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In this video, we’re going to show you how to glow up in 10 easy steps! Whether you’re looking to feel more confident or just want to improve your style, these tips will help you achieve that glow up you’ve been dreaming of!

From updating your wardrobe to wearing men’s grooming, we’ll show you all the ways to get a boost in your appearance. Whether you’re looking to glow up or just want to feel more confident in general, these tips will help you achieve your glow up
How to Glow Up In 10 Easy Steps

Today we're talking about the top 10 Grooming and style tips that will help You achieve that glow up you've been Dreaming of now before we get into it if You guys like fashion sneakers and Men's Grooming make sure you hit that Subscribe button down below now let's go Ahead and get into it so glow up tip Number one let's talk about upgrading Your wardrobe when it comes to upgrading Your wardrobe you want to stick to Essential pieces that are easy to mix And match so you can put outfits Together with ease start off with a Versatile item like a well-fitted pair Of jeans or cargo pants now pants can Make or break your outfits so don't Overlook them next up you want to get Some relaxed fit tees in Black and White Once you have those down then you can Explore some different colors lastly you Need a good pair of sneakers preferably White so they go with pretty much Everything and listen you do not have to Break the bank either a clean pair of Air Force Ones or sambas even 550s will Do the trick now once you have the Basics down when it comes to your tops And bottoms don't be afraid to Experiment with different colors and Patterns but remember to keep it Balanced and cohesive also don't Underestimate accessories a couple Chains Rings or bracelets can instantly

Elevate any outfit glow up tip number Two let's talk about hair when it comes To a good hairstyle you need to find one That suits you and your face shape that Accentuates your best features in my Opinion I would just talk to your Barber If you're not sure about the best option For yourself now a few that works for Most guys off top of my head is the buzz Cut textured crop side part and a taper Fade now there's tons of great haircut Options for you guys but if you want an In-depth video I can definitely do that Let me know in the comments you can also Experiment with different products like Pomades Clays or styling creams to Achieve whatever look you're going for Now if I were you I would hit the barber At least once a week if not once every Two weeks that way it's properly Maintained and you don't have to worry About it looking scruffy tip number Three if you want to glow up you you got To pay attention to your grooming Because look if you smell good you feel Good and if you're a fan of clean and Simple ingredients then I got you these Are the native body washes that will not Only leave your skin feeling soft and Hydrated but the scents will have you Smelling good all day and all night now My go-to is the lavender and Rose which I prefer to use at night right before Bed I also love the eucalyptus and mint

For those days I want a fresh clean Feeling and lastly one of my favorites Is the coconut and vanilla now one of my Favorite things about Native is that it Leaves your skin residue free another One of my favorite things about Native Is that it's made from high quality Ingredients and the scent is long Lasting Now to celebrate their Commitment to the lgbtq community native Is proud to donate 75 000 to the Trevor Project this is the world's largest Suicide Prevention in Crisis Intervention Organization for lgbtq Young people and have amazing deodorant Hand and body lotions now since native Is today's sponsor you can use my link And discount code GT vision for 20 off Your first order this offer is available Site-wide but only available for a Limited time so stock up and save so Let's go ahead and get into the fourth Tip that will help you achieve that glow Up and that is accessories now adding The right accessories can instantly Elevate your style experiment with Watches bracelets Rings or even Sunglasses the key is to choose Accessories that complement your outfits And reflect your personal taste but one Thing you have to remember is that you Don't want to overdo it opt in for that Balanced cohesive look that enhances Your overall style rather than overdoing

It for example too many chains too many Rings or too many bracelets now getting Into tip number five in order to achieve The glow up you want to make sure your Outfits fit your body properly no matter How stylish your clothes are if they Don't fit you properly it can ruin your Entire look so when shopping for clothes You want to prioritize the fit over Everything else you want to make sure Whatever you're wearing isn't too long Or too baggy or else it's going to ruin Your entire look a well-fitted outfit Not only looks more put together but it Also makes you appear more confident and It shows you pay attention to the Details tip number six for that glow up Is something not enough people talk About but it's your posture Standing Tall and maintaining good posture not Only makes you look more attractive but It also makes you appear more confident So practice proper alignment by keeping Your shoulders back chin parallel to the Ground and your spine straight now this Tip also helps you look better in Clothing clothing really looks good on Anyone who's always lunched over take Mannequins for example the reason Clothes look good on mannequins is Because they have great posture getting Into tip number seven let's talk about Footwear now it's easy to overlook your Footwear choices because some guys

Really think it's not important but Trust me it makes a huge difference so Keep your sneakers clean clean them up Every once in a while if you don't want To buy a new pair you also don't always Need to spend a crazy amount of money on A pair of sneakers either there's tons Of great options that will elevate your Style under two hundred dollars or even Some under a hundred that will look just As good as pairs that cost 300 plus Getting into tip number eight focus on Grooming your facial hair whether you Have a clean shaven look or a beard it's Very very very essential to maintain it Regularly so you want to invest in a Good quality razor or trimmer and learn The art of shaping and grooming your Facial hair if you prefer to save money From going to a barber weekly also don't Forget to moisturize the skin underneath To avoid dryness and irritation getting Into glow up tip number nine we gotta Talk about your body your body is Probably the most important when it Comes to improving yourself overall and Taking care of it is a great start Fitness style and grooming all go hand In hand regular exercise and a balanced Diet will not only improve your physique But also give your skin a healthy glow And feel more confident putting outfits Together all of this will contribute to Your overall well-being in giving you

The confidence you need now last but Definitely not least glow up tip number 10 you want to make sure you have good Oral hygiene a bright and Healthy Smile Can work Wonders on your overall Appearance brush your teeth at least Twice a day and floss to maintain a good Oral hygiene consider using whitening Toothpaste or try some professional Teeth whitening options if you want to Enhance the whiteness of your teeth your Smile is one of the first things people Notice when they meet you so you want to Make sure you're properly taken care of It and there you have it 10 grooming and Style tips to achieve that glow up You've been needing again don't forget To check out today's sponsor native First link in the description down below Appreciate you guys for watching and Sticking to the end and I will see you In the next one peace [Music] Thank you [Music]