Denim, corduroy, canvas, and suede on one sneaker! These Concept Air Max 1s looked like they were buried in a mud puddle when we first saw them, but stay to the end to see how well these tricky materials cleaned up.

After the mud was brushed off it was much easier to see the different materials, colors and patters that could be found on these Air Max 1s, but there were still some deeper stains on the denim portions of this sneaker. This shoe in particular had the potential to bleed color, to fade, and even a slight chance that these wouldn’t come clean at all.

We started with dry brushing to remove the loose mud and dirt before getting to the deeper cleaning method. We cleaned the entire uppers using the Soft and Medium Bristle brush. Both of these brushes are delicate enough to clean those materials. Once that was out of the way we needed to finish the job with the Stiff Bristle Brush.

The pretreatment was complete and it was now time to wash the sneaker in the laundry system. Luckily these materials responded great to the washing process and there was no issues with the cleaning process. We washed these on a normal cycle with cold water then allowed them to dry.

Overall these sneakers cleaned up great! The mixed materials had a chance to cause some issues, but with someone like Vick Almighty behind the cleaning there is no reason it wouldn’t be successful!

Don’t forget to drop your comment to get selected for our EXCLUSIVE Costco cleaning and protection kit! If you didn’t watch the whole video; you should to see EXACTLY what to comment.

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What's up everybody welcome back to Another episode of shoe care Academy Powered by rejuvenator I'm Vic Almighty And today we're going to be cleaning up Some Air Maxes Believe It or Not these Are actually concept Air Max ones They're just covered in Grime mud and All types of stuff somebody here at Rejuvenator doesn't want me to succeed Cuz they went in on dirtying these up Underneath all this mud I know for a Fact there's a bunch of stains and Markings from everyday wear but first I Got to worry about all the surface mud That's been sitting on the shoe for Several days before I can get to that This should be a fun and challenging Project there are a lot of materials to Work with so let's get to It before we get started with this Cleaning don't forget to subscribe to Our Channel we drop weekly content on Mondays and Thursdays also click on the Link in the description to join our Email list for VIP discounts and more Content for this cleaning we are going To be using our rejuvenated signature Shoe cleaning kit let's get started by Setting up good to go our signature shoe Cleaning kit contains all three brushes Needed for this cleaning soft medium and Stiff we also have a shoe tree to Minimize the creasing on the toe box a Microfiber towel a laundry bag to put

The shoe in the washing machine to fully Complete the cleaning process and of Course our special solution without it This cleaning wouldn't be possible now For before and after purposes we'll put The right shoe to the sight and just Focus on the left one let's take out the Laces and inso to give those a thorough Cleaning separately actually we should Go outside first and bang off as much of This mud as we can right now it's kind Of getting in the [Music] Way that was pretty aggressive we did Get the majority of that mud off now We're going to finish off the job with The medium Bristol brush to finish Brushing it Off shoe looks 10 times better already You can actually tell it's a concept Air Max One now let's go to Min rules and Use our air compressor and wash this Dirty [Music] Brush [Music] Already a night and day difference but Wait there's more real quick while we're At it let's clean off this mat so we Don't Place more dirt on the shoe let's Take out the laces and insert our shoe [Music] Tree all prep ready to go we scrubbed Off all the surface mud used the

Compressor to blow off the remaining Dust we took out the laces and insole we Insert our shoe tree we're ready to go Now that we got all the mud completely Off the shoe we know exactly what we're Working with overall the shoe isn't Totally bad the meno and so have average Grime and dirt that'll clean up nicely My biggest focus is going to be two Different parts the first one being is This tongue there's a lot of marks on it We're going to have to do a lot of Scrubbing and same thing with this denim Toe boox and side panel we're going have To do a lot of scrubbing using the Medium bristle brush first let's squ Some squirts of our solution inside our Bowl of Water two of course is all you need now The first brush we're going to be using Is a soft bristle brush we're going to Go in a circular motion all around the Sneaker and set it now to start breaking Down all the grime and Dirt the reason why I use a soft bristle Brush in the beginning of all my Cleanings is because it's the brush that Creates the most SS and because this Brush is the safest to use on the Majority of materials on the sneaker Specifically we have horsehair material We have canvas we have denim we have Corduroy the soft bristle brush or Medium bristle brush are the only

Brushes you want to use on this [Music] Shoe All right so far so good we got a lot of Those stains out of the denim it's still A little rough I can still see a lot of Grime so we're going to be using the Medium bristle brush to give the whole Upper a good Scrub following the soft bristle brush The medium bristle brush also does a Great job of taking care of those deep Stains on the shoe without damaging the Materials it's also great for taking Care of plastic rubber and minil the one Thing I never use the medium Bristal Brush for is the tongue tags the Majority of tongue tags are pretty Delicate with small embroidered details If you scrub too hard it'll spray [Music] It all done with the medium Bristal Brush this shoe looks so good I did a Lot of scrubbing on the denim Specifically and the tongue and it made A big difference that denim is looking a Lot better it's back to its blue tone Originally it was pretty brown and same Thing with this tongue it was covered in Marks black marks specifically Throughout the entire tongue if you move These Suds you can definitely tell it's Back to Brown now let's finish off this Cleaning by using the Z so brush to

Clean up these [Music] Outsoles check out the difference on This outsole it's looking great same Thing with the rest of the shoe we're Basically done the washing machine is Going to take care of the rest but real Quick we still got to take care of the Insole and the lace the insole isn't too Bad however the lace is super cooked We're going to let this sit inside the Water and solution for several hours I'll put this in the washing machine Separately to get it as clean as Possible for the inso we're going to be Using the medium bristle brush to give It a good [Music] Scrub All right these laces do look a little Bit better but they are pretty dingy my Trick to getting these back to as wide As possible I usually get a fresh bowl Of water add some more solution and Detergent let the laces sit in there for Several hours even overnight I even put Them in the indoor setup so the UV rays Could do its job after that I pull them Out put them in the washing machine to Fully rinse out all the grime and after That I usually have some pretty white Laces right now they're pretty Brown Let's start the [Music]

Process To the washing [Music] Machine if you're new to the channel we Always use the washing machine for Starting cleans to maximize the clean With our detergent pods you want to use Cold water with a regular Cycle Got the shoe out of the washing machine We let it dry overnight when it comes to Drying a shoe anytime you put it inside The washing machine or just give it a General clean I always put it underneath The Sun or next to a fan as far as the Shoe goes we'll start with the sole Overall I say we got it about 95% clean Everything washed away nicely inside the Crevices there is still some Grime but I'm not going to go too crazy on the Shoe the air units nice and shiny I'm Glad underneath all that Grime and mud There was no paint tripping on the Sneaker and for the uppers the hardest Part about this whole cleaning turned Out great the shoe contains a lot of Canvas denim Suede and embroidered Materials and for the most part Everything washed away nicely the denim Was one of the materials that I was Worried about the most but it washed Away nicely just like a regular pair of Jeans the suede on the tongue by far was The scariest material there's a couple

Of things that could have gone wrong for Example it could have bled like crazy And got all over the denim or the Nike Tongue tag luckily for us that did not Happen however it is a little bit faded And just a moment we'll spray some mink Oil to bring back the color considering How beat and destroy the shoe was I'd Say we brought it back to life as far as The laces go I did clean it once again With clean water and solution then after That I let them sit in the indoor setup Overnight I took them out this morning Put them in the washing machine let them Dry and we got some clean results They're fully back to White before we Lace it up we got to take care of the Tongue we're going to be spraying some Mink oil using our HSE hair brush as Well we'll spray a nice even coat all Around let it sit for a bit then with The HSE hair brush we'll brush it in We'll reapply brush it in and we should Get it back to its original state for Best results apply thin even Co Throughout the entire material let it Sit for a little bit then brush it in When it comes to leather it's great for Reconditioning it and keeping it healthy For years to come when it comes to suede It's great for bringing back the color After it's been washed away after the Cleaning just by applying mink oil onto The tongue the suede looks a million

Times better let's go ahead and insert The insole and Lace it [Music] Up [Music] All right guys that's going to bring us To on end on this concept Air Max 1 Cleaning the great news is that the shoe Is 100% safe to clean up in the washing Machine I'd almost recommend every Single time to put it in the washing Machine this shoe contains heavy Materials such as Denim and canvas the Best way to wash out the grime and dirt Is by putting them in the washing Machine using our signature shoe cting Kit now in case you guys run into the Issue where the suede gets faded you Could just use our mink oil to bring Back the color before we wrap it up here I want to show you guys our brand new Rejuvenator premium shoe care kit that's Exclusive to Costco only it contains our Water and stain repellent all three Brushes microfiber towel deodorizer and Of course our 8 oz bottle of solution This is a $70 value for only $29.99 Exclusively at Costco this will make a Great gift for the holiday season check Out our website for Costco locations Near you speaking about the holidays I Am the nicest guy on the channel so I am Going to give away one of these for free All you got to do is comment down below

Santa Almighty and I'll pick a lucky Winner to win one of these new premium Shoe care kits I got to get back to work On the other set on my custom I hope you Guys enjoy this video this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday See [Music] [Music] Y' [Music]