The wait is OVER! We have been asked for months to take on this cleaning and let’s just say we were a little worried after seeing quite a few ruined pairs come into our shop. However, we made the decision to take the risk and pick up a used pair from eBay to show our audience exactly how to clean this Nike SB Dunk. In today’s Shoe Care Academy episode we will walk you through exactly how to clean the Why So Sad Nike dunk using the Reshoevn8r Essential Cleaning Kit.

The Why So Sad Dunks feature a light blue nubuck and dark blue suede on the entire uppers, but who knew that the main problem would be the tear away paint on the swooshes. This is your PSA when cleaning this shoe to be super mindful of this issue! To kick this cleaning off we had to dry brush the sneaker to remove as much loose dirt as possible, but unfortunately it didn’t do much!

Once we were done dry brushing the sneaker we needed to scrub the entire sneaker evenly with our Soft Bristle Brush and natural solution. When cleaning the suede we went panel by panel due to the possibility of color bleed. However, one helpful tip is that in order to get the best and most effective clean on suede material is to clean the ENTIRE sneaker evenly and pat dry as you go.

Once we cleaned the entire upper we noticed a few blue bubbles, but luckily there was no damage on the suede materials. After that we took on the midsole and thick canvas tongue using our Medium Bristle Brush. The midsole did have some oxidation on it, but overall it was nothing too crazy.
Finally we took on the translucent outsole using the Stiff Bristle Brush. All in all the sneaker looked a lot better, but we still had to let it dry. When drying suede sneakers ALWAYS let the shoe dry evenly or you will experience water marking.

After 24 hours we took a look at the shoe and for the most part it was looking great. There were a couple deeper stains around the swoosh, but we took care of those using the Dry Suede Eraser. Last thing was the crunchy suede that we had to reset using the Dry Suede Kit.

Last step was to bring back any color fade and recondition the materials using Mink Oil and the Horsehair Brush. After all these steps the Why So Sad Dunks are looking top tier. Plus we conquered our fears of cleaning that shoe!

One last thing… This is your reminder that you are NEEDED in this community! The Why So Sad Dunks are more than a sneaker they are a story, a cause and a statement to anyone struggling with mental health. You are not alone!

Drop a comment and let us know your favorite SB Dunk of all time for a free Essential Cleaning Kit.
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What's going on R sh V Nation I'm Jordan And we are back with another shoe care Academy video today we're going to be Cleaning up these why so sad Nike SB Dunks now you guys have been asking for These shoes for about 9 months and I'm Not even going to lie I've been putting It off we've seen about three or four Pairs come into our drop off cleaning Service completely trashed because of Color bleeding this could be an absolute Disaster we're going to be taking care Of this shoe us using the rejuvenator Essential cleaning kit as well as Probably pairing it with our dry suede Kit at the end and potentially mink oil Depending on the color bleed before we Get started if you're new here make sure You subscribe if you like today's video Hit the thumbs up button and drop a Comment let us know what you want us to Clean and they might end up on this Channel at some point it might just take Us 9 months let's get this cleaning Station all set up for before and after Purposes we only clean one shoe on Camera so we're going to go ahead set This shoe to to the side and then we're Going to remove the laces and just get To Scrubbing I removed the laces from the Sneaker so now we can see this canvas Tongue a little bit better it is super Dirty so we're going to need to scrub

That I placed our laces in the bowl of Water to soak throughout the entire Cleaning now I'm going to insert our Adjustable shoe tree into this so that We can apply as much pressure to the Material as possible to get the best Clean these are a size 8 and 1/2 so We're going to adjust it to about the Fourth or fifth hole I always get this Wrong got it now as I mentioned this Will allow us to put more pressure on The toe box during the cleaning it'll Also help push out any of the creasing We did pick these up on eBay they were Used so the sneaker is a little bit Misshapen however with the shoe tree in It's going to reshape the entire sneaker And we will leave it in throughout this Whole cleaning we're going to add two Squs of solution to our 4 oz bowl of Water and then we're we're going to take Our soft bristle brush and dry brush off As much of this dirt as [Music] Possible I went ahead and dry brushed The entire sneaker using the soft Bristle brush it did remove a little bit Of the surface dirt but honestly there Is still some deep stains on this Sneaker specifically this toebox area Has a lot of Trapped in dirt into the Material as I mentioned I've seen quite A few ruin pairs come in here with the

Darker material bleeding onto the Lighter material so I'm a little bit Worried about putting water and solution On here but we don't really have a Choice now under the swoosh there is This tear away paint so that you can get A yellow swoosh if you really want to so Once we scrub it we could lose some of That paint and we might have yellow Swooshes by the end of this we won't Know until we get started so we're going To take on the entire shoe using our Soft bristle brush I'm going to hit Section by section first pat dry as I go Just to see how the sneaker reacts to The cleaning solution and we'll go from There when you're cleaning suede you Might notice that I am taking it panel By panel pading dry as I go you do have To clean the entire sneaker evenly so You want to make sure that even though You're cleaning panel by panel you are Hitting every part of the shoe or you Will see water marking this sneaker is Bleeding quite a bit looks like it's Coming from the swoosh but I'm not 100% Sure so we're going to keep scrubbing Super carefully and try not to get any Of that color bleed on the lighter new Bucker suede material we are all done Using the soft bristle brush on the Entire uppers the suede responded very Well to the cleaning I didn't see any Color bleeding coming from the darker

Suede onto the lighter what I did notice Was that the swoosh since it has that Tear away paint it bled like crazy we Had blue bubbles the brush was blue you Can see it's pretty yellow now but this Side's even worse however even with all Of that bleeding I don't see any damage On the other materials which is good so Now we're going to be using the medium Bristle brush on the midsole and then I'm going to go over this thick canvas Tongue one more time to get a more Thorough Clean the medium bristle brush is our Allpurpose brush I didn't go ahead and Hit the suede again or the swoosh just Because of that color bleed and overall Looks pretty good without it so I just Hit the midsole and the tongue medium Brush works really well on the trickier Canvas materials so overall I would say The medium brush is the way to go went Ahead and used the medium bristle brush On the midsole as well as the tongue Midsole cleaned up really well however There is some discoloration happening on The paint I don't know if it's oxidation Or what it is is but it's definitely Yellow after this we're going to allow The sneaker to dry and then we'll Probably put it in the UV rays in the Vic 2000 to see if we can flush out that Oxidation last step is to take care of This translucent sole using our stiff

Bristle brush however there's some dirt Trapped into it so I'm going to use this Handy dandy pick that I borrowed from Vic to get as much of the dirt out as Possible before I start Scrubbing [Music] I'm done with most of the cleaning now For the last step it's just going to be Really the details I'm going to remove This shoe tree and then we're going to Take out the insole and give it a nice Scrub as well as scrub the interior of The sneaker as I mentioned they are used So when you buy any use shoes you really Should clean the inside and try to Disinfect them as much as possible cuz You don't know where these people's feet Have [Music] Been all right I mentioned how important The details on the cleaning War however This sneaker itself has a lot of details There's this hidden little icon on the Inside of the insole that matches the Embroidered Stitch right here on the Sneaker there's a question mark on the Back and there's the why so sad on the Back of the tongue tag overall the Sneaker itself is really welld designed Those little details make a lot of the Difference so let's put the shoe back Together clean the laces and let the Sneaker

[Music] Dry we're all wrapped up with the Cleaning we are going to let this Sneaker dry we typically would set it Outside to get an even dry however in Arizona it decided to rain and be like 60° today before we head to the drying Rack let's talk a little bit about the Why so sad dunks now as I mentioned There's a lot of hidden details on this Sneaker however the why so sad dunks are More than just a sneaker they're a story These were created by John rree to bring Mental health awareness as well as Suicide awareness and prevention to the Skating Community if you are somebody That you know is struggling with your Mental health or having suicidal Thoughts please reach out to somebody or Use the number on the screen to get some Help just remember that you are loved And needed in this Community all right we let the shoe dry Overnight and overall it cleaned up Really well there is still some deeper Staining specifically around the swoosh Since the swoosh did bleed color so bad I don't want to go over the sneaker Again because we will have fully yellow Swooshes if we try again so for this I'm Going to be using our dry suede eraser To erase away some of those stains also This dark blue suede is really crunchy So we're going to be resetting the nap

Other than those two things the shoe Cleaned up pretty well but let's get the Dry suede kit get rid of those deeper Stains and make the sued nice and Buttery [Music] Again The dry suede kit comes with two Different components comes with our Suede eraser and our suede brush when You're using the suede eraser you're Kind of just going to use it exactly Like pencil eraser and then the suede Brush move in multiple directions don't Apply too much pressure until you reach Your desired Results all done using the dry suede kit We got the darker blue suede back to That nice buttery texture we did remove Some of the deeper stating using our Suede eraser however there is still one Stay by this swoosh I erased it a couple Hundred times it's not coming off so We're just going to leave that there and Just pretend it's perfect now there is a Little bit of fading on the darker suede Material so we're going to be using our Mink oil and horsehair brush to bring That color back as well as recondition The entire [Music] Sneaker I went ahead and applied one coat of Mink oil holding the can 6 to 8 in from

The shoe and then rubbed it all over the Sneaker using our horse hair brush and Then allowed it to dry for just a couple Of minutes sneaker is looking a lot Better so all that's left to do is lace It [Music] Up got the sneaker all laced up now I Said it before and I'm going to say it Again I'm not good at lacing shoes now I'm going to bring in the before Speakers so we can check out the before And afters recap this cleaning and wrap It up I'd say they cleaned up pretty Well now on our most recent video or Pretty much any video that we clean Suede on we get a lot of comments that You're not supposed to wet suede I just Want to let you guys know you can wet Suede just make sure you clean the Entire sneaker evenly don't use a ton of Water because you don't want to Oversaturate the material material so You can shake out the brush or whatever You want to do and clean panel by panel Until you see how the sneaker is going To react because they can bleed if They're not this dirty you definitely Can use our dry suede kit method do a Quick dry cleaning and keep the Integrity of the suede materials just as A backup plan let's bring in the Products that we used and recap this Cleaning to start we used our

Rejuvenator essential cleaning kit with Our microfiber towel three brushes and All natural solution ution to break down All the dirt and grime then we paired That with our cleaning mat to keep our Station nice and neat throughout the Entire cleaning once they were clean and Dry we went ahead and used our dry suede Kit to reset the nap get out some of That deeper staining and make them look This good then we used our mink oil Paired with our horsehair brush to bring Back some of that color fading on the Darker suede materials and we achieve These results you can pick up every one Of of these products and so much more at Ruinator tocom use my link in the Description save yourself 10% off make Sure while you're on the website to sign Up for our email list we have exclusive Content discounts giveaways and so much More straight through our newsletter I'm Jordan and I'll see you guys again soon In the next shoare Academy video [Music] Bye Oh