Yellow soles will eventually happen but that doesn’t mean its time to trash your sneakers. Our Signature Revive Bundle has all the products you need to clean and remove yellowing on your favorite sneakers! #shorts

I'm putting renator to the test on a Pair of disgusting playoff 12s to get The job done today we got the signature Revive bundle because the shoes need to Be fully disinfected and the soles are Super yellow I started off with the soft Bristle brush to knock off some of that Loose dirt we already in a much better Place and I can see that the shoe has a Lot more life next I move to the medium Bristle brush to get some deeper stains I'm seeing here and there next up is a Stiff brush on the bottom of the sneaker To clean all that kicked up dirt it's One of the last steps and the most Important to prep for the SE VI gave the Laces a quick scrub and then I carefully Applied a light Coos Vive on the Yellowed areas I want to make sure it Doesn't dry out so I lock everything in With some plastic wrap and after 48 Hours of super strong UV rays hdden the Sneaker I am very happy with how it came Out