The Yuto SB Nike Dunks dropped just a few months ago and might be in the top 5 releases of the year…. So before you say it; who got these so dirty?! We did! It is officially fall season and with the weather changing, fall experiences and more it is the perfect time to get your shoes dirty!

Nick picked these up on Tradeblock with a great trade and they went straight from the box to the feet! These SB Dunks quickly became his daily wearer and he even wore these to the Fear Farm with his 9 year old! When he came back from the farm they were TRASHED! To clean these up we used the RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning Kit and a couple other products from the line up.

We started by dry brushing the sneaker to remove the loose dirt and grime. The main reason for this is to avoid pushing the dirt into the materials of the sneaker. Once the loose dirt was completed it was time to move to scrubbing the sneaker with the all natural solution and 3 different brushes. When cleaning this sneaker it is important to clean the entire sneaker evenly and clean them panel by panel. The materials on this sneaker are premium, but they are also made of a tricky material.

Once the sneaker was clean it was time to allow the sneaker to dry outside to get a nice even dry! When cleaning suede materials it is super important that the sneaker dries evenly, because they can develop water marking. We did notice a little bit of watermarks on the material after the full clean, but for the most part they look significantly better!

Once dry they needed to reset the nap on the material using the Dry Suede Kit. The suede eraser is used to remove any deeper staining on the materials that might not have come off during the original clean. While the suede brush is used to reset the materials. Move the brush in multiple directions until you reach your desired results. Then we sprayed the sneaker with Mink Oil to bring the color back into the materials. When you clean shoes with suede on them there is always a chance for color fading!

Let us know in the comments.. What do you rank these out of all of the 2023 releases?

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What's up shoare Superstars my name is Nick and on today's episode we're going To take these Udo SBS from this to this With just a few simple rejuvenator Products in a couple of minutes stay Tuned welcome back to another episode of Shoare Academy powered by rejuvenator if You're new here make sure you click that Subscribe button also click the Bell Notifications click the like button and Also leave a comment down below or You're never hitting on sneakers ever Again not like you do anyways sneakers Hates everybody especially me my my name Is Nick and today we're taking on these Udo SB dunk Lowe's this is my personal Pair I picked them up a couple of weeks Ago I've been wearing them around no I Haven't skated them yet yes I can do a Kick flip also I took these to the fear Farm with the kid over this last weekend And it was disgustingly muddy out there So these things are covered in mud and Dirt and everything else from the farm But we're going to get them cleaned up And looking great so that way I can Actually and go skate them after this Video because now that they're dirty I Really don't care anymore now let's talk About this sneaker a little bit this This shoe has a lot of Premium materials Specifically the premium suede all Around the toe box the back heel the Back heel cup the back heel tab it has

Premium leather materials here on your Toe box as well as on the side panels This tongue does have a little bit of a Canvas type material and then it has Like this really super fuzzy inside sock Liner so for this cleaning what I'm Going to want to do first is dry brush The sneaker to get all of this dirt and Mud and grime and whatever else is on Top of it off of it and then from there We are going to go into using the Solution to really lightly clean any of The excess dirt on any of the suede Materials and we're going to really Focus on not oversaturating it anywhere On the shoe so we will be cleaning and Pat drying as we go for before and after Purposes we are only going to clean the Right shoe so I'm going to move the left Shoe out of the Way next we're going to use our soft Bristle brush outside to dry brush all Of this excess dirt and Gunk off of this Sneaker let's go [Music] Look that star loss already look at That all right now that we've dry Brushed the shoe this brush is going to Be extremely dirty because it's covered In caked and all that dirt and mud that Was covered on top of it so before you Go inside and actually start wetting This brush you're going to want to make Sure you get all the dirt out the best

You can you can tap it you can kind of Rub it against the surface you can tap It on a wall do whatever you need to do To get any of that dirt and debris out Of the brush before you put solution and Water on it and put it back on the shoe Cuz you're just going to rub in a bunch Of dirty mud now that we're done dry Brushing the sneaker we're going to get Into the actual cleaning with the Rejuvenator essential kit now outside You saw that we cleaned all of that dirt Off this step is crucial in trying to Help preserve the condition of the Suede And the leather without adding any Additional scratches or scuffs into the Suede by just brushing that dirt and Rocks and mud or whatever else into the Material take your time when it comes to Dry brushing even if it takes extra time It doesn't matter you want to have as Clean of a surface as possible prior to Putting any water and solution onto the Shoe with the brush next I'm going to Take out these shoelaces and then I'm Going to get our cleaning station all Set up so we can get this sneaker ready To put back on my feet I don't know if Your guys's came laced over or just mine Came laced over but I don't never lace My shoes over I always lace them under All right now that we got our cleaning Station all set up next thing we're Going to do is insert our adjustable

Shoe treat into the sneaker these are Mine they're size 8 and 1/2 I already Know that it's going to go to this hole Right here because I've done this a Gajillion times simply insert the Sho Tree into the sneaker lock it down what This is going to do is give you a nice Hard surface to scrub deep into the toe Box and get all of that dirt out of it As well as help alleviate any of the Creasing that may be inside the sneaker During the cleaning process next I'm Going to grab our 4 oz bottle of Solution and put two squirts into our Bowl of water normally I clean the Sneaker top down using the soft brush First then the medium then the stiff but Since there is still some mud caked in The bottom of the out soole of this Sneaker I actually am going to use the Stiff bristle brush first and I'm going To want to try to get all that dirt out Of here so that way it doesn't leak back Onto the shoe after I already clean the Uppers so for this I'm going to start With our stiff bristle [Music] Brush now that I've cleaned the bottom Of the shoe I'm going to start working On the uppers for this I'm going to be Using our soft bristle brush this is the Softest brush that we have in our three Brush pack as well as the essential kit And the signature kit this brush is

Great to use on any of your premium Materials such as suedes newbucks nice Tumbled leather cracked leather anything Like that because this brush does not Harm or damage any of the materials for This I'm going to lightly brush and Lightly saturate the material and pat Dry as I go because I don't want to Oversaturate any of the suede around the Eyelets the toe C the swooshes or even The heel cup so I'm just going to grab My brush dunk it and lightly start Scrubbing away and Pat drying with our Microfiber towel as we Go I just got done hitting the entire Upper using our soft bristle brush as You can tell I barely lightly saturated The material and then Pat dried it all The way around and I worked in sections So top section front section side Section so that way we didn't let the Sneaker really absorb in all the Solution in the water also I was a Little weary about this pink and this Brown bleeding into the white sock liner So make sure you're careful when Cleaning around these areas not to Oversaturate them to let them bleed into There sneakers cleaning up really really Good um we're just going to kind of let The uppers air dry next we're going to Move on to the midsoles I'm going to use My medium bristle brush at first and Then I might move over to my stiff

Bristle brush depending on how good we Can get these marks cleaned up you want To be weary using the stiff pural brush On any of your midsole materials Especially if they're painted because You don't want to risk damaging and or Peeling off that paint medium bristle Brush midsoles let's get to [Music] It so I just got done cleaning the Midsole of these OS using the medium Bristle brush you also saw me using the Towel basically this towel is really Good for buffing out some of those Harder to get marks on the midsole when The medium bristle brush won't do it you Don't necessarily want to use the stiff Whistle brush just take your finger wrap Your towel around it and if you want you Can dunk it in some solution but Basically you just kind of buff out the Spot on that midsole also works good on Some of your leather materials and some Of the harder deeper markings and Staining on like sock liners and stuff Because this towel will actually buff Out some of those darker stains now that We have the whole entire shoe cleaned Last thing we do is the laces normally For the laces I drop them in the bowl of Water and I let them soak the entire Time I'm cleaning and then I'll rub them Together between my hands and or use a Brush but I saw online the other day

Somebody took a standard water Bottle some Water and a little bit of solution Dropped them all in there shook the Bottle up for a little bit and cleaned Them and they came out looking great I've never personally done it so I Thought this would be a great time to Test it out and see how well it [Music] Works all right now that we have the Laces the water and the solution in the Bottle I'm just going to shake it up I Guess a whole bunch to get them nice and Clean see how well this works All right I've been shaking this bottle For a little bit let's take the lace out And see how it looks fish this guy out All Right squeaky clean let's take them Outside and let them Dry we're going to let the shoe sit Outside in the sun for about an hour We'll come back check it and see how It's looking shoe's been sitting outside For about 45 minutes luckily we live in Arizona it's hot as hell outside so it Dried pretty quick after looking at it After it dried I did notice there is a Little bit of water damage that I have Around the eyelets also there's a little Bit over here on the side some of that Could be from quickly trying to dry it After getting it wet Andor when I was

Cleaning the midsole and it got wet Again and I didn't evenly wet the entire Panel it doesn't look terrible plus There's some scuffs and scrapes on the Sneaker anyways just from General wear Since I have been using these um almost Every day since I got them so I I'm not Terribly worried about it the suede is Still pretty smooth but I think we can Definitely make it a little bit nicer For that we're going to grab our soft Bristle brush this brush is included With the essential kit the signature kit As well as our three brush pack Available online at rejuvenator Docomo it's not as crunchy as it is it's Not terrible but I think we can Definitely liven it up and make it look A little bit nicer as well as try to Even it out a little bit so I'm just Going to take my soft bristle brush and Lightly brush around so I noticed on the Inside of the sneaker there was a little Mark in here for this we're going to be Using the rejuvenator dry suede kit Which comes with our dry suede eraser And a brush we're just going to lightly Go around and resetting the nap back Using the dry suede brush that's Included with the dry suede [Music] [Music] Kit so that takes care of resetting the Knp all around the outside of the

Sneaker as well as this back heel cup And I also brush the inside of this sock Liner to help get it back to that's kind Of like fuzzy fluffy State now after Resetting the nap around this sneaker I Have noticed that it has doled a little Bit it's not crazy but it definitely Does look a little bit lighter than it Did before a lot of that will be from The solution and then just its natural Use of brushing it just going to wash Some of that color away so for that we Have another product it's called mink Oil this stuff is great for revitalizing Your suede as well as adding some Conditioning to your leather works Awesome on older sneakers as well to Help protect them from Aging for this You just simply spray a couple light Coats on it and then brush it in using Either the rejuvenator horse hair brush Or the rejuvenator soft bristle brush Depending on which one you have I really Like the rejuvenator horse hair brush Over the soft bristle brush because it Is very very soft and it definitely does Not damage and or leave any marks on any Of the delicate suede materials so for This we're just going to spray a couple Coats and then brush it in [Music] All right that takes care of that last Thing we got to do is lace it [Music]

Up that's going to bring us to an end on Cleaning up these Udo SB Nike Dunk Lowe's now as you can see from the Before to the after we took them from Farmland covered in mud and nastiness Back to ready to skate now that I have Used these and worn these and got them Dirty and cleaned them up now I'm not Going to be afraid to go and actually Skate them before I was a little weary Now I'm not now these sneakers weren't Completely trashed I personally as Vic Likes to say dog my stuff every day um Which I don't I just like to wear my Sneakers but I know that with Rejuvenator I can always clean them up And get them looking back to how I need Them to to where I'm not worried about Walking around in some dirty nasty gross Mucked up dirty chews so to get these Same results for yourself at home we Used a couple different products the Main key element was the rejuvenator Essential kit now this kit includes 4 oz Bottle of solution all three of your Brushes as well as your microfiber towel Now we use the soft bristle brush to dry Brush the shoe and get all of this top Layer of Gunk and stuff off of it prior To using the solution in water we use The medium bristle brush on the midsoles And the sniff bristle brush on the Outsoles now we also paired this with The rejuvenator shoe trees now this is

An awesome accessory to have not only Does it help reshape your sneaker it Also gives you a nice hard surface to Actually get into the toe box and help Get it nice and clean also it helps Alleviate any creases we also used the Rejuvenator cleaning mat we also used The rejuvenator drying rack and Bowl Combo hopefully this has been beneficial For you guys if you're not already Subscribed make sure you click that Subscribe button we drop two videos Every single week Mondays we do customs And Restorations with my homie Vic and On Thursdays we do another episode of Shoe care Academy speaking of Thursdays With shoe care Academy make sure you Check [Music] Out I'll be right Back make sure you're sub what did I say Cuz next week we're cleaning up these Tiffany dunk High I thought I trashed Mine by going to the farm I don't know What they were doing in these things but They are gross stay tuned next week We're going to take these from this to Not that I guess hopefully this has been Beneficial I appreciate you guys hanging Out with me my name's Nick and I'm going Toing leave now I got to go clean this Other shoe now cuz it's mine and it's Dirty so I got to clean it so I can wear It

Again [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Bye [Music] Yeah