The Ugg Tasmans are one of the most popular Ugg models of ALL time! You can’t scroll through social media without seeing a pair of these on someone’s feet. Since they are wildly popular it was only right that we walk you through the best steps to clean, protect and preserve the Ugg Tasmans. We picked this pair up on Depop for $40 and let’s just say they were past the point of beat. in today’s Shoe Care Academy episode we will walk you through how to clean the delicate suede materials and remove water marking from your favorite pair of Uggs.

Suede sneakers or boots are prone to water damage, deep stains and issues. However, cleaning them doesn’t have to be a hassle. When we picked this pair up we quickly noticed that the toebox of the slipper was covered in grease, grime and damage. The embroidery was fraying and falling apart, but outside of all that these were heavily worn.

To start off the cleaning we used our newest bundle the Essential Suede Revive Bundle. Our newest bundle features our Essential Cleaning Kit, Dry Suede Kit, Mink Oil and our Horsehair Brush. Making this the PERFECT bundle for suede and nubuck sneakers. Not only does this clean your suede shoes, but revives the materials once we are done!

We used the pretreatment method from the Essential Cleaning Kit to breakdown all of the grease, grime and stains on the material. We scrubbed the uppers using the Soft Brush while patting dry as we went to avoid any oversaturation! Once the uppers were clean we cleaned the midsole and outsole with the Medium and Stiff Bristle Brush. The sugarcane EVA foam is a soft yet durable material, so it stands up great for our stiffer brushes!

Once we finished cleaning we set the shoe outside to dry fully. When cleaning suede or nubuck sneakers ALWAYS make sure that they dry evenly to avoid any water marks.

After the shoe was dry we needed to revive the suede material; since it was a little crunchy! We did this using our Dry Suede Kit and Brass Brush to make these Uggs nice and buttery! After the suede was back to the texture we know and love it was time to condition it and bring back the color using our Mink Oil.

After all that these trashed Uggs are completely restored and the before and after is a night and day difference! The watermarking and grease were practically removed. Here is the best way to clean and restore your Uggs. This method can be used for ALL Uggs!

Stop getting new Uggs EVERY winter and just revive them with our newest bundle!

Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts on this cleaning for a free Suede Revive Bundle!

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What's going on ruination I'm Jordan and We are back with another shoe care Academy video today we are going to be Cleaning quite possibly one of the most Popular Ugg models of all time we picked These up on deot for 40 bucks after Shipping we're going to be cleaning up These Ugg tasmin using our newest Product bundle we have our suede revive Bundle we have our essential cleaning Kit dry suede kit mink oil and horsehair Brush that you can pick up in all one Single bundle save yourself some money If you like today's video hit the thumbs Up button and drop a comment are you Still rocking with Uggs in 2024 or Should we have left those back in the 2000s now without further Ado let's get Into this Cleaning now as I mentioned we did buy These second hand there is some serious Water marking on the toe boxes of both Of these looks like there's some grease Trapped into the material the stitching On this hard Stitch right here is just Peeling out so we will have to be super Careful when we're cleaning that so that We don't remove all of the stitching the Water marking is significantly worse on This one the interior is absolutely Disgusting now you already know for Before and after purposes we only clean One so I'm going to go ahead set this Shoe off to the side and then we're

Going to set up our cleaning station and Get to scrubbing we have our 4 oz bottle Of solution which can clean over 50 Pairs of shoes we have our three Different brushes we have the soft Medium and stiff so that we can tackle Every aspect of the sneaker microfiber Towel to Pat the sneaker dry as well as Dry the out soole we paired this with a Couple other products from our lineup as Well that don't come in the bundle we Have our cleaning mat to keep our Cleaning station nice and clean our Drying rack and bow combo to hold our Water and solution as well as our Brushes during and after the cleaning Are just adustable shoe tree shoe trees Are a must for getting the best clean Also these Uggs are super misshapen so We're going to put the Sho Tree in and Try to reshape it we're going to insert Our adjustable shoe tree so that we can Give this Ugg the most deep and Effective clean by putting as much Pressure as possible these are a size Seven in women so we do have to go Pretty small shoe tree is inserted it's Already starting to reshape this entire Ugg we're just going to insert two Squirts of solution into our 4 oz bowl Of water all we have to do is start Scrubbing to see how this shoe cleans up We're going to be taking our soft Bristle brush and cleaning the entire

Upper on this shoe now the main benefit Of the soft bristle brush is it is super Delicate so it won't cause any damage to This material however I do want to say Cleaning suede material is really tricky Especially when it's this light if you Clean it wrong you're going to see the Water marking so it's super important We're going to clean the entire shoe Evenly and and pat dry as we go so that We don't experience more water marking On the materials when you're cleaning Sneakers or boots with delicate material Such as suede or newbu it's always a Good idea to start with the soft bristle Brush especially if you don't know how The shoe is going to react or that There's a color on it because color Bleed can happen or if you're just Unsure about how to clean a shoe always Start with the soft bristle brush just Be really delicate the brush itself will Do most of the work so don't apply a ton Of pressure pressure and you won't Damage your shoe specifically when You're cleaning Uggs whether it's the Slipper or the boot even with the shoe Tree inserted they do kind of fold into Themselves they're not super sturdy so When you're cleaning them you can push Out the materials and put your hand in There to get a deeper more effective Clean last thing I'm noticing is that The back tab is not only crushed but

It's also super dirty that part is a Little bit worrisome I'm going to keep Scrubbing and hope for the best I think I did everything that I can on the upper Materials using the soft bristle brush As I mentioned it looks super super Super dark that's just because it is wet It will lighten up once it lightens up We'll be really able to see if we got Rid of the staining back here as well as That water marking I'm just going to be Removing the shoe tree and tackling the Sheep skin material on the inside to get A deeper more effective clean as I Mentioned the insides of these are super Grimy I've seen some people say that They put put them in the washing machine To get a better clean on here or they Brush it out with I think it was a cat Brush in a comment cleaning the inside Of these really isn't going as plan I'm Just trying to get the soft brush as Deep into the boot as I can to get some Of that staining out but this hair stuff Is just kind of matting I'm going to Keep trying to clean the sheep skin Materials and see what happens all right I scrubbed the inside to the best of my Abilities we got it a little bit cleaner I think really won't know until it dries It looks a little matted in there so We'll see I am going to hit the collar Just to get a deeper more effective Clean but also since it is suede I want

To make sure that I clean every part of The upper the same way so that we don't See a water mark or lighter material on The collar okay I think I gave the Inside a pretty thorough cleaning did The best I could now once it dries we Will see how the material Puffs back up Cuz right now it's looking a little flat But it smells better so now we're going To be moving on to the medium bristle Brush and hitting this midsole as well As the super hard Stitch right here to Get a deeper clean it is a little bit Dingy around this Stitch so it's going To need some extra attention medium Bristal brush is truly our allpurpose Brush it is the second stiffest in the Three brush pack but it works really Well on cleaning most materials highly Recommend this on rubber leather some Mesh some knit sometimes you can use it On suede but for these ones I'm not Going to I'm just going to be taking on This sugar cane EVA foam midsole the Main reason that I didn't use the medium Bristle brush on the uppers is because Of the stitching that's already coming Out as well as the embroidery it's Already kind of peeling so I don't want To use another brush and risk that Peeling even more since that embroidery Really makes the slipper it went ahead And wiped all the suds off of the shoe It looks a lot better the mids sole

Isn't super dingy so now all that's left To do in this pre- treatment is to move Over to the outsole using the stiff Bristle brush to really tackle this the Outsole is the dirtiest part of your Shoe you can St in gum there's a ton of Germs on the sidewalk so it is really Important to clean that to really just Finish the job we do get some comments That you wouldn't clean the bottom of Your shoes but I have to disagree with You the outso is made of the same Material as the midsole it's that sugar Cane EVA foam so it's really soft However it's still durable enough to Stand up to the stiff bristle brush our Stiff bristle brush works really well on This material however it also works Really well on rubber we use it on every Rubber out soole that we clean as well As rubber midsoles so I highly recommend Using this when you're trying to get Really deep into crevices or if you're Cleaning a super durable material that Needs a deep clean the stiff bristle Brush did a really good job breaking Down the dirt there was a little bit of Deeper staining it might be gum I'm not Really sure it's right over here right Over here it's a little bit down here so I'm going to be taking this handy dandy Pick that I stole from Vick's Restoration kit and I'm just going to be Scrubbing that to try to remove it to

The best of my abilities typically we Use this pick to get rocks gum anything That we can out of rubber crevices but Since this is a foam out soole I do have To be really careful I can't really Apply any pressure or I will poke a hole Straight through the foam with this pick So I'm just going a little bit back and Forth doesn't look like it's doing a ton But it's coming off just a little bit I Might just have to scrub it more with my Finger and the microfiber towel all Right the outsole is all done which Means that the entire shoe has been Clean with our essential cleaning kit Now all that's left to do is let it dry So that we can really see the result Since it's still wet we can't 100% see How this cleaned up we're going to set It outside to dry when you're drying Suede make sure that you're always Drying it evenly or you will experience That water marking we recommend drying It in the sun if it's warm outside or Setting it in front of a fan any way you Do it just make sure that you're drying The shoe evenly all right we went ahead And let the shoe dry overnight overall It looks really good but before I bring It in I do want to go over some comments That we've been getting I'm going to Bring in my laptop and read those and We'll answer your questions someone had A discolored Ugg and has no idea how to

Restore the color considering buying Mink oil but I assume mink oil would Only be used in the condition to Waterproof Uggs mink oil is not Necessarily for waterproofing your Uggs It works really well to revive the suede It does help bring in the color if You're seeing any discoloration but it Also reconditions your suede to make it Last longer so if you're considering Buying mink oil I highly recommend that Product especially for uggs if you are Looking to waterproof your Uggs whether They're brand new or you just clean them And you want to protect them from rain Snow or any other unwanted stains you Can pick up our aerosol water and stain Repellent to protect all of your suede Shoes or you can pick up our water-based Pump repellent we do ship that Internationally and it does the same Thing now let's bring in that shoe and Check out the results after after it Dried the shoe does look a lot better The water marking is completely gone From the toe box you don't really see it At all the only thing I am noticing is It is a little bit darker than the Original color that could just be Because this suede is really really Crunchy so we're going to be using the Suede products from our lineup we're Going to use our dry suede kit mink oil And horsehair brush that all come in the

Essential suede revive bundle that I Showed you in the beginning then if we Need it we might use our brass brush Just because these are Real Crunchy first we're going to start with Our dry suede kit there is some deeper Staining still on this back portion I'm Going to try to use our dry suede eraser And erase that deeper stain the dry Suede eraser is essentially just a giant Pencil eraser you don't need to apply a Ton of pressure just move back and forth I highly recommend this product if your Shoes aren't overly dirty and you just Need to do a quick and effective clean Especially on twed or new Buck but They're also really good for resetting The nap or removing deeper staining that May be in the shoe after the entire Pre-treatment all right the suede is Feeling a little bit better than it did Doesn't feel as crunchy but still not Back to the texture that it was when we Got these so I'm going to use our brass Bristle brush to really reset the nap Dry suede kit works really well if it's Not this crunchy but the main benefit of Our brass brush is it's super stiff so It works really really well however you Do have to be incredibly careful with This don't apply pressure you will cause Damage on this specific shoe I'm really Trying to avoid the embroidery pattern

It's already fraying pretty bad so I Don't want to accidentally hit that with The brass bristle brush as well as this Hard Stitch the Stitch is just peeling Off so I am going to have to cut that Later but when I'm using the brass brush Just really being mindful of those areas And trying not to hit them to the best Of my abilities this brush is going to Be the same thing as the dry suede kit Same method move it in multiple Directions don't apply too much pressure And then as you go just run your finger Over the suede to see if it's getting Closer to the texture that you want keep Going until you reach your desired Results all right now that the suede is All reset I do want to pay attention to Some of the details so I'm going to use A little bit of restoration tips from Vic as well as his little tiny scissors Here to remove the loose threads from The Stitch and the embroidery just going To make the shoe look better overall Also if you have those loose threads It's more likely that they're going to Pull and you're going to cause more Damage to the shoe so I always recommend Cutting them off but now I'm going to Insert our adjustable shoe tree back Into the shoe and then we're going to Apply some mink oil using our HSE hair Brush to really rub it into the Materials that will allow us to

Recondition the materials as well as Bring back some of the color that has Faded from the shoe when using mink oil You want to hold the can 6 to 8 in from The shoe we do recommend that you spray This in a highly well ventilated area Hold it away from the shoe and apply Just a couple of coats let it dry in Between until you see the results that You want to see once you finish spraying You'll take your horse hair brush and Just massage it into the material not Only is mink oil a great tool for Reviving The Color of suede and Conditioning it but it also reconditions Leather So if you have an older pair of Sneakers and you spray some mink oil on It it'll help recondition that leather As it starts to age this really just Makes sure that you're pushing the mink Oil into the materials and massaging it In as you go if you don't have a Horsehair brush you can use our medium Bristle brush but this brush is just all Around going to be a lot softer all Right I'm pleasantly surprised by the Results of the shoe now the only thing I Want to take care of is the inside it Did fluff up a lot Better than I was expecting however this Bottom portion is still super matted so I'm just going to be taking our soft Brush brush and brushing the inside to See if I can kind of bring back that

Fluffy texture the interior is feeling Much more fluffy so now I'm going to Bring in the before shoe so we can check Out these results as you can see this Shoe and this shoe are night and day Difference there's a ton of deep stains On this one the water marking on the toe Box was specifically a huge problem on Both shoes we were a little bit worried We don't know how long the watermark had Been there so it's a little concerning However it came out really well on this Shoe also the back is completely crushed And kind of greasy but all around the Shoe itself is just really dingy the Interior is absolutely disgusting so I Would personally say compared to this One we did a great job this sneaker the Water marking is pretty much gone you Can't see it at all the interior is back To White and fluffy we removed all of Those loose threads and back here Although it isn't perfect it does look a Lot cleaner and the outsole is no longer A nice black Tone If you have a pair of Uggs in your collection that needs some Love or you're picking up a pair of UGGs Make sure that you're picking up the Right products get our water and stain Repellent to protect them and then if You want results like this I highly Recommend our newest bundle it's our Essential suede revive bundle comes with Our essential cleaning kit which has all

Three brushes a microfiber towel and Four to a solution which means you can Clean 50 pairs of shoes whether you're Cleaning leather suede newu mesh canvas Knit whatever you're cleaning or even Crocs you can use this kit also comes With our dry suede kit to reset the nap On Suede and provide a quick and Effective clean on these delicate Materials mink oil to bring back the Sueded color and recondition it and the Horse hair brush to finish the job plus We paired it with our cleaning mat and Our drying rack and Bowl combo to store Our water and solution during the Cleaning and our three brushes after the Cleaning you can pick up all of these Products so much more at reator.com use My link in the description to save Yourself 10% off if you like today's Video hit the Thumbs Up Button if you're New here make sure you subscribe and Drop a comment let us know if you think Uggs are back in or if they should have Stayed in the 2000s if you leave a Comment we will pick one lucky winner to Win our entire essential suede revive Bundle I'm Jord and I'll see you guys Again soon in the next shoe care Academy Video [Applause] [Music] Bye