Mesh shoes can be tricky to clean. In this video, we compare using our washing machine method to a quick clean method. Even though the quick clean was effective, the results weren’t nearly as good as using the Signature Cleaning Kit with you need

In this video I'm going to show you why The rejuvenator laundry system is the Best method to clean mesh sneakers the Main benefits of the laundry system is The ability to fully flush out tough Materials and provide the deepest clean Possible for this video we use the Signature cleaning kit to clean an Air Max One mesh sneakers are the perfect Candidate for the laundry system because The dirt and grime can sink deep into The materials we clean both of these Shoes using different techniques But Ultimately we proved why the laundry System is the way to go clean your mesh Sneakers in the wash and make us later Pick up a signature kit at Rejuvenator.com today