Mink Oil is the key to keeping your favorite sneakers vibrant and conditioned. The main benefits include reconditioning both suede and leather materials, bringing faded suede back to life and assisting to make your sneakers last longer. #shorts

Let's bring these faded shoes back to Life as you can see this way is pretty Rough we're gonna go ahead and clean That up use some rejuvenator and the Medium bristle brush we want to make Sure we get all the dirt all the grime Out because we want to treat this and What we're going to use is rejuvenator's Mink oil this is one of my favorite Products that they offer spray it on the Suede it's super safe you want to make Sure you get it all into the fibers and We're using included brush and we want To make sure we go back and forth all Directions because we want all of that Mink oil to work itself into the suede As you can see look how clean it's Looking before look at this bad and then Bam bring your shoes back to life we're Shooting here make some great products And they have a great one