Creases happen, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing your sneakers! Here are a few tips on how to remove creasing and keep your sneakers clean!

Here's how I get the creases out of Shoes and give them a nice cleaning he Can see the after result but let's go Ahead and get started up first you want To make sure you have shoe trees and you Want to pack these guys with some socks As well especially if they're creased This bad and then we're going to use Some rejuvenator clean them get all of This Gunk off make sure they're nice and Shiny so that way when we go ahead and Get the creases out it's going to look Flawless so here's a before obviously Looking pretty rough and this is before We did the creases so first you want to Stuff the heck out of your toe box and You want to get a steamer or an iron With a towel and you want to give it Some heat because we want the leather to Be pliable then we're going to go ahead And slide our fingers forward we're Basically stretching out the crease While the leather is pliable and then we Reheat when we need to as you can see I'm basically just trying to pull the Crease all across the socks that way we Look Flawless here's the before and here Is the after looking nice and clean and You can do this more times to get that Crease looking better