get down into this toe box to Help get all that dirt out also I've Paired this with our drying rack and Bowl combo which is an excellent place To store your brushes as well as give You a nice spot for your water and Solution we put all the stuff on top of Our super absorbent cleaning mat all These products are available online at Renator tocom make sure you use my link Below to help save yourself some money But let's get right into it first thing We're going to do is put the shoe tree In the shoe this is a size N9 we're Going to adjust it to size slide it in Your shoe pop it down lock it in gives You a nice surface to actually apply Pressure to clean the toe boxes as well

As helps reshape the sneaker and Alleviates some of the creasing doesn't Eliminate them and alleviate them all Right we're going to take our solution Two squirts into your bowl of water Typically you want to use two squirts of Solution per 4 oz this 4 oz bottle will Clean up to 50 pairs of shoes 50 5 0 5 0 50 pairs for 1/ 4 oz bottle Solution That's a lot of pairs all right two Squirts into the Bowl next we're going to grab our soft Bristle brush for this cleaning I do not Want to Super saturate and get this shoe All wet so what I'm going to be doing is Lightly cleaning each panel of the shoe And Pat drying with our microfiber towel As we go around to hopefully not Oversaturate the shoe that way it's less Work on the back end of things so we're Just going to grab our soft bristle Brush dunk it in the water and get to Scrubbing so the purpose of cleaning the Sneaker in this fashion is basically Trying to evenly clean as well as evenly Dry the sneaker the best as you possibly Can so that way you don't have any color Fade or if you do have color fade or Water spots at least they will be kind Of uniform so that way you can dress Them and Tackle them at the end of the Cleaning to make everything look as good As you Can all right so that's going to wrap it

Up using the soft bristle brush on the Entire upper of the sneaker we're going To let it dry for a minute while I let It dry let's grab some comments Hector Sanchez 9663 asks how could I clean the Collar of the sneaker I'm scared I might Stain or ruin this shoe well Hector as You just saw I cleaned the entire collar Of this sneaker on the inside and the Outside using our soft bristle brush I'm Going to go back over using our medium Bristle brush again next but you don't Need to be worried about staining the Shoe using the solution the solution is All natural it's not going to stain your Sneaker but what you do need to be worry About is what brush you use while Cleaning the collar of your sneaker and Also be weary of the colors if it's got Dyed suede materials you have to be Careful not to oversaturate it so it Doesn't bleed and go down into other Materials that are around the collar of The sneaker so just be mindful when You're cleaning it but as you saw here We clean the collar of this sneaker just Fine using the soft brush and our Solution and water mixture okay why we Let this sneaker continue to air dry a Little bit before I move on to the next Brush we're going to tackle this insole Oh my God what the this thing is Filthy as you can see it's dirty it's Gross it's got bunch of hair and lint on

It so we're going to get this cleaned up I'm going to use the medium bristle Brush and I'm just going to dry brush The top layer of debris off of it then I'll move over to actually getting this Wet with the solution and water and Clean it Off All right let's just get rid of this Sorry Vic now a lot of people ask us why We clean the insoles of the sneakers Because you know you don't really see Them but the main reason is gets rid of All the odors and the smells that come From your shoes this is where all of That stuff lives so cleaning the outside Of the sneaker is great for appearance But if you want to make sure the sneaker Doesn't smell and continue to smell you Got to clean your insoles take them out Clean the tops clean the bottoms really Let them air dry don't put them back in The sneaker when they're wet cuz you Don't want to put anything that's wet Back into a dark environment because It's just going to help keep that smells Going so you actually want to let it air Dry all the way completely before you Put it back into the sneaker all right This insole is looking a lot better it's About as good as it's going to get Without throwing it into the wash using The solution and the brushes it Definitely has helped alleviate a lot of

That marks and stains out of this insole So it looks a lot better And I know it's going to smell better Now too next we're going to get back to The sneaker it's still kind of air Drying on the upper I don't want to get The uppers wet again so what I'm going To do is move on to the out SES as well As the midsoles of this sneaker first Thing I want to want to do is clean the Bottoms of the shoe so that way as I put Solution and water back onto the top if It does get onto the uppers it's not Going to be that big of a deal because It's still kind of wet but drying so I'm Going to use our stiff bristle brush First and then clean the outsoles and Then move on to the Midsoles now the stiff bristle brush is The stiffest brush that we have it's Essential for getting all of the dirt And debris and rocks out of the bottoms Of your sneakers as well as providing The best clean for any of your hard Rubber materials you don't want to use This brush on any of your delicate Materials such as suedes Leathers new Buuck canvas mesh Etc also be mindful on Any painted midsoles you do run the risk Of damaging the paint and actually Stripping it off using the stiff bristle Brush all right that's going to wrap up Cleaning the out soole of this sneaker Next we're going to move on to the

Midsole and we're going to use our Medium bristle brush simply dunk it in The solution and get scrubbing make sure You're mindful of trying not to get the Suede wet again as you're cleaning the Midsole keep the sneaker elevated down So that way the suds will drip off of The shoe rather than onto the Shoe now as you can see I'm using my Finger and the towel to tackle some of These tougher marks on the midsole the Reason why I'm using the towel in my Finger versus using the stiff Bristal Brush is I don't want to risk damaging Or frame the suede material the towel Will actually buff out some of these Deeper marks on the midsole area just Simply wrap it around your finger and Just kind of go back and forth over that Spot a few times and it should quickly Get rid of it all right so now that I've Cleaned the midsole I'm actually going To go back with the stiff bristle brush I know I said I'm not going to use a Stiff bristle brush on the midsole but Hear me out the stitching is looking a Little dinge so for that usually I would Use a very small like metal brush or Like a wire brush I don't have one with Me today so what I'm going to use is our Stiff bristle brush I'm going to just Dip the very edge of it into the Solution and water and I'm just going to Go back and forth right on the stitching

As tightly as I can just to try to help Get some of this Grime and gunk out of The stitching to help get it back white As best as possible this is a very Tedious process take your time and just Make sure you get right inside the Stitching you don't want to oversaturate Your suede materials like I've said a Gajillion times in this video so take Your time just get deep into the Stitching so that way it'll help Brighten it back up now I need to tackle This upper again as you can can tell Some of the staining is still prant Throughout the sneaker it's very dirty And it's suede the soft bristle brush Did a great job of breaking down that Top layer but it still has some debris Left on it for that we're going to be Using the medium bristle brush and I'm Going to quickly and lightly clean the Suede one more time pat drying as I go Around the sneaker to help remove some Of this deeper darker marking on the Suede All right that's our second pass on the Uppers of these Nike SB dunk low Phillies they're looking a lot better Than they did previously but they're Still some staining on here which Hopefully after they dry they'll Actually lighten up a little bit and We'll go over with our dry suede eraser But for now we're going to set these to

The side and we're going to tackle our Laces normally I'd let these sit in the Bow the entire time however I didn't do That this time because I forgot that They were sitting over there so we're Just going to drop them into our bowl of Water going to mix them around squeeze Them between our hand really try to Flush them out as best as possible SB Laces are super fat or super foamy so They actually hold in a lot of this Water so as you can see as I put it in There it actually absorbed it all up We're just going to squeeze it a couple Times we might use the brush as well as The towel just to try to get them as Clean as we possibly Can all right our laces are all clean Let's take the shoe set it outside let It dry for a little bit we'll come back We'll hit with our dry suede eraser and Reset this nap and we'll wrap it Up shoes dried took a little bit longer Than expected just because it is suede We wanted to make sure that it evenly Dried out as best as possible so I let It sit overnight now it's the next day And looking at the suede it looks a lot Cleaner than it did before there's still Some staining and some marking around The suede but it doesn't look as bad as It did the tongue is looking a lot Better so is the sock liner now there's No more marking along the inside of it

Also along the back heel cut you can see That the Nike is actually looking white Again so the next step in this cleaning Is going to be using the dry suede kit The dry suede kit is going to include Your dry suede eraser as well as your Dry suede brush for this we're just Going to take the Eraser and we're going To go around the entire sneaker and Using the Eraser to try to lift up and Remove any of this residual dirt and Grime that's still on this sued after we Cleaned it using the soft and the medium Bristol brush just take the Eraser rub It down just like you're erasing Something on a piece of paper it's going To take some time this is not Necessarily a fast process get it Cleaned up the best you possibly can and Uh and then just use the dry suede brush Brush the suede back to reset the nap And then uh we'll come back There some staining if it's deeply Stained inside the sneaker will not come Out with the dry suede eraser it's all Going to depend on what type of marks And staining is on your shoes a lot of This is going to be oxidation um and Then just fading hopefully with mink oil It'll help bring it back to life take Your time and clean the shoe as Thoroughly as you can and then move on To the next Step I've made a couple passes around

The entire upper of the shoe using both The dry suede eraser the dry suede brush Also you saw me using the medium bristle Brush this just helps kind of reset the Nap of this suede a little bit easier Sometimes versus the dry suede brush Just because it's a little bit bigger of A handle and has more bristles the Sneakers look looking a lot better than It did before as you can tell the suede Still does have some discoloration to it It's not that the suede is dirty it's Just the actual suede from being used And worn over time and being faded plus Anytime you clean your sneakers and any Dyed suede with solution and water or Any water or any solution whatsoever Cleaning product it will lighten the Suede up we've also cleaned it using the Dry suede method this the shoe is clean It's soft to the touch the suede isn't Crunchy or anything like that it's just Been discolored Over time with use and wear but to get The sneaker looking back a little bit Brighter than it was we're going to use The rejuvenator mink Oil as well as our rejuvenator horse Hair brush this process is super easy You simply spray a couple coats on it Let it sit for a second and then brush It in using the horse hair Brush so the shoes looking as good as it Can get using our rejuvenator essential

Cleaning kit as well as our dry suede Kit we added the mink oil brought back Some of the color back into the toe box As well as on these side panels a little Bit color back into the suede as well The sneaker is just faded and there's Not much else we can do to it for a Cleaning without getting deeper into Like a restoration process and actually Redying the suede to get it back to that Bright vibrant blue that it was Originally so that's going to kind of Wrap it up for what we can do here next Thing we got to do is lace the sneaker Up and then clean the other one for the Customer cuz he's got to pick these Shoes Up and that's that on these Nike SB Dunkow Phillies which part of the bubble Gum pack as you can tell from the before To the after we definitely made these Things look a lot better now sometimes When it comes to cleaning shoes like This there is only so much you're going To be able to do as far as a cleaning is Concerned as you can tell this customer Sneakers have been used you can see the Toe box is creased up there's no more Stars on the bottom this one's got Coffee spills and some other water Damage as well as it's missing and worn Through some of the materials up here Base cleaning and top level surface Cleaning is only going to get you so far

Until you have to get down deep into Actually redying the suede or doing Other conditioning processes to it the Before and after definitely has cleaned Up using the rejuvenator products the Sneakers are looking a lot better than They did before the main portion of this Cleaning was done using the rash Ator Essential kit we also paired this with The rejuvenator adjustable shoe tree It's still installed in the sneaker Because I don't want to take it out this Helps reshape the sneaker as you can Tell from toe box to toe box as well as Helps alleviate and eliminate some of The creasing it didn't eliminate all of It but it definitely helped remove some Of the creasing as you can tell from the Before sneaker over here it definitely Helps reshape it and reform it as well As gives you a nice area to actually Clean and scrub down onto it next we Used the rejuvenator dry suede cleaning Kit the dry suede cleaning kit comes With your dry suede eraser as well as a Dry suede brush this helps get some of That deeper marking and staining out of The suede depending on how deep it is And the type of stain that it is now we Partnered this entire cleaning with one Of my favorite products that's the Drying rack and Bowl combo gives you a Super excellent spot to put your water In solution as well as a good spot to

Let all your brushes drip dry during and After the process and after it's all Done you simply close it all up and now You got a great spot to store your Brushes last but not not least we used Rejuvenator mink oil this helps Revitalize your materials it works great On suede as well as leather materials to Help add some life back into it as well As a little bit of color we also used The rejuvenator horse hair brush to help Massage the mink oil back into the Sneaker this isn't a musk you can also Use the rejuvenator soft bristle brush From the essential cleaning kit but I Like this brush because it is a little Bit softer and it helps really massage The mink oil into the sneaker and last We use the the rejuvenator cleaning mat This is a super absorbent cleaning mat That's great to put down on top of Whatever surface you're cleaning on all These products and more can be found Online at rejuvenator Docomo to help save yourself some money Other than that we'll see you guys next Week