Today we’re going over two ways to lace your Jordan ones the first way I’ll show you is the loose lace which seems to be the most popular the second lace is more of a high bow. Both look really good on feet. Let me know which way is your favorite in the comments below


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I'm going to teach you two of the best Ways to lace your Jordan Ones let's go Over the loose lace first since that Seems to be the most popular so first Things first you want to make sure that Both laces are even so go ahead and pull Them up to make sure so we're going to Go in then out I'll speed that up for You guys until you get to the sixth hole This part here is super crucial you want To make sure you pull through the tongue That way the tongue isn't flopping Around while you're wearing the sneaker So let's finish it up by going through The hole at the top again inside out and Let it just hang and there you have your Loose lace so next up we have the high Bow and I'll go ahead and demonstrate With the extra white laces so you want To start off similar to the loose lace I Already showed you guys that so I'm Going to go ahead and fast forward Remember on the sixth hole go through The tongue so it's not flopping around Lastly go ahead and tie it up and there You have it it should end up looking Like some tiny bunny ears let me know Which way you prefer and if you prefer The white or black laces