The SB Jordan 4 is hands down one of the best releases of 2023, but after 30 days of wear and a whole lot of mess; this pair had seen much better days! To properly clean this sneaker we relied on the Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit to fully flush out the materials. Did you pick up a pair of these? #shorts

These SB Jordan 4s were way past the Point of busted when they showed up at The rejuvenator drop-off cleaning Service they were musty sticky and Straight crusty luckily I had the Signature cleaning kit to bring them Back the three different brushes broke Down the surface dirt while the laundry System flushed out the Trap stains on The tougher material and stitching After they dried all that was left was To hit them with the dried suede kit to Make them nice and buttery I don't know About you but I say these results be Great for themselves Get yourself a signature kit today at Rejuvenator.com