Welcome to the latest episode of the Shoe Care Academy, brought to you by Reshoevn8r! As the sneaker community continues to embrace the comfort and style of New Balance, our mission is to guide you through the art of sneaker maintenance. In today’s tutorial, we’re diving deep into the world of New Balance, exploring the cleaning processes for three distinct models: the classic 327’s, the sophisticated 2002r’s, and the trendy 515’s.

New Balance enthusiasts, whether you’re a fan of the dad shoe nostalgia or you’re all about the latest hype, we’ve got you covered! From the retro vibes of the 327’s to the modern allure of the 2002r’s, and the urban chic appeal of the 515’s, we understand the diverse landscape of New Balance sneakers.

Join us as we embark on a sneaker-cleaning journey that addresses the unique materials of these kicks. We’ll be showcasing our expert techniques for cleaning mesh, knit, and suede materials, ensuring that your New Balances not only look pristine but also stand the test of time.

Our step-by-step tutorial is tailored to cater to sneaker enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners looking to enhance their cleaning skills to seasoned collectors seeking the best practices for maintaining their prized New Balances.

But that’s not all – we’re not just about cleaning sneakers; we’re about building a community passionate about sneaker culture. So, lace up your favorite pair of New Balances, hit that subscribe button, and become part of the Reshoevn8r family! Stay tuned for more exclusive tutorials, in-depth sneaker insights, and the latest trends in shoe care.

Are you ready to elevate your sneaker game? Let’s dive into the world of New Balance together – clean, stylish, and always on point with Reshoevn8r! Don’t just wear your sneakers; make a statement with them. Welcome to the Shoe Care Academy, where every step is a stride toward sneaker perfection.

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Welcome to this episode of shoare Academy powered by rejuvenator where we Teach you the dos and don'ts of sneaker Cleaning if you're new here make sure You click that subscribe button we drop Two videos every single week also make Sure you like comment favorite and share This so that way everybody in your Circle can learn how to properly take Care of their sneakers with Rejuvenat today we have three different Pairs of New Balance sneakers starting From the oldest to the newest as far as The dates that they were released we got The New Balance 5 1 FS this is a Suede And mesh sneaker as well as it's got Some foam and plastic along the back Next we've got the New Balance 327s this Is a mesh sneaker with some suede Components as well as foam and rubber Along the backside and last but not Least we've got the New Balance 2002 RS This is a mesh upper with suede panels a Little bit of leather as well as some Foam and like plastic on the back now to Clean these up today we're going to be Using using the rejuvenator essential Cleaning kit plus our suede revive Bundle that's going to include our dry Suede cleaning kit mink oil and the Horsehair brush all of these sneakers Have suede on them so we're going to be Doing a dry cleaning plus a wet cleaning And then a little bit of after cleaning

As well all we have to do now is get our Cleaning station set up and get rid of One side of these shoes since as you Guys know or maybe you don't know we Only clean one shoe so that way we can Show you the before and after purposes So I'm going to get rid of this one I'm Going to get rid of this one and I'm Going to get rid of this one now let's Get our cleaning station set up so that Way we can start tackling all of this Suede first step we need to do is insert Our adjustable shoe trees into each of These sneakers so that way it will help Reform the sneaker as well as give us a Nice hard surface to really put pressure Onto these toe boxes to get this suede Mesh and other materials super cleaned Out using our solution XL shoe tree bars These things fit up to a size like 16 or 17 maybe even 18 I don't know they're Big these shoes are big get yourself Some XL Sho tree bars now that we have Our shoe trees inserted into each of These sneakers next thing I'm going to Do is take out the laces so that way we Can start the dry cleaning process now That we have the laces removed the first Thing I want to do is use the medium Bristle brush and I'm going to dry brush All of the top layer of dirt off of each Of these shoes simply because you don't Want to put water and solution onto a Shoe that has top layer of dirt and

Grime on it because all you're going to Do is rub that into the shoe so first Thing we're going to do take our brush And just lightly get the top layer of Dirt Off Now that we've dry brushed all three of These shoes you can tell how dirty that Top layer of dirt was simply by just Trying to brush it off with our standard Medium bristle brush next thing I'm Going to do is use our dry suede eraser From the ruinator dry suede kit just to Hit some of these darker deeper stains To see if we can help lift them up prior To getting the shoe wet make sure that You don't put a lot of pressure onto the Material because you do risk damaging it You just want want to take the Eraser And just slowly move it around on the Suede to really help get the Eraser Through the material and actually lift Out any of those stains or marks that You have on your Suede Shoes that's Going to wrap up using the dry suede Eraser the next thing we're going to do Is move over to our wet cleaning now Since the sneaker is Sue we want to be Very Mindful and careful for how much Water and solution we're putting on the Materials we're going to want to try to Keep it as dry as possible just lightly Getting it wet and scrubbing it in so For this we're going to use two squirts

Of our solution into our bowl of water Now this 4 oz bottle of solution can Clean up to 50 pairs so two squirts in Our bowl of water is good enough to do All three of these shoes now that we Have our solution in our bowl of water I'm actually going to take the laces From all three of them and let them soak In the water during this entire process So that way they can hopefully break Down this dirt and grime while we're Cleaning the sneakers first thing you Want to do is use our soft bristle brush It's the softest brush that's included In the rejuvenator essential kit and It's perfect for cleaning these delicate Materials because you don't risk Damaging the materials due to the Bristles on this brush just dunk it in The water let it drip a little bit and Let's lightly clean the top layer and Pat dry as we go so we don't Oversaturate the Suede and risk damaging It any more than it may already be from Just being as dirty as it is since the Upper of this sneaker does feature a Mesh type nylon upper we really want to Flush out the material the best way we Can using the soft bristle brush and Water in the solution so for this I'm Going to really clean deep inside the Sneaker all the way around to really Flush out the trapped in stains with Avoiding the suede as much as

Possible now that we finished cleaning The entire upper of the sneaker using Our soft bristle brush you can tell how Great of a job we did using the dry Suede kit ahead of time because this Sneaker is already looking a lot better Now this does have this like mesh nylon I don't really know what type of Material this is up top here still is Looking a little bit dirty it is wet it May brighten back up we're going to have To wait a little bit I was hoping I Wouldn't have to put the sneaker in the Laundry system but we may have to I'm Going to give it a little bit more time Just just to see how this kind of Lightens up as it dries but until then We're going to move on to our medium Bristle brush get your brush wet soap up The sneaker lightly brush it don't put Too much pressure especially in the Suede materials and pat dry as you go And let's see how well we can get this Material to flush out without using the Laundry system this brush is nice it's Kind of an allpurpose brush it's great For tons of different types of materials Even on this suede we used it on this Back panel as well as I hit this toe box Up a little bit again with this same Brush it actually really helped lift Some of that marks andan out of there Next and the last step we have to do on This is use our stiff bristle brush this

Is our stiffest bristle brush you don't Want to use it on anything except for Any of your hard rubber out soes or some Of your foam midsoles so be mindful when You're using this brush that you don't Rub up against other materials because You do run the risk of damaging them all Right that's going to wrap up the Cleaning on this new balance 327 as you Can tell the sneaker looking a lot Better it does look a little dingy Because the sneaker is wet I'm going to Go throw it outside probably come back In about an hour and it should be dried It is 80° out outside here in Arizona so It should dry pretty fast while this is Outside drying I'm going to move over to Our next sneaker which is the New Balance 515 be right back that 327s Outside drying next we're going to move On to this New Balance 515 it's got Suede mesh it's got some like cotton Material inside here the back of this is Like the super fuzzy soft material so We're going to have to be pretty mindful When we're using different brushes on This so first thing we're going to do is Grab our soft bristle brush and then Lightly go around all these suede panels To hopefully flush out this material the Best we can we're going to get into it Using our soft bristle brush and get to Cleaning all right that's going to wrap It up using our soft bristle brush on

The upper I'm actually pleasantly Surprised at how well it really cleaned This like cotton mesh material on the Sides here I was really thinking it was Going to have to go in the laundry but After we use our soft bristle brush I Don't think we're going to have to cuz It actually cleaned it very very well And I'm pleasantly surprised and I've Been doing this for years Next Step We're going to move on to our medium Bristle brush and we're going to clean This foam out soole as well as this Plastic back Tab All right I've hit these midsoles twice Using our medium bristle brush it got Some of that top layer of dirt off but There is some deeper darker marks and Staining along this foam here so for This I'm going to move over to our stiff Bristle brush now this foam you need to Be mindful of you do run the risk of Scratching and or gouging into it if you Put too much pressure with the stiff Bristle brush on this foam midsole as Well as the out soole but we're just Going to take it and try to get these Marks out all right that's going to wrap Up these 515s we used our three brushes And solution to clean these up and I'm Very very surprised and pleased of how Well they cleaned up all I got to do is Set them outside with those 327s to let

Them dry come back and we'll hop on to Those 202s so why the 515s and the 327s Are outside drying we're going to Basically rinse and repeat these 2002 RS Now the 2002r does have a premium suede Material and I know that because I have A lot of these cuz this is one of my Favorite models of New Balance um but The 2002r suede is a super duper premium Suede so you have to be very very Mindful of it with this mesh material All on the upper here we're going to try To be mindful using the medium bristle Brush to not snag or Fray any of the Material but we really have to get down Deep in here and really flush this out And then pat dry it to get the stains Out first thing we're going to do is Move over to our soft bristle Brush now I don't know if the camera is Picking it up or not but the second you Put any water and solution onto this Sneaker this material just sucks it Right up and just really absorbs it deep Into it so I've been putting a little Bit more Solution on there than I Typically would but I am already Starting to see where this suede Material is getting a little bit damaged By already oversaturating it so when you Are cleaning these 2002 RS just be very Mindful that this material is super Absorbent and will take in all of the Water and the solution that you put on

To it try to put less and go over it More frequently than oversaturating the Material one time they're cleaning up a Lot better there was some deeper Staining over here so I did this area Two or three times as well as back here In the heel I cleaned that area two or Three times but other than that it's Looking really really good next thing we Got to do is tackle the midsole as well As the out sole so for that I'm going to Use my medium bristle brush to go around And get into these more concave and kind Of like harder to reach areas then after That I'm going to move right over to my Stiff bristle brush to clean this out Soole and then we'll wrap it up and set It outside with the other Ones the sneaker looking great it does Look a little bit dingy because it is Wet there are some deeper stains that The soft bristle brush did not get out Of the suede material and I'm okay with That because we're going to go back and Use our dry weight kit after the Sneaker's fully dried the main thing was Trying to get the mesh as flush out as We possibly could therefore we didn't Have to put the sneaker in the laundry System the last thing we have to do is Set it aside and let it dry but before We put it outside with the other two Sneakers we've got to address these Laces now if you guys haven't noticed

This is the same bowl of water and Solution that we've had this entire Cleaning I haven't put any more solution In this bowl we're still using the same Two squirts as we did before just two Squirts in the bowl of water and you can Clean a bunch of shoes at one time I was Pretty weary of how the the essential Kit was going to clean all of these mesh Upper materials without putting them Through the laundry system but I'm Pleasantly surprised at how well they've Cleaned up they are all looking great Now the next step we have to do is Tackle all of these suede panels we did Our best to try to not overly saturate The material because we do know that it Does risk damaging it however just with Cleaning it with water and solution You're always going to run Into crunchy suede however we have a Super easy way to fix that that is our Medium bristle brush all we're going to Do is basically brush around the shoe to Try to reset the nap as well as clean up Some of this darker staining that may Still be on there after that we're going To hit with our dry toed eraser to see If we can eliminate any of these other Marks since these sneakers do feature Lighter colored suede panels the Staining may be prant because they are Just actually stained and unfortunately There's nothing you can do about it now

That I've dry brushed this shoe with the Medium bristle brush you can see how the Suede has been brought back to life Simply by brushing it with the brush This does take time time go slow don't Rush it don't be forceful with it move The brush around in multiple different Angles to really help reset the suede Back to its original Condition after you get done dry Brushing your sneakers you're going to Have the suede back to its original Condition where it's going to be nice And soft and supple all the way around Now since we have dry brush these shoes The next thing we're going to want to do Is really condition the suede to get it Back to its natural state and keep it Preserved for longer terms for that We're going to use the rejuvenator mink Oil this stuff is super easy to apply You simply hold the can away 6ck to 8 in Apply a light even coat to the sneaker Let it sit for a minute then bring in The rejuvenator horsehair brush and just Brush in the mink oil this way it'll Help recondition the sneaker as well as Give it a little bit more Life now that we finished resetting the Nap as well as reconditioning the suede On all of these sneakers the last step We have to do is lace them up hopefully I get the right ones Now that finalizes the cleaning on all

Three of these New Balance sneakers all Of them have very similar materials with Suede mesh uh there is some leather Elements on the 515s and the 202s you Can do the same exact thing at home with A few simple products check out Rejuvenator tocom and pick up the suede Revive kit plus the essential kit it's a Bundle already packaged together online For $79.99 at rejuvenator Docomo the rejuvenator dry suede kit Mink oil the rejuvenator horse hair Brush also it comes with the rejuvenator Essential kit there was a few other Products that we used on this cleaning That are great to add to your at home Cleaning station first is going to be The rejuvenator cleaning mat as you can See it's here on the surface it's been Here the entire time it's super Absorbent and helps maintain the top of Your surface so therefore you don't get Any water damage or anything else next Was our drying rack and Bowl combo it's An excellent place to store your brushes While cleaning as well as giving you a Very convenient spot to put your water In solution also we put shoe trees in Every single one of these SHO shoes They're sold online as a two pack which Comes with basically four shoe trees but Good for two pairs of sneakers all these Products can be found online as well as Others at rejuvenator dcom make sure you

Use my link down below to help save Yourself some money let's get rid of This stuff and check out some before and Afters as you can see on these three 27s The suede is looking great the mesh side Panels are looking even better our Outsoles they weren't too dirty but they Definitely had some marking on them and They're definitely cleaned up one thing To note about these is be mindful of the Red tag on the tongue because it did Bleed a little bit on the inside as well As a little bit on the tongue next we Had the new Valance 515s now this has a Super soft suede as well as a towel-like Mesh upper as you can tell all of these Panels cleaned up very very well this Suede came back to life super duper nice It is super soft to the touch and you Can't even hear it anymore it was very Very crunchy before but it's looking Amazing look how good these Look and last but not least is my Favorite pair of new balances not this Colorway but the model the 2002 RS now This sneaker has super premium suede all Around the outer as well as it's got Different types of suede on the heel cup On the side panel and also right around This front ventilated panel all these Different suede materials were kind of Hard to clean up but we utilize the dry Suede kit ahead of time to help really Get that top layer of dirt and grime off

Prior to ever putting water and solution On any of these sneakers that helped Tremendously if you didn't do the try Cleaning ahead of time I bet you would Have had a much harder time getting These sneakers to look as good as they Do the last thing I have to do is clean The other ones so we can get them back For the customer I appreciate you all Hanging out hopefully you learned Something drop a comment down below and Let me know what the next sneaker is you Want to see us clean other than that my Name's Nick I'm out we'll see you next Saturday [Music]