The comments go off with “those are fake” or “REPS,” but how many of you actually know what you are talking about? Watch this and learn a little bit about the Jordan 4s specifically; added bonus you learn how to clean them too! #shorts

My go-to sneakers when I'm doing Literally anything and these things need Some serious love I'm gonna use some Rejuvenator to hopefully bring these Things back to life one of the ways that People legit check Jordan fours is Solely based on the netting every single Pair of Jordan 4s from the Year 2006 to The Year 2013. have a completely Different style of netting newer pairs Of Jordan 4s The netting is a lot Thicker and it's also not attached to The mesh behind it it's okay that these People are just misinformed I'm not Trying to Gig keep I'm trying to build The sneaker Community these things came Out really nice actually this stuff Literally works wonders I swear and just Like that these Jordan 4s are back to Brand new again don't ever let your shoe Stop you from having a good time you can Always clean them