After trucking through the Pumpkin Patch with the kids and taking on the farm these brand new Black Toe Air Jordan 1 Lows were looking past the point of trashed. They had dirt, grime, mud and who knows what else could be found on these leather materials. In today’s episode of Shoe Care Academy we will walk you through how to clean the 2023 release of the Black Toe Air Jordan 1 Low. These didn’t release all that long ago, but when you wear your kicks they’re bound to get dirty!

To clean these all leather kicks we relied on the RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning Kit. We started off by dry brushing the sneaker to remove as much loose dirt as possible. The main benefit of this is that it removes the upper layer and prevents the dirt being pushed further into the stitching and sockliner. After we removed most of the upper layer of dirt it was time to get to work with the cleaning solution and brushes.

We cleaned the entire sneaker evenly using the Soft Bristle Brush and all natural solution to breakdown the remaining debris on the sneaker. Now we didn’t notice it right away, but the black leather on these sneakers bled pretty heavily. After we finished with the Soft Brush it was time to go into details. We used the Medium Brush to detail the insole of the sneaker and the midsole before finishing the job on the outsole.

Once the sneaker dried it was time to complete the job. Overall the shoe looked 100X better and was hands down ready to go back on foot and make more memories with the kids. However, we needed to use a couple more products just to finish the job. We used Mink Oil to really condition the materials and Deodorizer to give the shoes a fresh and clean smell.

Let us know in the comments is the Black Toe colorway one of the best in the game?! Comment first for free product!

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What's going on R Shu venation I'm Jordan and in today's episode of shoe Care Academy we are going to be taking On my personal pair of the 2023 black toe Jordan one Lowe's now I Wore these to the pumpkin patch they got Super dirty at the farm I was with my Nieces and nephews and then we dirtied Them up just a little bit more outside But as you can see these are completely Cooked so to clean these we are going to Be using the rejuvenator essential Cleaning kit has everything that you Need to provide your sneakers with a Quick and effective clean so without Further Ado let's get into this Cleaning before I start this cleaning if You're new here make sure you subscribe If you like today's video hit the thumbs Up button drop a comment on whatever Shoe you want to see us clean next we Drop new videos every Monday with Vic Almighty doing customs and Restorations And we drop new shoe care Academy videos To teach you guys how to clean up up Quite literally any sneaker in your Collection on Thursdays plus Vic has a Huge project coming up so make sure you Guys stay tuned now let's get into this Cleaning we got our cleaning station all Set up with everything that comes in the Essential cleaning kit we have our 4 oz Cleaning solution three brushes and our Microfiber towel we also paired it with

A couple other essential products for Cleaning your shoes we have our cleaning Mat which right now has a lot of debris From the shoe on there our drying rack And bulk combo to hold our water and our Brushes throughout the cleaning and our Shoe tree to allow us to get the most Effective clean now for before and after Purposes you already know we only clean One shoe so I'm going to go ahead and Set this shoe to the Side now that that's out of the way There's quite a bit of mud on the floor So Vic Almighty might have to vacuum but We are going to go outside and dry brush This sneaker to get all of that loose Dirt off before we start Cleaning sorry about your flooor Vic now the real work begins now that The shoe is done dry brush we can see What we are actually working with so for The first step of this cleaning we are Going to be removing the laces and Inserting the adjustable shoe Tree the laces are out of this sneaker Now I am going to be inserting our Adjustable shoe tree into the shoe to Help us get an effective clean but Before I do that let's take a look at This toe box I wore these quite a bit After I got them so they are pretty Creased the toe box is not holding its Form very well so we're going to insert The adjustable shoe tree to really push

This toe box out eliminate some of that Creasing and give us a tough surface so That we can scrub this entire sneaker Effectively now these are a size 8 and 1/2 so I'm just going to adjust this Shoe tree to size before I put it in the Sneaker got the shoe tree inserted now Our shoe trees are 100% adjustable they Adjust from a size six to a size 12 we Do also have our extra long shoe tree Bars so if you have a bigger foot those Are the best things for you now that That's all done we just need to squirt Two squirts of solution into our 4 oz Bowl of water now we are all ready to Start scrubbing we're going to be using Our soft bristle brush on the entire Uppers of the sneaker to make all the Bubbles and break down as much of the Dirt as possible so let's get into It now the main benefit of the soft Brush is that it's super soft so it Works great on any material it really Breaks down all of the dirt and grime And creates the most [Music] Suns all done with the soft bristle Brush now overall this shoe looks really Good the leather uppers cleaned up Really nice so for the next step we're Just going to be moving on to our medium Bristle brush to hit this grimy midsole Especially this hard Stitch that you see On the midsoles of all sneakers and

We're also going to be hitting the Insole of this sneaker now the insole of This shoe is white which I think is a Little weird but it is definitely super Dingy so we're going to remove the shoe Tree and take out that inso to give it a Proper [Music] Scrub All done with the medium bristle brush Now all that's left to do is wipe away The SIDS using our highly absorbent Microfiber towel so we can see how the Shoe is looking now I did go ahead and Hit the uppers with the medium bristle Brush just to get a really good clean on The stitching that's on the sneaker and The inside of the sneaker overall the Sneaker looks really good all that's Left to do is take care of this grimy Outsole using our stiff bristle brush Now some people don't clean the outsoles Or the insoles of their sneakers however For us we do take care of both to give Our sneakers the most effective clean we Take care of the outsoles using the Stiff bristle brush and the insoles Using the medium bristle brush just so That the shoe is fully clean smells a Lot better and looks a lot better to go Right back on foot shoes are 100% taken Care of down to the insole now I do want To say it does look like the shoe does Bleed a little bit of color I didn't

Notice it on the white leather it Doesn't look like it caused any damage There but my hands do have this bluish Blackish tint as well as our medium Bristle brush so when you are cleaning Those just be super careful cuz the Color bleed can happen we're going to Set the shoe aside take care of the Laces and then all that's left to do is Allow it to dry there are a couple Effective ways to clean laces some might Use a soft bristle brush and scrub them Some might put them in a water bottle With water and solution and shake it However since these are black laces They're pretty thin I just personally dip them in our bowl Of water and solution or leave them to Soak through the whole cleaning rub them Through my hands squeeze out that excess Water and then dry them with our Microfiber towel so now that the laces The shoe and the insole are all taken Care of all that's left to do is allow The sneaker to dry I'm going to be Putting it on our drying rack in our Drop off cleaning service to give it a Proper dry one thing I do want to Mention never put your sneakers in the Dryer always use a fan a drying Rack or The sun works perfectly as [Music] Well just got the shoes off the drying Rack they've been drying for about 24

Hours and they look really good all That's left to do is head into the Studio and finish up this cleaning all Right we're back in the studio from the Drying rack as I mentioned the shoe Looks really good also this insole did Clean up really good it was really dirty Still not 100% But at the end of the day My foot just goes right back in the shoe So it doesn't really matter now we just Have to put the shoe back together lace It up up and then we'll do a couple Finishing touches with rejuvenator [Music] Products all right sneakers all laced up Now I got to say my sneaker red flag is That I can't lace shoes I try really Hard so this isn't the perfect lace job And I'll be the first to admit that but The good news is they're my shoes so who Cares we have to put the finishing Touches on this sneaker we're going to Be using a couple different rejuvenator Product products we have the rejuvenator Mink oil to help recondition the leather Make the shoe nice and shiny also the Black leather did bleed quite a bit so We're going to put some mink oil on it See if we can bring that color back and Then also our deodorizer now I didn't Put the shoe in the washing machine it Didn't really need it so it doesn't have That super fresh clean smell that we Would if we put them in the washing

Machine so I am going to be using just a Couple Squires of deodorizer to really Finish off the process and last but not Least our HSE hair ha brush our HSE hair Brush works perfect with mink oil to Just rub it into the materials highly Recommended if you're picking up mink Oil that you pick up this as well it's a Perfect combination let's get into Spraying some mink oil on this black toe Jordan one low to finish the Cleaning when you're using mink oil you Want to make sure that you spray the Entire sneaker evenly hold the can about 6 to 8 in away from the sneaker don't Hold it super close and then just make Sure that you're rubbing it in with a Horse hair brush we highly highly Recommend spraying mink oil either Outside or in a very well ventilated Area all right I went ahead and applied Two coats of mink oil to the shoe Overall the sneaker looks really good It's really shiny the materials are Reconditioned so you can do a couple Things with mink oil you can either Allow it to soak in there's still a lot Of oil on the sneaker and it can soak in And continue to recondition your Materials or you can just take this Microfiber towel and just kind of wipe Off the excess you'll still get the same Results either way for me I'm just going To wipe off some of the excess mink

[Music] Oil got some of that excess mink oil Wiped off so now I'm just going to Remove the shoe tree from the sneaker And use our sneaker deodorizer to finish Off this [Music] Job shoes are all ready but before we Look at the before and afters I just Want to address a few comments V attena 1903 has been asking us for multiple Days to clean the 2019 black toe Jordan 1 low release now this isn't the exact Sneaker but the cleaning process will be Very similar one thing to know is this Shoe bled like crazy the black leather And there is a solid chance of the 2019 Pair wheel as well so when you're Cleaning it just be really careful and Mindful that it can bleed we do have Another comment to address Ryan Johnson 7367 asked what kit is the best option To clean your Jordan Ones we do have a Couple different options for this Cleaning specifically we used our Rejuvenator essential cleaning kit this Works great on all leather sneakers but Also if your shoes aren't super dirty You can use it on anything I highly Recommend this kit for cleaning newbu or Suede shoes that need a deeper and more Effective clean we also have our Rejuvenator signature kit the signature Kit is the best kit in my opinion it

Provides a deep and effective clean Every time you have the option to do a Quick clean with just the brushes and Solution then you have the laundry System for the harder materials like Knit or canvas so I highly recommend the Signature kit when you're cleaning your Jordan once one more thing let's talk a Little bit about the history of the shoe Now you already know the Black Toe is an OG colorway one of the best in the game In my opinion they've released the highs And the lows they're still one of the Most sought after sneakers now I'm a Huge fan of the 2023 pair they released A ton of these I was super hyped to get Them on sneakers until I found out that Just about everybody in our office got Them as well let's bring up that before And after so that we can wrap up this Cleaning sorry about the floor one more Time Vic all right we got the before and Afters up and as you can see this is a Night and day difference this sneaker is Absolutely busted this sneaker is Looking pretty fantastic and ready to be Put back on foot let's just do a little Quick look you get a lot of comments About not showing the before and afters With a shoe tree in so I just want you Guys to know I took the shoe tree out This is 100% an after no shoe tree you Can see the shoe tree really did help With the creasing and reshape the

Sneaker looks really good to achieve These result we used the rejuvenator Essential cleaning kit paired with our Mink oil horse hair brush brush and Sneaker deodorizer to finish off the job You can pick up all of these products And so much more at rejuvenator dcom use My link in the description save yourself 10% off and thank us later if you're new Here make sure you subscribe if you like Today's video hit the thumbs up button And keep dropping comments with Questions we will be responding to Comments in all of our YouTube videos Moving forward I'm Jordan and I'll see You guys again Soon Bye [Music] He