The Reimagined Royals dropped last year as a part of the “Reimagined Classics,” but some may say the ball was dropped on this one. The Royal colorway is a cult classic and following up the 2017 pair was going to be tough for this Reimagined pair. Either way whether you love them or hate them this cleaning video will help you out with any suede Jordan 1! In today’s Shoe Care Academy video Rob will teach you the best method to clean suede sneakers.

When it came to cleaning these sneakers, we weren’t sure how they were going to react. They could bleed color in multiple places whether that is from the blue or the black, but we were going to test it out for you! For this cleaning we relied heavily on the Essential Cleaning Kit. Our Essential Cleaning Kit is the perfect way to provide your sneakers with a quick and effective clean. We highly recommend this on suede, nubuck and even some leather sneakers!

To kick off the cleaning we needed to clean the entire suede sneaker evenly using the Soft Bristle Brush to breakdown the dirt, grime, grease and more that was trapped on this classic colorway. After the uppers were taken care of it was time to move over to the rest of the shoe; the midsole and the outsole! For this entire cleaning we relied on the 3 different brushes and all natural solution to condition and disinfect the materials. After the cleaning it was time to let the shoe dry and it was a waiting game to see the results…

PRO TIP: When you are drying suede or nubuck sneakers ALWAYS let them dry evenly in the sun or in front of a fan to avoid watermarking or water damage.

Once the sneaker was dry we noticed some crunchy suede and no one likes crunchy suede… Anytime you get suede wet there is a chance for it to be crunchy, but it is repairable. DON’T let this stop you from cleaning your suede sneakers. We used the Dry Suede Kit to fix this suede issue. Rob started with the eraser to erase some deeper staining before moving over to the brush to reset the nap. When you are using the suede brush you have to move the brush back and forth in multiple directions (don’t apply too much pressure).

For the last step of this cleaning we had to revive that suede. Suede has a tendency to bleed color and this can lead to fading. To fix this issue we used Mink Oil and the Horsehair Brush to not only revive the color, but also to recondition the materials and prolong the life of these beloved kicks.

Now that you know how to clean these Reimagined Classics, are you a fan or them?!

Drop a comment and let us know if the Reimagined Royals are a cop or a drop… Don’t worry we won’t hate on your opinion!

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What's up what's up what's up YouTube Welcome Back to the channel pretty boy Rob here and I'm hanging out with you For today's episode of shoot care Academy for today's video we got the Most slept on sneaker of 2023 as you can See we got the reimagine Royal ones I'm Not sure why they get so much hate I Personally like the shoe but in this Condition it looks like a lot more has Happened than someone stepping on these Blue Suede Shoes actually our editor a Wor these things so maybe we'll throw Some b-roll you see how he got him dirty But besides the point we got to get him Looking fresh so we're going to be using Our essential shoe cleaning kit paired With our mink oil and our horse hair Brush with all that being said there's Not much left to it but to do it so Let's get straight into this episode of Shoe care Academy all right guys our cleaning Station is all prepped like I said in The beginning of the video we're using Our essential shoe cleaning kit what Comes with all three of our brushes your Soft medium and stiff solution towel We're also using our cleaning mat as Well as our dry rack Bowl combo plus I Grabbed a shoe tree just to help with This cleaning process first thing first I'm just going to grab this left shoe Set that aside and we're going to start

Working on this right shoe just for Before and after purposes before I Insert our shoe tree I'm just going to Go ah and remove these laces so let's Get into It all right right now we do got to gohe And insert our adjustable Sho tree our Shoe trees will adjust up to a size 13 These I believe they were a size 10 and 1 12 so I'm going to guess maybe the Third or fourth hole Back let's go ah and test this out First Maybe one one more Notch up much Tighter just as we like it now I can Apply as much pressure as need to to the Toe box as possible during the cleaning Process before we really really start With this cleaning I want to talk a Little about these materials as you know It's a suede shoe we got sections of Blue suede and black newbu there is a High chance that this is going to bleed So we want to be very careful with this Cleaning however we got these things Dirty so you don't have to so when You're at home watching this video You're going to find out exactly how This Sho is going to clean up first Things first first I just want to grab Our soft bristle brush and really dry Brush the shoe get all the surface dirt Dust and grime off before we start Pushing it deeper in the material so I'm Going dry brush right

Now all right guys our soft brush took Majority of that surface dust off which Is going to help with this cleaning time 10 but right now let's get started with The solution and water when cleaning This shoe or any suede shoe you want to Be careful not to oversaturate the Material you want to get the shoe Completely wet evenly and again don't Over wet the shoe as I'm cleaning the Shoe you'll see I work on different Sections different panels at a time and Then I'm Pat drying wiping off all those Excess SS all right I'm all done using our soft Bristle brush right now I can go Ahad And rack that then grab our medium Bristle brush and we're going to go Ahead and use this and work on this Midso so let's hop on that right now Let's get it let's [Music] Go all right I'm all done using our Medium bristle brush on this midsole I'm Actually looking at these uppers and Surprisingly they're drying pretty good I didn't experience any color bleeding So that is always a check the last thing We really got to do is jump into this Outsole using our stiff bristle brush But before I do that I do want to talk a Little bit about this shoe matter of Fact this colorway to be exact the Royal One colorway is closely associated with

Michael Jordan even though he actually Never wore these things on court so Let's jump back in time a little bit to Find out why in 1985 Sports photographer Chuck Khan took a photo of Michael Jordan wearing these in a royal blue and Black jumpsuit this picture became one Of the first Jordan posters fast forward To 16 years later we saw the first retro In 2001 the Royal ones then hibernated For 12 years to make a return in 2013 But in 2017 Nike promised a remastered Quality which means they tried to Construct the shoe as Clos to the Original as possible the reports are in And the community has spoken you can't Go wrong with the 2017 Royals however I Want to know from our YouTube Community Where do these reimagine ranked on the List of the previous drops I know they Get a lot of hate personally I'm a fan Of them I really like them a lot Vic Wasn't a big fan that's why he chopped His pair up and we got it spinning the Back if you guys haven't checked out That video of his little Customs make Sure you guys check that one out but Right now we can get straight into this Stiff bristle [Music] Brush all right I'm all done using that Stiff bristle brush matter of fact I'm Done using all three brushes on these These uppers midsoles and out soes the

Last thing for this pre- cleaning is Just to take care of these Laces ah I got in my eye burns just Kidding all right guys black laces are Probably one of the most easiest laces To clean just because they don't get Really dirty so basically what I'm doing I'm just dipping them inside the bowl of Water swishing them around like so Ringing them out and then just rubbing Back and forth between my fingers just To get all that dirt and grime off and Then just bring them out one more Time all right these laces are looking Pretty fresh it's been a pretty easy Simple and quick clean so far right now We just got to set these shoes outside In that good old Arizona Sunshine let Them dry for a few hours and we'll check Back in with Y'all all right guys while we're Chilling waiting for those shoes to dry Let's go and taping with our comment Section got a few comments pulled up for You guys so let me go ahead and read the First one at Marco Martin avoic 4641 Asked hi just curious is there a way to Prevent color bleeding when cleaning Sneakers honestly no it's can be very Challenging the best way to go about it Is always do a dry cleaning dry brush Get all as much dirt and grime off as Possible and then you can go about the Cleaning process cleaning a small area

But like you saw we had those Royal ones And we didn't know how they were going To act we cleaned them honestly they Didn't bleed too bad but we won't know Until they're fully dry so give us some Time we'll check in with that but let's Jump straight into this second comment Here we go we got a comment from Antonio Martin 2370 he's asking how can I get in Contact with you guys to show off some Of my work honestly you can tag us on Instagram tag us on Tik Tok any social Media platform whether it's a custom a Shoe you clean tag us while you're there Don't forget to tag Vic Almighty as well But all right last comment is there Anything else that could replace mink Oil I don't have access to that in my Country great question question sir Unfortunately our mink oil is a product That we can't ship worldwide because It's an aerosol so we can only ship it Within the lower 48 however what I would Advise looking up is any type of like Suede conditioner maybe if they got Something like that in your area you can Use it but honestly our mink oil is one Of a kind so not much we can do there But again look up any type of suede or Leather conditioner and it might do the Job all right that's it for today's Comment section let me go and grab these Shoes I am back like I never left I got This shoe it is 100% dry and right now

We got some crunchy Suede and you know Here at ruinator we don't mess with no Crunchy suede that's why I got my dry Suede kit we're going to go and reset This nap as well as just spot clean if There are any deeper stains right now What I'm looking at is there are some Areas where it looks like we lost a Little bit of color could be because we Oversaturated that material that's why After resetting this nap we're going to Use the good old mink oil with our horse Hair brush and we're going to bring this Color back and revive SL rejuvenate These sneakers but right now let me go Ahead and use the suede eraser all right When resetting suede you do want to make Sure you brush in multiple directions Left right up and down even circular Motions that way you can make the suede Plush once Again shout out to OG Johnny Bubbles for That move basically what's happening Right now is I'm working on this blue Suede and I'm doing section by section I'm using the suede eraser and then Brushing in all those different Directions I was talking about all right Guys I'm all done using the medium Bristle brush I did reset the suede the Blue suede as well as that black newbook It is a lot more softer to touch the Suede eraser also helped with that However what we're experiencing now is

After it's nice and plush it did look Like it lost a little bit of color That's natural that's why we got our Mink oil which has been tried and tested To help rejuvenate and bring back some Of the color to this sneaker as well as Any other suede sneaker we always Recommend spraying it in a well Ventilated area however just due the Time and me being lazy I'm just going to Go and spray it in [Music] Here all righty there it is I'm all done Using our minko and horse hair brush I Did go Ahad and spray the shoe evenly About two times and then brushed it in Using that brush right now I'm just Going to let the M Oil really settle Into that shoe and just allow it to Absorb and give it the best possible Results so we're going to wait about 15 Minutes 15 minutes later this is All dry we got that mink oil baked in There and I'm not going to front these Things are looking phenomenal and I'm Not just saying that cuz they pay me to Say that right now before I bounce I Just got to get these things laced Up there it is that's going to do it That's going to wrap things up for Today's episode of shoe care Academy on These Royal one reimagine blue suede Edition we achieved these results using Our essential shoe cleaning kit paired

With our mink and our dry suede kit let Me go and just bring in this dirty shoe So you can check out how great these Shoes cleaned up I mean just check out That midsole we got it crispy white once Again the black newbu and blue suede Both cleaned up great I mean my favorite Part about this cleaning is this toe box I mean just look how plush and buttery We got that suede why don't you guys let Us know in the comments down below what Your favorite part of today's video is And one lucky commenter is going to get Hooked up with a nice little resinator Care package the essential shoe cleaning Kit dry Suede and mink oil that way you Can get results just like these to recap Today's video we started with all three Brushes broke down the dirt and grime Then we let the shoe dry came back reset The suede using our dry suede kit and Then brought that color back using the Good old mink oil with all that being Said I got to get back to work my name's Pretty boy Rob and I'll catch youall on Another one [Music] [Music] Peace