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– UNIQLO Airism Oversized T-Shirt:
– Fear Of God Eternal Fleece Hoodie:
– Picante Everyday Hoodie:
– Fear Of God Eternal Twill Coat:
– Common Project Track 90 Sneakers:
– Our Legacy Camion Boots:

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[Music] In a world where fashion is no longer Limited to just suits and ties with Dress codes becoming more casual and our Appetite for fashion growing stronger Every year the possibilities for Personal style are endless but how do You find your Style are you more classical men's wear Or a street wear in your soul or perhaps You're more of the aesthetic minimalist Or the rugged utilitarian maybe you want Your vibrant and bold personality to Shine through your clothes or you might Be more comfortable in the darkness a Lover of everything black fear not my Friend for in today's video we are going To uncover exactly how to find your Personal style and it all starts with Step number one exposure you cannot find Something if you don't know where to Look for it therefore you need to be Exposed to more fashion and where do you Go to see more fashion you ask well the Closest place is the thing you hold all Day long sadly but it's convenient so go On to social media Instagram Tik Tok or YouTube whatever your preferred method Of content consumption is and explore Observe get acquainted with a variety of Different styles watch me or watch him Or him or her digest it all and start Saving bookmarking things you see that You like you can also do this outside of

Your devices which might even be good For you to get your eyes off of the Screen sometimes and go into the real World people watching one of my favorite Things to do you can be on your way to Work or maybe on a nice sunny weekend You want to go for a walk get a coffee Stroll around pay attention to your Surroundings watch people notice the Ones who dress well or dress in an Interesting way notice the outfits that Grab your attention take a mental note Or a picture but don't be creepy about It there are so many cool stylish people In the streets especially if you live in A big city I'm lucky enough to live in London where I get to see interesting Unique fashion just by walking out my Front door of course if you live in a Smaller City your best bet might be to Revert back to your friendly device step Two create a personal style identity now You should essentially have a bunch of Small mood boards in the form of an Instagram collection some save Tik toks Maybe a YouTube playlist or a folder in Your camera roll what you want to do is Take these curated collections of style These mood boards and extract a style Identity from them look at your mood Boards and you should start seeing some Commonalities certain elements that are Repeated in outfits that you saved Here's a few questions that you can ask

Yourself to help with this process what Is the dominant color palette what are The key pieces that are often repeated What kind of accessories are used and How would you describe the overarching Aesthetic of these outfits personally I Like to actually put these things down In writing because I feel like writing Helps me memorize and Implement things Better so for example if I were to Answer these four questions I would say My dominant colors are white black gray And beige my key pieces are are white Sneakers black boots oversized t-shirts Hoodies and long coats I keep my Accessories simple I always wear the Same glasses and a necklace that was Given to me by my mom a watch that I Love and then I just play around with Different minimalistic rings in silver Or white gold with interesting shapes or Designs lastly I would describe my Overarching aesthetic as minimal Elevated and comfortable getting your Personal style identity down is the Biggest key to building a cohesive style For yourself and it's all about being Able ble to understand and extract those Elements that make up the outfits that You gravitate towards so take the time To do this exercise you can even save This video to rewatch it and get back to It later quick intermission for our Sponsors let's get one thing straight

When it comes to style it doesn't really Matter how good your fashion is if your Skin looks terrible sad truth I know but It's true and we all deal with our own Skin issues some people have very oily Skin some have dry skin some have acne Or sensitive skin that gets red easily So you need a great great skincare Routine to remedy that and a great Routine is one that works for your skin And for that geology has got your back Or in this case your face by completing A simple quiz in under 10 minutes Geology will prescribe you a fully Personalized skincare routine tailored To your skin type and needs the main Four products you'll get are a face wash A morning moisturizer an evening Moisturizer and an eye cream each one of These with personalized ingredients for Your skin you can get started with as Much as an 80% discount on your skincare Regimen by using code Tim 0 at the link In the description go check it out now Take care of your skin and now let's get Back to finding your style step three Buy slowly and intentionally now comes The fun part you've gotten the Inspiration you've got a mood board and A clearer vision of your style identity Which gives you a great starting point But don't just go on a mad shopping Spree and try to buy everything at once That's rookie mistake number one instead

Start with the key pieces that you Established earlier so if it were me I Would start by finding a great oversized White tea and buy two or three of those Then I would get a gray and black hoodie Currently I've been loving these two From fear of God and pante then I would Find one Timeless Overcoat one white Sneaker and one pair of black boots now That you have your key pieces you can Expand your wardrobe by trying and Adding on New pieces but make sure you Do it slowly and with intention be Careful not to buy things that you don't Actually need and end up never even Wearing them I've made those mistakes Before and I'm sure many of you have as Well so to the best of your ability you Want to try to only buy pieces that you Will wear for a very long time I would Look at what I'm missing for a Functional wardrobe and the obvious one Here is pants so now would be a good Time to go back to the mood boards and See what kind of pants we're often worn In the outfits the three that stand out For me are sweatpants smart trousers and Jeans so I would start by getting one of Each then you can experiment with other Categories so if you're a fan of hoodies For example try to see what other form Of midl you might enjoy maybe knitted Sweaters or turtlenecks or Cardigans Feel free to experiment if you like

Coats maybe try a shorter Jackets play Around with different materials you Might find that you really like denim Jackets or leather might be more your Thing once you've established your Signature pieces it is all about slow And intentional experimentation with the Rest every time you want to buy a new Piece ask yourself does this align with My aesthetic so you would look at how You describe this in your style identity Sheet I would ask does does this feel Minimal elevated and comfortable and do I see myself wearing this for at least The next 3 years if it is not a yes to Both of these questions I would pass on It step four readjust and expand by now You should have a solid wardrobe that You are happy with comfortable and Confident in but as you know style is an Ever evolving Journey how you dress Today is probably different to how you Dressed 5 years ago and probably Different to how you will dress 5 years From now it might not be drastically Different especially as you get older Hopefully you settle into a style that Feels authentic to you and isn't Impacted by every passing Trend but when You wear the same clothes for a long Time it's only normal to want a little Change to try something different to Freshen up your wardrobe and feel a Sense of newness which is why I think

It's important as you go through life to Consistently go back to step number one Exposure especially if you're watching This video that means that you like Fashion to a degree you enjoy it like You would a hobby so keep enjoying it Keep getting exposed to new fashion Watching videos paying attention to what People wear and when something new Sparks your interest consider dipping Your toe in you don't just find your Style like you would a treasure in the Sea it is not this immutable thing that You find once and then keep forever it's Changing it's evolving it grows with you But most of all it's meant to be a Playground a source of fun confidence And self-expression so enjoy this Journey and have fun with it I wish you A beautiful day my friends to