How To Dress Better ????

Links to all of the items worn below:

– Slim fit white t-shirt:
– Oversized white t-shirt:

– Striped shirt: (similar alternative)
– Striped blue shirt:

– Black trousers:
– Beige trousers: (similar alternative 1)
https://bit.ly/3OQlu2h (similar alternative 2)
– Straight fit blue jeans:

– Beige cardigan:
– Beige turtleneck:
– Grey sweater:
– White turtleneck:

– Grey overcoat: (similar alternative from the same brand)
– Brown overcoat: (similar alternative)
– Varsity jacket: (similar alternative)
– Beige car coat: (similar alternative from the same brand)
– Brown wool jacket: (different color)

– White sneakers:
– Black sneakers:
– Black boots:
– Black loafers:

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How to dress better this is how not to Do it the jeans are too short the Sleeves are too long and the whole look Just feels off so here's how to do it Right step one know your body type and What works best for you if you have Short legs try high-waisted trousers to Balance out the proportions or if you Want to accentuate your upper body try Jackets that have more structure around The shoulders step two build a wardrobe Of good Basics that fit you perfectly Plain t-shirts a pair of jeans or two Some smart trousers knitwear and a good Coat invest in those pieces that are Timeless and versatile step 3 level up Your shoe game cover the essentials two Pairs of sneakers and two pairs of dress Shoes will go a long way step four layer Up it's obviously a lot easier to layer During fall winter with all the nice Coats and jackets but you can even layer In summer instead of a t-shirt try Wearing a tank top underneath a Lightweight shirt and step 5 pay Attention to the small details making Sure your shirt is well ironed your Shoes are polished and using a lint Roller those are the kind of details That may seem small but make all the Difference and remember confidence is Key put your head up high shoulders back And rock it with confidence