Suede is a tricky material, but mix it with a vibrant color and it slowly becomes one of the hardest materials to clean. The Orange Lobsters were arguably one of the best releases of 2022, but the possibility for error when cleaning them could cause problems. Lucky for you RESHOEVN8R not only has the best product in the game, but we have all the tips and tricks to match! For today’s Shoe Care Academy we will walk you through exactly how to clean Suede Nike Dunks using the Essential Cleaning Kit.

What you don’t see on camera is the back and forth conversation between keeping this a dry cleaning and using the Dry Suede Kit vs. getting them wet and using the Essential Cleaning Kit. Now that was a battle. With the possibility of color bleeding, color fade and the speckled detail washing off we had a few possibilities for error; not to mention the extremely delicate materials! However, we have faith in the RESHOEVN8R way, so the Essential Kit was a must.

We picked up this pair used on eBay and then Nick had the opportunity to rock them and get them more dirty. Although he hit on retail for his own pair when they dropped… He turned around and sold them for a profit. Was that the right or wrong decision?! After they went through the dirtying process, we got straight to work on the Shoe Care Academy episode!

For the cleaning we used the Essential Cleaning Kit paired with a couple additional products. First step as always is to get the laces out of the sneaker; this allows you to really clean the tongue. Then a crucial step of the cleaning is always to insert the Adjustable Shoe Tree. This helps hold the shape of the sneaker and allows you to put pressure on the toebox.

The cleaning is straight forward start by cleaning the entire uppers using the Soft Bristle Brush. The Soft Brush is the most delicate and breaks down the grime while maintaining the integrity of the sneaker. For this cleaning we cleaned each section little by little while patting it dry with a Microfiber Towel as we go. Since suede is delicate and bleeding was a possibility it is HIGHLY important to not oversaturate the material and to pat the sneaker dry. Once the uppers were clean we moved onto our Medium Bristle Brush to take on the midsole. Since the midsole is black it didn’t need too much work! Finally the Stiff Bristle Brush was used to breakdown the grime on the outsole of the sneaker. Once the pretreatment was done. All that was left allow the sneaker to dry in the Arizona sun.

Here’s a tip… When cleaning suede always allow the shoe to dry evenly to avoid watermarking.

After the sneaker was dried we did notice a little bit of color fading from that vibrant orange. Luckily our Mink Oil was able to bring it back. When applying Mink Oil it takes about 2-3 even coats. Hold the can about 6 inches from the sneaker and spray evenly then rub it into the sneaker using a brush and repeat until you get the desired results! Then you’re all done!

The before and afters speak for themselves! We tried and trusted the process with this cleaning. If you copped a pair of these don’t be afraid to clean them!

Which Lobster SB Dunk is the best?! Let us know in the comments.

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00:00 Introduction
02:02 How to Use Shoe Trees
03:03 Possible Complications of The Cleaning
04:05 How to Clean Suede Uppers
05:43 Benefits The Cleaning Solution
06:35 Medium Brush Tips and Tricks
08:08 How to Clean Shoe Laces
08:26 How to Properly Dry Suede
09:12 Resetting The Nap
09:53 Mink Oil Benefits
11:30 Product Recap

Welcome back to Shoe Care Academy powered by RESHOEVN8R my name is Nick and today we're going   To be taking on these Nike X Concepts SB orange 
Lobster dunk Lows, now these shoes we picked up   From eBay as you can tell they are pretty dirty 
they definitely look like they've been used and   Abused not terribly but they definitely got some 
wear marks on them now to clean these up today   We're going to be using a few different products 
from RESHOEVN8R, the main product is going to be   The RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit also we're going to 
pair it with the RESHOEVN8R Brass Bristle Brush Also the RESHOEVN8R Dry Suede Kit and also the 
RESHOEVN8R Mink Oil all of these products are   Available at reshoevn8r.com and make sure you 
use my link down below to help save you guys some   Money. Make sure that you like, comment, subscribe, 
save, favorite all of the things on this video and   I'm going to pick one lucky commenter to receive 
a free RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit as well but other   Than that let's get into this cleaning. We have our 
cleaning station all set up now I went ahead and   Picked the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit to clean this 
pair of shoes for a couple different reasons. One   I did not want to put this sneaker in the 
laundry system because the delicate nubuck   And suede materials that are on this shoe also 
I'm confident that this shoe is going to bleed   Like crazy once we put some solution on there 
so I went with the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit   Which includes four ounce solution, our 
three brushes soft, medium and stiff as   Well as microfiber towel. I also paired 
this cleaning with a few other products.   They're going to be the drying rack and Bowl 
combo the cleaning mat as well as shoe trees.  Now for before and after purposes we're only 
going to be cleaning the right shoe so we're   Going to go ahead and get rid of this left shoe. 
fFrst step we have to do is remove these laces Laces are removed we're just going to drop them 
in our bowl of water for this entire cleaning to   Help get them nice and clean. Next we're going 
to grab our adjustable shoe tree and adjust it   To size now the great thing about the shoe trees 
it helps reshape the sneaker as well as gives you   A nice hard toe box to really get in to get all 
this dirt and grime off. Next we're going to add   Two squirts of solution to the bowl of water now 
that we've got the solution in the bowl before we   Go ahead and just start soaping up the sneaker and 
getting it super wet. What I want to do is take our   Soft Bristle Brush I'm just going to dry brush 
to try to get as much of this dirt and debris   And stuff off the sneakers I possibly can. Now the 
fact that this sneaker is a premium nubuck sneaker   You might be able to get by with just doing a dry 
cleaning I don't know how much of this stuff is   Going to come off with dry cleaning that's why 
we're going to use the solution depending on how   Dirty the shoe is it's really going to determine 
if you need to use a wet cleaning or not. Now also   We don't want to put this sneaker in the laundry 
because of how delicate this premium suede is this   Orange is going to bleed the reason why I know 
that is because I can already see on the sock   Liner as well as on the interior of the shoe and 
on the tongue it's already got orange bleeding  

Just from wearing the sneaker as well as the 
laces were orange too so you want to be very   Careful with how much solution and water you 
put onto the sneaker that's why we're going to   Do it with the dry brush method first and then 
from there we will lightly start soaping it up. Dry brushing is all complete it didn't do a 
lot but it definitely took that top surface   Dirt off of the sneaker which is good because 
you don't want to take that dirt and just shove   It down into the material now anytime you're 
cleaning suedes, nubucks, premium materials   Something super soft like this normally you'd 
want to do an inconspicuous test somewhere on   The sneaker you know typically like on 
the back heel area maybe on the inside   A little bit of the shoe a little bit with 
the solution to check to see how bad the   Sneaker is going to bleed or not. I already 
know this sneaker is going to bleed so I   Don't need to do that so what I'm going to 
do is just very lightly dampen the shoe rub   It around and then use our microfiber towel 
and quickly pat dry as I move around the shoe. Now whenever you wet one of these panels you 
want to make sure that you wet the entire panel   So that way you can also try and dry the panel 
as evenly as possible that's the biggest thing   When you're working with suedes and nubucks is 
letting it dry so you really want to try to make   Sure that every panel that you're getting wet 
you're getting the entire panel wet so that way   It can dry all at the same time and as evenly as 
possible. Alright I finished my first pass using   The Soft Bristle Brush on the uppers of this 
sneaker. Now the Soft Bristle Brush is great   Because it really breaks down all of that top 
surface dirt as well as gives you a nice soapy   Surface to really be able to clean the inside 
of the sneaker. Now I've gone over it one time   And I've really just lightly gone over it with 
a little bit of water because you don't want to   Over saturate the material I can still see there's 
some dirt and debris and stuff still kind of all   Around the toe box area also along the the back 
heel cup area so what I'm going to do is I'm just   Going to grab the soft bristle brush again and just 
lightly go over it one more time and being sure   That I don't over saturate the material or let 
the water really sit for a long period of time. Alright I went ahead and did the uppers 
for a second time I also hit the tongue a   Whole bunch of times as well as the inside 
sock liner using our soft bristle brush to   Really get it as clean as I possibly can. Now 
one of the benefits of using this solution is   It's got a lot of great oils and natural like 
degreasers and and grime kind of like killers   To really get that stuff off of the sneaker 
typically with like a leather sneaker or some   Other materials you may let it just sit to 
really break down that grime and dirt and   Soot and everything else that's on the sneakers 
but since this is a premium nubuck and suede we   Don't want to do that that's why you might have 
to do it a couple of times and just lightly go   Over it and just really break down the layers 
of the dirt on the sneaker. Now after I've got  

Done doing the uppers as well as the tongue 
and the sock liner we're going to move on to   Our insoles and then from here we're going 
to move on to the midsoles and the outsoles. Insoles cleaned up put back in the shoe. Shoe 
tree's been reinserted to make sure that the   Form of the sneaker gets reset. Next we're 
going to be moving on to the midsoles of   These sneakers now I'm going to be using the 
Medium Bristle Brush which is great for any   Of your hard rubbers some of your leathers and 
other natural type materials you want to stay   Away from using the medium bristle brush 
on any sort of delicate or soft materials   Such as suedes, nubucks some premium tumbled 
Leathers even with the medium bristle brush   Will really rub it off and also some painted 
surfaces but we're going to hit the midsole  With the medium bristle brush and we're going 
to pay close attention to try to avoid getting   Any of the upper materials wet and also I'm 
going to be using the towel as we go along to   Just really help wipe up any of that excess 
moisture and suds that we have right away. Just finished hitting the midsoles using our 
medium bristle brush next we're going to tackle   These outsoles using our stiff bristle brush. Stiff Bristle Brush is excellent for hitting   Any of these hard rubber outsole materials as 
well as any of the deeper stubborn staining or   Marks around the midsole areas and now some of 
these like outer edges on the outsoles also I'm   Going to be very mindful while I'm cleaning this 
I don't want any of the soap to go back over and   Saturate the uppers of the shoe again so I'm 
going to try to let gravity be my friend and   I'm going to try to position the shoe so that 
way as I'm cleaning the soap will continue   To run down and hit onto our cleaning mat and 
hopefully not get the upper saturated anymore. Music That's going to do it for the stiff bristle brush 
and the outsoles of these sneakers next we need to   Go ahead and Tackle these laces that have been 
sitting in the bowl of water this entire time. Now since these laces are super fat and 
all the SB laces are they hold a lot of   Water in them so I'm just pulling them 
through the towel to help get any of   The excess moisture out of them before we 
take the shoe and the laces outside to dry. Music We've let the sneakers sit outside it's completely 
dried now one thing I wanted to remind you guys is   When you are cleaning these delicate materials 
as I was cleaning it you watch me pat dry the   Sneaker and I didn't also overly saturate each of 
the panels that we were cleaning we just lightly   Cleaned them so that way the shoe is evenly dried 
there's no water marks there's no water stains or   Anything it looks like there doesn't appear to be 
any water damage but the sneaker is pretty dried   Out now since we did wash it. Our solution does 
have natural oils in them that helps clean and   Condition the materials but it also does dry out 
the suede a little bit so for that we typically  

Would be using our Dry Suede Kit like I said in 
the beginning of this video but this material   Isn't that bad and as it sits it actually cleaned 
up very nicely so I don't think we need to use the   Dry Suede Kit which includes the eraser and the 
brush so I already have my medium bristle brush   Out from our Essential Kit to go ahead and reset 
the nap on this suede because it is a little bit   Dry and it's not as smooth or as buttery soft 
texture as it was prior to cleaning. Alright We've reset the nap on this sneaker it's looking 
and feeling great now one thing we did notice was   The extreme color bleed of this shoe as I was 
scrubbing it earlier I don't know if you guys   Could see it on camera but all of the soap 
and the bubbles was turning orange my brush   Was turning orange I had some orange on my towel 
so the sneaker's looking a little bit dull and a   Little bit dingy, but that's okay we talked about 
this product earlier in the video and that is   Mink Oil it works great on all your suedes, nubucks, 
leathers and other soft delicate materials or   Anything that's been dyed what happens is this 
stuff just adds a little bit more life back into   It to make it looking vibrant. Now typically 
you want to spray this outside or in a well   Ventilated area hold the sneaker a few inches away 
from you and you want to spray a couple even coats   And just evenly coat the sneaker lightly all the 
way around and then we're going to use the medium   Bristle brush from our Essential Kit and we're
just going to kind of brush it in sometimes that   Might take one or two coats to get the vibrancy 
back into the life of your sneaker. Shoe is looking   Great now that we've added a couple coats of Mink 
Oil to it and got it all nice and brushed in it's   Back to that nice bright vibrant orange that it 
was when they first released all we have left   To do now is just lace them up. Now these shoes 
dropped back in December I actually remember when   These dropped because I was sitting in this exact 
chair when I got the email from Concepts that says   My draw entry had been selected. I literally sat 
right here pulled my phone out and got saw the   Notification boom bang boom hit on the special 
box got them in if you go to my Instagram you   Can see I've got a whole bunch of unboxings with 
the special box pair which came with the special   Lobster phone uh collector's box it also came 
with the 400 Bearbrick, the shoes came with two   Pairs of laces and then also the black bands let 
me know what you guys think about the Concepts   Lobster series. What's your favorite colorway? And then also let me know do you guys like   Regular Dunks or SB Dunks over one or 
the other I'm personally a big fan of SBS   Um just the the fit the comfort and everything 
else I really like them also make sure if you   Guys got SBS make sure you lace them right. Number 
one alright anyways so that's gonna wrap up   This cleaning. Let's talk about which products we 
used to get these sneakers clean firstly we used   The RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit it is essential 
in providing the greatest clean for your   Sneakers it includes four ounce solution, three 
brushes and your microfiber towel next we used   Drying Rack and Bowl combo this thing comes in 
clutch great spot to keep your brushes dry as  

Well as have a nice bowl to put your solution 
and water in and the Cleaning Mat this thing's   Great it provides you a nice place to clean your 
sneakers without worrying about getting your table   Top your surface whatever you're cleaning on dirty, 
wet, all mucked up whatever else you literally just   Pick it up clean it off boom on to the next
one also we used Shoe Trees can't see it it's   Inside the shoe perfect for keeping the shape of 
your sneaker helping give you a nice surface to   Put extra pressure on your toe box to really get 
all that dirt out and it also helps alleviate and   Eliminate creasing as well we talked about but we 
didn't actually use the RESHOEVN8R Dry Suede Kit   In the beginning of this video this is great for 
suede sneakers it's also great to have for all   Those little spot cleanings the dry eraser helps 
really get that muck and dirt and everything marks   Out of the Suede and then the brush helps get that 
nap right back to its perfect perfect texture. We   Also talked about but didn't use the Brass Bristle 
Brush now the Brass Bristle Brush is pivotal if   You have water damaged suede if you've got super 
bad suede that's really crunchy or crispy this   Way. Luckily since we didn't have those issues 
we didn't need to use the Brass Bristle Brush .  We got by by just using the medium brush part of 
the Essential Kit but it's great to have if you   Do own any suede or nubuck sneakers because if 
you do need to reset that nap and really get the   Material back to its nice soft buttery texture 
this is pivotal to have and lastly Mink Oil I   Don't know if you remember what this looked like 
10 minutes ago before we put the nice fresh coat   Of Mink Oil on these but these definitely changed 
the entire appearance of the sneaker it adds light   Back into the shoe it gives you that nice bold 
color pop that it had beforehand and it's just   An excellent conditioner for all different types 
of materials a must-have now you can shop all   Of these products online at reshoevn8r.com make 
sure you use my code below that'll help save you   A little bit of money. This wraps up this cleaning 
on these Concepts X Nike SB Orange Lobsters once   Again my name's Nick I hope this video has been 
beneficial to you now you don't have to be so   Worrisome about going into cleaning your Concepts 
X Nike SB dunk Orange Lobsters or Purple Lobsters,   Green Lobsters, Yellow Lobsters whatever color 
lobsters you have also leave a comment below   So that way you get your chance to win a free 
RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit compliments of me   Stay tuned to next week we're going to clean the 
hypest dad sneaker around the Nike Vomero fives