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In today’s episode of Shoe Care Academy with our special guest, we are taking on the newly released Thunder Air Jordan 4s! The Thunder 4s got a little beat up after playing with the pup, but it was well worth it1 After all if you’re not “wearing your kicks” then what are you even doing? Now that they are beat up, let’s show you what we do best and walk you through how to clean up this release.

Now the Thunder Jordan 4s feature a nubuck upper in the classic black color with the hints of yellow along the wings, netting and midsole. To clean the nubuck material we relied on the Essential Cleaning Kit. The natural solution and 3 different brushes broke down all of the dirt, grime and dog slobber while conditioning the materials on the sneaker. The Soft Bristle Brush was used to create a ton of bubbles and make that yellow shine bright once again. While the Medium Bristle Brush broke down any caked on mud from the Arizona desert. Finally the Stiff Bristle Brush was used to finish the job.Once the sneaker was clean we let it dry in the sun for a couple of hours (when you live in Arizona you really only need about 20 minutes).

Finally we brought the sneaker in and protected it with Water + Stain Repellent to avoid this mess again in the future. Now Megell can play with Chief all he wants and avoid unwanted stains and watermarks on his entire collection.

Let’s settle this debate what is the better Air Jordan 4? Thunder, Lightening or the Red Thunder Aj4?!

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What's up Shoe Care Academy y'all say 
what's up to the newest member of   The family Chief Sosa! Let's go boy 
let's go let's go ruff ruff [Music]. [Music] What's good RESHOEVN8R fam it's 
your boy Megell Street and as y'all saw I   Just got a new puppy and if you guys want to 
see more of Chief make sure you hit a like   And subscribe, but besides that having a new 
puppy has been a great experience I've been   Loving it. But unfortunately it comes at a cost 
a lot of my kicks have been starting to look   Like this lately and it's just not a good look ,
so what I'm going to do today is show you all   My process on how to bring these bad boys 
back to life so we can throw them back in   The rotation. Today's job will be completed with 
the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit now this isn't a   Super heavy clean I don't think they'll need 
to go in the washer so I think we'll be just   Fine with just our three brushes as well as 
some elbow grease, so before we get started we   Just got to set this left shoe to the side and 
take these laces [Music] out. Alright lace is   Out and what I want to do now is just take 
the shoe outside and dry brush some of this   Caked on mud and dirt off just so we don't rub it 
further into the shoe let's do [Music]. We got that surface level dust off of the shoe
now we can move on with this cleaning. We went   Ahead and set up the cleaning station, so let 
me break down the tools you'll need to get   The job done over here we got our Soft Brush 
which is actually what I use to dry brush the   Shoe we've got our Medium Brush and our Stiff. 
And over here we've got our Dry Rack and Bowl   Combo which helps store our brushes and our water 
during the cleaning. And jumping over here we've   Got our Shoe Tree that helps with creasing and 
helps keep the form of the shoe while you're   cleaning. We've got our 4 oz bottle of solution 
which I'm going to add two squirts to our Bowl  right now and last. but not least we've got our 
Microfiber Towel and our RESHOEVN8R Cleaning Mat to help contain the mess during this cleaning. First 
things first we're going to hop back to the Soft Brush now this brush is great because it creates 
the most Suds and it really just helps eliminate   That first layer of dirt so let's do it oh and 
how could I forget got to put our shoe tree In. [Music] So that Soft Brush did a lot better than I 
expected it knocked off a bunch of that dirt  And it's honestly looking close to what it was 
originally so I think from here we just need   To spend a little bit more time and attention 
on this midsole. so with our Medium Brush and then   Hop over to the out sole take care of that 
with the Stiff and I think we'll be in a good [Music] Spot. Yes sir okay so we just finished up that Medium 
Brush and honestly you can't even tell the shoe   Was ever dirty I mean you can see right through 
that midsole. Now all we got to do now is hop   Over to this out sole and tackle it with the 
Stiff Bristle Brush, but before I do that I want   To take y'all down memory lane of when I first 
had this shoe back in high school ever since I  

Can remember I've always been a huge black and 
yellow colorway fan the second I saw this shoe   I knew I needed them, so I begged for them 
for Christmas it was a holiday release so   You know they were going to sell out fast and 
my dad came through he made sure he got me a   Pair and he even threw in the matching Thunder 
Four t-shirt and it's crazy over 10 years later   I'm here cleaning up the same shoe in front of 
you guys. Let's get this cleaning back on the Road. Alright family last of the three brushes has 
been completed and honestly there's not much left   To this cleaning, but to just take care of these 
laces they're not too dirty so nothing crazy   Here we're just going to dip them in our solution 
give them a rub down and it we'll be [Music] good . We got the laces all clean but it's still 
a little wet along with the shoe so we just   Got to put it outside let it dry and we'll check 
in with y'all right after [Music] that. Alright Perfect so the shoe is completely dry looking 
good looking spiffy so now before we go inside   And Lace it up I just want to spray some Water 
and Stain Repellent just to make sure the shoe   Doesn't get that dirty ever again so let's do it.
Oh yeah and if you're spraying this at home make   Sure you set the shoe down before you spray cuz 
you don't want to get this stuff on your hand it   Is [Music] flammable. Alright dope we got the 
shoe all perfectly dry from that Repellent now   We just got to lace it up probably the most 
satisfying part on any cleaning as I lace up   The shoe I just want to demonstrate how I do it 
now I'm not saying this is the perfect way to do   It this is just my way I see a lot of videos on 
Instagram of people lacing up shoes all kind of   Ways and I'm just like alright some of them 
are good some of them are not. Basically what I   Do is I like to put the laces in at the base and 
then line them up down here that way I can pull it   All the way through and then you can see it's 
got no creases when I pull the lace through I   Like to leave about half of it still in the shoe 
just so I can make sure there's no folds in the   Laces same thing on this side make sure you got no 
creases no wrinkles no folds no flaps and your good [Music] Now I just showed y'all how to do a 
super easy and simple lace job and just in case   Y'all forgot what the shoe look like before I got 
you huge difference huge difference look at that   Now this cleaning went super smooth honestly 
a little bit smoother than I expected I was   A little bit worried about this yellow netting 
just because I know that's a spot where where   Dirt loves to get trapped in and it can be tricky 
to flush that out so I'm thankful we're able to   Tackle that especially without throwing it in the 
washer and speaking of the washer we didn't need   To use it to get the shoes cleaned but they still 
got that funky smell don't worry about it we got   Y'all covered with our RESHOEVN8R Deodorizer that 
you can find at reshoevn8r.com and it's really simple as   It is you know you just get your shoe give it 
a couple couple more I think you should be good . Your boys in a good mood I'm feeling good and why 
you ask because we got this cleaning completely  

Wrapped up and since I'm feeling good. I'm going 
to give you all a quick pro tip if y'all are   Cleaning fours up at home just make sure you pull 
those tabs back there was absolutely some dirt   Trapped inside all these tabs especially the back 
tab so for you to get that full thorough cleaning   That I know your sneakers deserve just make sure 
you pay attention to those extra details because   They definitely matter and to achieve today's 
results we use the RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning   Kit which contains our three main brushes, Microfiber Towel and 4 oz bottle of solution.  After the pre- cleaning was complete we then 
hopped over to our RESHOEVN8R Water and Stain   Repellent and this is just to make sure that the 
shoes don't get this stained in the first place.   And last but not least we've got our RESHOEVN8R
Deodorizer to keep these kicks smelling as fresh   As they look. All these products we use today 
and more can be found at reshoevn8r.com make sure you   Hit that link in the description to save you some 
money before I get out of here do me a favor and  Follow my new pup on Instagram at Chief Sosa 
Street it's your boy Megell Street and signing [Music] Off