Union Jordan 4s are one of the top Union X Jordan collab sneakers IMO. However, after Vick picked these up on eBay he knew he needed to not only restore them, but customize them to make it even better! In Today’s Customs and Restorations with Vick he will walk you through how to customize the Union Jordan 4s to be even better! Plus I’m just going to say it.. This colorway needed a little extra love.

Vick started the project with a quick restoration to bring these back to their original glory, before diving into his customization techniques. Now this isn’t the first custom that Vick has done on a pair of Unions, but this one is pretty solid.

Who knew that just a simple steps could make these sneakers better?! The cut out wings, updated tongue, and a midsole repaint really turned these around!

Let us know in the comments do you want to see more restorations AND customs in the same video or do you prefer to keep them seperate?


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What's up YouTube?! For today's project we got these Desert Moss
Union Jordan 4s that I got for a great price On eBay; however these are pretty trashed
and I'm not a big fan of this colorway so We're gonna be bringing these back to life
and giving them a nice custom touch let's Get started. To get it started we're going to put the left
shoe to the side for before and after purposes Overall the shoe is really dirty inside and
out we want to get it as clean as possible So we're going to be using a RESHOEVN8R Signature
Shoe Cleaning Kit first we're gonna take out Our laces and insole [Music]. For the shoe lace and insole we're going to
clean them separately. The next step we got to do before we put the
Shoe Tree inside the sneaker to help us reshape The toe box we gotta use a compressor to blow
off any surface dust on the outside and the Inside [Music.] Good to go with that step believe me the air
compressor makes a huge difference in the Cleaning there was a couple of black marks
on the yellow suede that came off by using Air alone on the inside of the shoe there's
a lot of debris that we flushed out you want To get rid of all that stuff before you push
it deeper into the material with the brush And solution now let's put the Shoe Tree inside,
so we can move on to the cleaning next I scored Two squirts of our RESHOEVN8R solution into
our bowl of water the first brush we're going To be using is our Soft Bristle Brush we're
going to use this for the uppers and the inside To clean up the sock liners. [Music] [Music] All done with the Soft Bristle Brush
that brush did a great job cleaning off all The stains from the yellow suede. Originally I was going to put the shoe in
the washing machine that's why we're using The Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit. However just by using the Soft Bristle Brush
this shoe looks a million times better. The shoe does contain a lot of suede so if
I was put this in the washing machine the Bleeding would be a lot worse so we're just
going to stick with the three brushes and Solution next we're going to be using our
Medium Bristle Brush to take care of the midsole And the plastic hardware on the uppers. And onto the last brush the Stiff Bristle
Brush we got to take care of these soles [Music]. Soles look great thanks to our Stiff Bristle
Brush, real quick we're gonna go back with The Microfiber Towel and the air compressor
to get the shoe as dry as possible [Music].

[Music] Before we let the shoe air dry I'm
going to use a dry Soft Bristle Brush and Go back and hit the entire suede that's going
to help dry the suede faster and minimize The stiffness once it's all dried. We're gonna let this shoe air dry for a few
hours we still got to take care of the insole I'm not going to be cleaning the shoelace
because I'm not going to be using the original Lace for this project same thing before we
use the stopper so brush let's use a compressor To blow off any surface dust [Music]. Alright we're done with the cleaning again
we're not putting the shoe in the washing Machine because it simply does not need it. Let's let the shoe air dry we're all done
with the cleaning part of this process these Are looking really good they start with RESHOEVN8R'S
brushes and our solution. I let these dry overnight as is the suede
is really crunchy and stiff we got to get It back to its original soft texture so we're
going to dry brush it using our Brass Bristle Brush to get it back to its original texture
[Music] Onto the customizing side of things I like
what Union did with this Jordan 4 it's different They took a different approach. However I'm a bigger fan of the OG Lux with
the regular tongues and open wings so we're Going to start off with the tongue using a
seam ripper we're going to carefully remove This yellow Stitch. [Music] [Music] Now using the steamer we're going
to go in and remove all the creasing to get It nice and flat. While we're at it we're going to stuff the
toe boxes with some towels right now there's Some heavy creasing going on we're going to
try to use a steamer to get it out I don't Think we're gonna make it look perfect, but
we can make it look more presentable than This. [Music] Good to go with the steamer, tongue
looks great, the toe boxes turned out a lot Better than I expected we got the majority
of the creasing out and the toe box shape Looks a lot better. Now let's keep it moving. Next step the tongue we're going to place
back the stitching that we removed I got the Perfect color match I bought this from Joann's
if you guys want to buy this the color number Is 865 and the brand is Gutterman I have very
little of it, but I should have enough for This process we're going to be using a needle
for this part on the back on the very edge

I can still see the zigzag Stitch that's going
to be my guide [Music]. OG Union stitching is complete looks nice
and clean it kind of blends in with the yellowish Goldish tongue I would have done a different
color for it to stand out but I wanted to Keep it original like Union always does with
a yellow Stitch. Next step using an X-Acto Knife we're going
to chop out the windows on the wings for this We're going to be very careful and not cut
the material underneath or cut too much of The wing material because there's no placing
it back. [Music] All done with the X-Acto Knife we got the
inside cut out next up with the Dremel we're Going to go in and get it nice and smooth
right now it's all jagged it's not clean at All so with this it's going to get it nice
and smooth and make it Factory [Music]. No issues there we got the wings perfectly
cut out the trick is to take your time with The Dremel and have it at a low setting next
we're going to put this shoe inside the vick2000 There's some yellowing going on on this off-white
Rubber Sole same thing with this transparent Parts the vick2000 should help with that we're
gonna let this sit overnight the UV rays should Pull out all the yellowing. Got the shoes out of the Vick2000 in person
you can definitely see a big difference the Small yellowing that was in the back area
of the rubber and the transparent areas are Fully gone our next focus is the midsole as
is the midsole is pretty plain we're gonna Give it some pop so first we're gonna do some
prep work the midsole is in great condition There isn't any cracking going on so we're
not going to be using any acetone to wipe Off all the paint we are going to be using
some 600 grit sandpaper to sand it down that'll Be good enough for the paint job [Music]. Fast and easy we got the midsole all prepped
I left this area as is because I don't know Yet if I want to paint it we'll come back
to that later next step is to do all the taping We're going to tape off the upper and part
of the midsole the only area that's going To be exposed is the top portion of the midsole
so for this we're going to be using Scotch Masking tape. Tape job's complete on the top portion now
for the bottom part I'm gonna show you guys How to get a crispy line every single time
for this midsole we're only going to be using Two pieces of tape also you want to make sure
your tape is as clean as possible on the edges You don't want any lint or debris because
that's going to mess with the sharpness of Your line and if it's not clean just grab
a piece of tape and clean it up. To start you're going to want to grab a big
piece of tape and start laying it down the

Trick is as you're laying it down flat it
should do a lot of pulling and stretching That's the only way you're going to get it
across the midsole after the second piece Of tape you're going to want to light it up
exactly where the last one ended and do the Exact same method and to finish it off I always
grab some scissors and press done all around The tape job back and forth to make sure it's
nice and sealed to ensure that no paint leaks Under the tape [Music] Before we tape off the rest of the shoe and
lay down our paint we got to mix our color First we're going to be matching it to the
Lilac tone on the Nike Air for this we got Our lavender purple and some white we're going
to mix it up once we get the perfect match We'll tape off the rest of the shoe so we
can lay down our paint. [Music] [Music] Paint Job is almost complete anytime
I airbrush a midsole I always go back with Some 1500 grit sandpaper and sand it all down
just to remove any debris, imperfections and To get it nice and smooth after that we'll
go back and lay down one final coat. Alright paint job is complete last step we
got to do to wrap it up is to go outside and Spray some matte finish. [MUSIC] Midsole repaint is complete I love this lilac
tone after a lot of going back and forth I Think I'm gonna leave this part as is. I like the simplicity of it however I don't
think you could go wrong with either tone Lilac or cream next step we got to lace it
up we're going to be using these official Union yellow laces [Music] Everybody that is going to bring us to an
end on these custom Union Desert Moss Jordan Fours, these turned out great not bad for
a little restoration and custom work they Look like a completely different shoe with
subtle differences. Using a RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning
kit we gave the shoe a proper deep clean again No issues with that the suede didn't bleed
it was a straightforward cleaning we got it Back to its original state. After that we got into the custom side of
things we opened up the wings opened up the Tongue and after that we repeated the midsole
when it comes to the midsole I went with this Lilac tone, but honestly I could have gone
with several different other colors could Have used a darker purple, the blue, the yellow
there's really no right or wrong way to do It it's all personal preference I hope you
guys learned something in this video and enjoyed It.

This is Vick Almighty I'll catch you guys
next Monday I'll see you guys. One more thing everybody we're getting close
to the end of May, so don't forget to sign In for our huge giveaway we're giving away
a thousand dollars ,UNC Off-White Jordan Ones And Off White Jordan Fives to celebrate hitting
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good luck everybody and thanks for the support! [Music] thank you